It hurts on the left under the ribs

All of these symptoms, the doctor analyses in detail, based on what is already looming picture of the disease and the likely diagnosis. Pain in the stomach, most often occur during chronic гастритах, gastric ulcers, cancer of the stomach.

To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will in the first place will prescribe fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS - a study on the internal surface of the stomach using an optical device). During the procedure the doctor on the monitor can see the gastric mucosa and are available on her defects. During the study, it is possible to determine the acidity of gastric juice, and take a piece of tissue for histological research, if needed. Often it is for the determination of the correct diagnosis is assigned also x-ray studies.

Sometimes the pain on the left under the ribs can occur in various diseases of the pancreas. More often they give in the back, but can occur even in the front. In the process of the survey to draw attention to an accurate diagnosis.

These pains may be associated with diseases and injuries of the spleen. The spleen is located on the lateral side and on the left side under the ribs, is enclosed in a capsule, in which many of the nerve endings. In some diseases of the spleen increases in volume and сдавливает capsule, which leads to the formation of pain. Very typical pain in the spleen for such an infectious disease, such as mononucleosis. Simultaneously with this increase and the liver, so the pain can disturb, and in the right подреберье. The spleen may increase and in some гематологических diseases, for example, in leukemia.

A very dangerous injury to the spleen, which can lead to rupture of the body and severe internal bleeding. Sometimes there is a rupture of the spleen is not associated with injury, disease and happens suddenly, on the background of physical exertion or even at rest.

Head back to the left under the ribs can be a symptom of diseases of the pancreas or the left kidney. The pancreas is located below the stomach, and has a print head (which is located in the center and on the right side in the area of the duodenum), body and tail (located on the back and left side). Pain on the back and left side under the ribs may be associated with inflammatory processes or tumors of the pancreas. For example, in chronic панкреатите pain may appear in the center of the belly and put in the left part of the back. In cancer in the area of the tail of the pancreas the pain may be constantly growing character.

Pain on the left side and back below the ribs, may be a sign of disease of the left kidney. So, in acute or chronic left-sided pyelonephritis pain can be dull aching permanent character. When почечнокаменной disease pain are associated with round small stones. These pains are the name of the bouts of renal colic that appear suddenly and are very strong acute character.

Pain in diseases of the heart

In various heart diseases can also cause pain on the left under the ribs. In coronary heart disease and the attacks of angina pectoris the pain is acute sudden in nature, take a long time and removed nitroglycerin. If such pain are not in the lease, the patient may develop myocardial infarction.

In inflammatory and exchange-дистрофических processes in the area of the heart muscle (as myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy) heart pain usually occur in the aching or pressing and often accompanied by disorders of the heart rhythm.

Pain when остеохондрозе the thoracic spine

Pain on the left under the ribs can be a sign of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine. They may have a completely different character, and therefore osteochondrosis easily confused with other diseases, can cause pain in the left subcostal area.

Pain on the left under the ribs can appear in many diseases. Therefore, when they occur it is best to immediately seek medical help.

What they mean pain in the left подреберье, отдающие in the back left

What they mean pain in the left подреберье

In the left part of the abdomen under the ribs are situated the stomach, the pancreas, the spleen. When diseases or injury of any of these organs can occur pain, отдающая in the back.


  • Feelings of pain in the left подреберье often arise because of problems in the heart, kidneys occur, bowel. Therefore, for the determination of the correct diagnosis is necessary to consider all symptoms, including the character and localization of pain. Of course, give the correct diagnosis can specialist, and on the basis of survey analyses.
  • Possible causes of painful sensations, отдающих in the back - diseases of the spleen and the heart. Strong приступообразная pain, which often gives in the back, can be a symptom of inflammation of the spleen. And if the pain becomes very strong, sharp, growing in its motion, and, moreover, is accompanied by blue skin of the abdomen, and especially in the area of the navel, it is necessary to immediately call the "Quick help", because these symptoms indicative of a possible rupture of the spleen. The arrival of the doctor it is necessary to spend to the left side of the patient some cold object - such as a bubble with ice or a plastic bottle with cold water.
  • "First aid" also need, if pain not only gives back, but also on the shoulders, arms, neck. After all, it may be indicative of myocardial infarction. At the same disease may indicate a problem with breathing, feeling the strong stage fright, отдышка. In similar cases it is better to play it safe, ' cause procrastination with a medical help can be dangerous for life.
  • Pain, отдающая in the back, may be indicative of diseases of the digestive tract. A strong burning pain, often отдающая on the area of the back, often points to the stomach ulcers. One more characteristic symptom of the disease - frequent urge for vomiting. In peptic ulcer disease after vomiting the pain is always significantly reduced.
  • Pain in the left part of the abdomen are characteristic for gastritis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. While sometimes the pain may spread to the area of the back. If a person has gastritis with high acidity, pain occurs when it is hungry, and if reduced - after a meal. Characteristic feature: when the inflammation often arises nausea, which is when the ulcer.
  • In any case, it is necessary to tolerate and not to self-medicate, and consult a doctor and undergo examination. After all, put the correct diagnosis and choose the most appropriate treatment can only a doctor. If the pain is severe, unbearable, you can drink a painkiller and call a specialist. But neither in a coma case can not be a warm place where you feel pain.