Scuffed right side from the back: what to do?

Pain in the right side from the back, it can for various reasons. Most often, in diseases of the respiratory organs, the urinary tract of the journey, the circulatory, the reproductive system. Only after a thorough diagnosis it is possible to accurately establish the diagnosis.

Kinds of pain in the right side from the back

Discomfort will be localized to where there is a problematic zone. The pain shows on the disease process. Sometimes he gives to a certain part of the body. Feelings of pain can be different:

  1. cramping pain occurs due to the fact that drastically reduce the muscle in hollow organs.
  2. Constant pain occurs when stretching the outside of the envelope in the parenchymatous structure.
  3. Emerging pain says about the inflammatory / process.
  4. Acute dagger talking about, that was lost some education, clogged up the vessel, with a sudden internal bleeding.
  5. Pain-прострел characteristic for diseases of the spine, pathology of the nervous system.
  6. Drawing, dull, aching pain.
  7. Long and short.

Please note, that any pain is very dangerous, it signals that in the body of a serious breach.

When to call the ambulance for pain in the right side of the back?

pain back part of back

In some situations, how to get rid of pain, it is necessary urgently an ambulance to save the man. The rescue service is called, if a person has these symptoms:

  1. The pain is sharp and sudden, after a long time does not pass, локализуется on the right side.
  2. Below the ribs there was a strong unbearable pain, the person loses consciousness, has кружиться the head, it wanes.

Causes of pain on the right side of the back

When it is diagnosed, it is important to pay attention to the character, localization of the pain. Clarify the diagnosis can only by the attending physician. It is important to take into account such factors:

  1. Rotation of the head in the center on the right hand side, it says about a serious renal disease.
  2. Pain in the back under the scapula acromion on the right side. This symptom is characterized by neurological diseases, suggests that защемлен nerve. When strongly back hurts on the right side below the scapula acromion, this means that in humans severe легочное diseases - lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy.
  3. The pain below the rib cage on the right side characterizes the serious hepatic патологию or gallbladder disease, the pancreas. If pain is long-term, certainly it is necessary to examine the liver. If the pain for a long time does not pass, and to observe the fever status, vomiting, nausea, tense your abdominal muscles. this means that a person cholecystitis. In such a situation, the pain can give in the лопатку, shoulder, chest.
  4. Pain in the lower back on the right side shows the pathological process in the spine, intervertebral грыже, problems with мочевыводящей system. To alleviate the condition may be only after a person accepts the other provisions.
  5. In the morning my back hurts due to muscular dystrophy, if a person made the wrong choice the mattress.

Treatment of pain in the right side from the back

Can't just eat a lot of drugs, pre-need to learn the opinion of the attending physician, do not engage self-heal. On the right side are the authorities, which are important for a full life. To ease the pain, it is necessary to take pain medication, cure Pain will be held after will be exactly identified the reason.

Please note that симптоматика can point to various diseases. In this situation it is very important to consult a professional, so can in time protect yourself from complications.

When they appear a strong pain in the right side from the back?

  1. Diseases of the respiratory organs - in pneumonia, of pleurisy, in malignant tumors of the bronchi of the upper, the lungs.
  2. Disorders of the digestive system - in the acute холецистите, intestinal colic, appendicitis.
  3. Diseases of the urinary tract - in hydronephrosis, retroperitoneal hematoma, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, abscess of the kidneys.
  4. If you have problems with спинным brain, backbone. When a person has osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, spondylosis.

Characteristics of pain in diseases of the respiratory organs

When pleurisy tormented by a sharp pain. Гнойная form is accompanied by severe pain, неполноценным breathing. Bouts of pain that gets worse when a person coughs, moves, speaks about the dry form of pleurisy.

In the lung inflammation in addition to pain sharply rising body temperature, there was a strong cough, wheezing, pain is intense. Pneumothorax is characterized by sudden pain, which gives to the area of the shoulder blades.

Characteristics of pain in diseases of the digestive system

Pain локализуется in the back on the right side, talking most often about acute холецистите, giving the foreleg, the right intercostal space, the shoulder, лопатку. Ever strongly burning in the lumbar region. A seizure may take several hours to days. Soaring temperature, tormented by severe vomiting.

Often the pain can characterize the intestinal colic, in this case, it is necessary to take But-шпу. It is dangerous when the pain occurs in acute appendicitis, it локализуется in the right side, and gives back. The symptom is rare, only when the shoulders of the appendicular located at the rear of appendicitis, has large dimensions, swells.

Characteristics of pain мочевыводящей system

Pain in right side in back can talk about serious renal diseases - abscess, hydronephrosis. Uncomfortable feelings may be different, often bother drag, dull, sharp pain may increase when надавливают on the area of the lumbar. In renal colic the pain is acute, as the flag indicates thrombosis of arteries of the kidney.

So, pain right side of back may be due to various reasons. It is necessary to take into account that in addition to the diseases of the internal organs, симптоматика points to the intervertebral hernia, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, pinched nerve. Often the pain, sharp, give on the right side in the rear. To time to distinguish the патологию in the spine and diseases of the internal organs, it is necessary to pay attention to other симптоматику - pain during movement, stiffness, numbness.

Pain in the right side of the rear side of the

Even if you felt pain in the right side from the back at least once, then it is the first warnings about the deterioration of health, which surely must draw attention. Some of the institutions, which are located in the right half of the abdomen or under the ribs on the right side, you can keep irradiating a drag of pain in the area of the lower back.

Pain in the right side of the rear side below the ribs

Pain under the ribs on the right side

Such симптоматикой I can start many of the disease, because it requires constant observation and serious research. It is necessary to create reasons to not miss the precious time and bring healing. List the most common diseases, which can generate pain impulses to the right side of the rear side below the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

This character of the pain can give the pathology of the liver, gallbladder, желчевыводящих ducts. Special attention should be paid to the strong, cramping pain impulses in the right подреберье, which I'm sure will be чувствоваться and back.

If it is present the characteristic симптоматика, and condition of the person worsens, the added nausea, periodic vomiting, thirst, yellowing of eye sclera, then you can think about an attack of acute cholecystitis or empyema of the gallbladder.

When it hurts the right side, then sometimes help купировать such seizure, antispasmodic means, but let yourself be carried away by them is not worth it. Painkillers take need I'm sure, because the painful has an intense character.

Acute cholecystitis and эмпиема of the gallbladder - it is very-threatening conditions, often leading to death, therefore there is no need to delay calling a doctor on the house.

Subdiaphragmatic abscess

Painful sensations under the ribs, which are more intense when you cough, may indicate the emergence of a sub-diaphragmatic abscess. The pain is all the time goes by, it begins to reverberate in the back, connects the high temperature and симптоматика a strong intoxication of an organism, the health condition is sharply deteriorating.

Most abscessing of the abdominal cavity occurs after closed, open injuries and operational interventions. In the refusal of immediate medical attention death can occur from the разлитого peritonitis.

Line spacing, liver, spleen

Acute pancreatitis

Liver injury, are full of strong bleeding. When the blood flows under the dome of the diaphragm, generates the pain impulse of great intensity. Begins to show symptom of the "ванька-stand-up": a man cannot be in a lying position.

Симптоматическая the image builds up slowly, but also with a slight cough or physical exertion occurs the gap of the capsule of the liver, which gives sharp bleeding, pain and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular shock.

Acute pancreatitis

In diseases of the pain appear suddenly, quickly becomes the girdle, gives in the subscapular area of the back. No changes in the intensity of the impulses when you cough, sneeze, a very deep breath.

Quick to join a strong nausea. After more vomiting may result to increased болевого syndrome, often rising blood pressure.

Pneumonia, lung cancer, pathology of the pleura

Spin will reflect the pain impulses coming from a disease of the lungs and pleura. Characteristic symptoms:

  • the rise of the temperature;
  • redness of one cheek;
  • strengthening the pain with deep inhalation;
  • отдышка;
  • blue nasolabial triangle.

Chronic disease

Pain in the right side gives the in the back - this symptom is typical for many chronic diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cancer of the digestive system;
  • peptic ulcer 12 перстной the intestine.

Pain in right side back at waist

Pain in right side in back

Right side - the anatomical location of the appendix. It is this authority in inflammation gives pain, which is reflected in the back.

In acute attack, when joined: leukocytosis in the blood, pain pain in the right side from the back and bottom, there is a strong nausea, vomiting, it is necessary to immediately ensure the transport of the victim to the nearest health organization. Transport make maximum щадящей.

In suspected appendicitis, and a fortiori, if the right side hurts still stronger, do not use a heating pad and analgesics. Replace the heating pad bubble with ice, and instead of pain medication resources give antispasmodic either dispose of the medicines at all.

Pain in right side back at waist

Pain in the neck and neck sides

The neck may hurt when you:

  • pathology of the cervical spine;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • мышечном spasm;
  • carotidinia;
  • head injuries, neck.

Sore throat occurs due to viral and bacterial lesions in the neoplastic processes of different genesis, allergic diseases, low humidity.

  • HIV;
  • reflux gastritis;
  • muscle tension;
  • air pollution.

The pain from the back at the bottom of the

This pain can occur due to:

  • pathology of the spine the pillar;
  • diseases of the kidney, excretory system;
  • pleurisy of different genesis, pleuropneumonia;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the abdominal cavity;
  • inflammation of the muscles.

If the pain impulses are manifested on the left side, then you need to have a heart attack the heart muscle, angina pectoris.

How to get rid of pain in the lumbar

Pain in the right side in the back in the lumbar can escalate as a result of inflammatory processes in these organs, which are anatomically located in the right part of the torso.

And nerve endings, complex distributed and common throughout the body, can transmit the pain in the right-sided part of the body of the remote foci of the disease.

Excursion into the anatomy

The spine is conventionally divides the hull into two halves: the right and left. In our case, it is interesting right side. Let's start from the top. Under the skeletal department of the ribs to the functional lung, just behind him is the diaphragm, the liver, the gallbladder.

Below is the kidney next to the ureter. Further wrapped up the intestines and аппендикс.

Everything is connected кровеносными blood vessels, shrouded nerve окончаниями and painted on muscle tissues that are hidden under the skin cover. Each of these organs or systems of the body can get sick.

From here a conclusion: pain on the right side in the lumbar region can cause an infinite number of diseases. Diagnose the cause solely on the симптоматике impossible, even an experienced physician.

Only after all the necessary kinds of physical, x-ray examination and delivery of the analysis, the patient will be able to uncover the root of the disease.

This is just the surface of a huge iceberg, created from many thousands of list of serious diseases, which are manifested in different kinds of pain in the lumbar region of the back on the right side.

How to get rid of pain in the lumbar

Neglect signals of the body in the form of painful feelings, leads to progress in the severe forms of the disease, which can have fatal consequences.

Although the symptoms are temporary and quickly pass, the patient won't hurt to pass a medical examination and to reveal the cause of the disease.