Acute pain in the back

Sudden attacks of acute back pain can be very мучительными, but it is not at all means that you are always going to be "patient spin". Of course, the most acute pain arises as a result of any chronic problems, but as soon as it passed, and the state of the mouse, ligaments and joints back was less critical, it is possible to do and removing the chronic causes. The basis of treatment of attacks of acute pain in the back is a speed exercise program combined with relaxation. In this section you will learn what to do when he started having a seizure, and when it is necessary to call the doctor, get acquainted with the speed of the recovery program including exercises, posture for relaxation and methods of self-help.

Causes of acute pain

The most common cause of acute pain in the area of the back, are chronic, long-existing disorders, such as poor posture or weakness of the muscles of the belly. These deviations may increase the load and stress on the spine and muscles of the spine to such an extent that it becomes their damage. Degenerative processes such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, if their development got to the stage of tissue damage, may also become the cause of acute pain in the back area. In such cases, through the day-another might arise temporary relief, but it is very likely that bouts of acute pain will be repeated until then, until it is removed their chronic reason.

Chronic causes of acute pain in the back

If an attack of acute pain is the result of damage caused by chronic disease, then the most likely causes may be the following.

  • Bad posture;
  • Weakness of the muscles of the abdominal;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Osteoporosis.

Mechanical causes of acute pain

Chronic conditions, they are not always the main cause of acute pain in the back. Very often an attack can be triggered by movement, which itself seems to be negligible, such as tilt, because lying on the floor bags. In fact, the injury happened for a day or two earlier, if one is not habitual of physical stress. When the muscles try to protect the spine from the unusual load, which are strongly tense up, as well as ligaments, vertebrae and discs. On the second day the muscles become stiff and sore or is released to the extent that it is not able to maintain the spine, while ligaments and joints are not yet returned to their usual state. Such a purely mechanical failure destabilizes the entire system, and due to the apparent пустяковым movement may be the last straw, which causes spasm of the muscles, stretching ligaments, offset disc or joint inflammation. Improper lifting of weights and the tension in the unusual load — the most common causes of acute pain in the back.

Improper lifting weights


Improper lifting of weights, for example, when you lean forward, how to get things from the trunk of the car, creates an additional burden on your back. When you lift weights нагибаясь, joints, tense up stronger, and this leads to the fact that none of the already weakened joint, disk or volume can not cope with the excess load.

Too intense or непривычная physical load

Strenuous physical exercise, especially in connection with the rotation of the torso (the game in tennis or dance lessons), are often the cause of acute pain in the back. In some kinds of exercises, the movements are focused predominantly on one side (tilts forward), and in them it is involved only one group of muscles. The muscles of the opposite group become растянутыми, weak and no longer able to completely shrink and refuse to back case. This means that the muscles and ligaments are not strong enough or not flexible enough to withstand an increased load during the rotation of the torso.

What to do when a bout of pain?

Upon the occurrence of an acute pain especially stop doing something, than you should, lie down on the bed or on the floor, even if you have to sneak (the only exceptions to this rule are cases when you suddenly numb leg or both legs in an accident, dropped or suddenly got hit see questionnaire below). In the supine position detachable load from the spine, the pressure on him becomes four times smaller, than in the standing position. The pressure reduction can significantly relieve pain and give your muscles, охваченным protective spazmom, a chance to relax. You can also help yourself efforts aimed at relaxing the mind and body: try not to worry about his forced immobility, what you were doing when the attack began, it is possible to complete later.

What position to take

The best way to reduce pressure on the spine lying on your back. Try to lie down first, without a pillow, but if the feelings of pain passed, подложите it under his head. If you need to, put a pillow under your knees to the lumbar department is not too изгибался. If the pain goes down to the feet, put a pillow under your lower legs so that the hip and knee were placed at a right angle, it will help relieve the tension with the sciatic nerve.

In some cases, the supine position, is not relieving the pain. If you are finding that the situation is painful, try the maneuvers are listed in article the rapid elimination of pain, find a position in which the pain does not feel. The answers to the questions that are offered in the list below will help you determine how serious your problem is, and figure out what steps need to be taken.

How serious a problem?

Using the below placed the questionnaire you can find out what you need to do in your case, but if there are any doubts, contact your doctor.

If your situation fits at least one of the following assumptions, do not move and ask someone, cause "fast help".

  1. You just an accident.
  2. You have recently dropped or heavily ударились.
  3. You have suddenly numb leg or both legs.

If your situation fits at least one of the conditions set out below, seek medical help immediately. Call the district or contact to the trauma center after.

  1. You have chest pain, left side or on the left side of the jaw.
  2. The pain does not pass, and it shall take when it helps, and change of position.
  3. You feel a rising, weakness in the legs, сопровождающуюся their онемением and maybe modern engineering embarrassment urination and bowel movements.
  4. The pain is strong, long, fades only when you tilt forward.

If your situation fits at least one of the following prerequisites, contact your doctor in the following days.

  1. You feel numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.
  2. The last time you lost and feeling malaise and fatigue.
  3. You are a woman and already have the menopause.
  4. You are pregnant.
  5. You are a vegetarian or a long time to follow a diet.
  6. You are more than 60 years.

If your situation fits at least one of the following assumptions, to stay the day in bed, and if there is no improvement, contact your doctor.

  1. The character of the pain changes when you move or change the position of the body.
  2. You recently did an unusually exercise, associated with a large load.
  3. You are embarrassing turned, or lifted a heavy object.

The rapid elimination of pain (first day)

If it is posture, proposed in a previous article (What to do when a seizure of pain), is for you disadvantageous, try the posture, described below, to find the position in which pain is not felt, and rest in the course of 24 hours, but remember that the exercises in strictly limited extent, it is necessary to reduce inflammation and prevent stiffness. Because the reasons for the emergence of pain in different people are different, it is necessary to try each position and each exercise and in this way find the ones that will best help. If at a certain change of position of the body during the exercise, you will have the feeling that the pain has subsided, take this pose for relaxation. And vice versa, not to stay in any position, if the pain is getting stronger. Try the movement on the bed, if you have a hard mattress, in the opposite case, use a gymnastic mat or the mat.

Posture to remove the pain

  • Lie on your stomach, stretched out his hands to the sides.
  • If the pain is not on the decline, подложите pillow under your belly. If that doesn't help, gently roll onto your side and try on the right and on the left, because the effectiveness of this or that movement is defined based damage. Put your head on your hands, if you prefer.


If some of the exercises leads to the creation or strengthening of pain or its greater expansion, immediately discontinue its. The sequel, you can exacerbate the problem. The first two days here that are exercise should be repeated no more than three times each about three times a day. In the rest of just just relax. How to reduce pain gradually increase the number of repetitions to the maximum - 10 times in each exercise.

Sails of the pan

  1. Lie on your back and bend your legs at the knees at a right angle and feet must stay on the floor.
  2. Изогните поясницу, оторвав back off the floor, and then force click it on the floor. Be careful that the chest remained unmoving, until the thigh раскачиваются up-front.
  3. Repeat the exercise three times, at the end of the exercise the shoulders should take a neutral position in the middle between the extremes. After two days, start to gradually increase the number of repetitions of this exercise to 10.

Перекатывание knees

  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees, as in the previous exercises, but the thigh should lie flat on the floor.
  2. Перекладывайте knees from side to side, dropping it to the floor as low as it is comfortable. Repeat the exercise three times. After two days, start to gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 10 times.

Eliminate the pain (the next day)

Once doctors believed that the best treatment for acute back pain is the absolute peace of mind, but now found that it is much more effective to alternate rest with exercise. If after 24 hours you feel improve, call your doctor, but if pain is diminished, add the recommended in the article "Rapid removal of pain" exercise, as shown below. Help prevent stiffness of the back muscles and thereby reduce the likelihood of developing problems in the future, and also to promote muscle tone and strength.

Прогибы lying down

  1. Lie on your stomach, on a mat or hard mattress, rising up on his elbows. Relax and stay in this position on account 10. Опуститесь, relax; repeat the exercise three times.
  2. Repeat the first exercise, but this time to climb on the palms and not your elbows.

Pull-ups knees

Lie on your back on a hard surface. Bend your knees at a right angle, and pull them to your chest. Hold them in this position, the account to 10, then slowly lower your legs to the floor. Repeat three times.

The sails on the side

Stand straight, feet spread shoulder-width apart. Lightly отводя one thigh to the side, with the same hand to slide the hands around the leg downwards, you will feel the tension from the other side of the hull. Repeat three times. Then perform this exercise in the opposite direction.

Разгибание back

  1. Starting position as in the наклонах to the side, hands on the thighs. Slightly bending back, joining the shoulder blades and lightly приподнимая chin, but not so high to look at the ceiling. Repeat three times.
  2. After the last repetition, than complete the exercise in a neutral, upright position, slightly bend forward, rounded shoulders.


Stop immediately if any exercise leads to the creation or strengthening of pain or its greater expansion. The sequel, you can exacerbate the problem. The first two days here that are exercise should be repeated no more than three times each about three times a day. In the rest of just just relax. How to reduce pain gradually increase the number of repetitions up to a maximum of 10 times in each exercise.

Road to recovery

If the pain gradually recedes (if not, contact your doctor), then after two days of rest and exercise, you can resume your normal lifestyle. Restore mobility and flexibility, it is important to be as active as is possible, of course, you should not do anything that could prevent final healing. But even now it has sense to rest on her back in an hour or so each day, give the tissues time to heal and self-healing.

If the pain returns

If you do not heed and stick to the rules, which are listed in the table below, the threat remains that it is awkward to move, you break all the work done, and this will lead to a recurrence of pain in the back. If it's all the same, immediately discontinue work and lie down on a hard surface, face down or on your back, or take the position that the previously best contribute to the elimination of pain.

Lying down on the side of the

This position is not so favorable for your spine, like the others, but it happens so, that you only fit in this position. In such a case, place a pillow between your knees to hip which is located on the top, not скатывалось forward, which leads to the corrugation of the bottom of the spine. It may also be helpful, put another pillow against your belly and breasts, like a pillow, like you're clutching her to support the spine from the front. Do not put more than one pillow under your head, especially if you have pain in your neck or upper back.

What to do and what not to do to well

Two days later you have to get out of bed finally and get back to normal activities. However, do not forget the following:


  • Do not lift weights, and do not lean.
  • Don't do the hard work at home: not пылесосьте, not get out, is not гладьте.
  • It is not outside of steep climbs and descents.
  • Do not wear severity, for example, the purchase of suitcases, mountains of wet laundry.
  • Don't start sports, associated with a large load.
  • No sit and no stand for a long period of time without changing the posture.