Causes of pain in the lower back

Back pain occur quite often and are noticeable in different situations.

Often patients go to the doctor and wondering: if it hurts the shoulders, that it may be, because of what develops severe pain.

Back pain in the lumbar may develop at different патологиях and the spine and internal organs. Also recurrent feelings of pain develops in people with systemic diseases. Localization of such pain can be different: many people complain that more pain on the right or left, above or below the waist, and they ask, what is located in this area. Often this condition develops in the pregnancy, and it is possible and to early and late stage. If the pain is acute, such as temperature, must necessarily induce immediate assistance.

If you are celebrating a constant pain and temperature, no, then understand the cause of this phenomenon will help the expert. Initially he would turn to a gp, who will assess the patient's condition and advise you on what to experts, it is necessary to go further.

You will learn, hurt the spine, or the reasons for such state of the other, it will be necessary to conduct a series of studies, among which ULTRASOUND, MRI, etc.

The causes of back pain in the lumbar

Causes of pain in the lower back

If the back hurts in the lumbar, the reasons for this phenomenon are most commonly associated with the development of lumbago and sciatica. These states - due to lesions in the lumbar spine, degenerative disc disease. Also, these pain may be associated with intervertebral hiatal and protrusions. Strongly hurts, if shifted vertebrae. Whether the temperature can be at остеохондрозе, depends on the condition of women, but in this case it is necessary to immediately contact a physician.

If you are developing a constant pain in the lower back pain causes in women and men may be associated with irritation of the nerves of the spinal pillar, irritation or swelling of the muscles and ligaments. The answer to the question, why can pain in the lower back, may lie in the fact that the patient develops certain diseases of internal organs, and pain when it makes in the area of the lower back. In such a case, it may чувствоваться pain below and above, left, right.

If it comes to it, why it hurts the shoulders in women, the cause may be pyelonephritis, cystitis, urinary diseases. Sometimes the causes of what hurts the shoulders in women, is linked with diseases of the genitourinary system, and in particular, with inflammation of the appendages of the uterus. But even if in the lumbar regularly pobalivayet and dental pain, the reasons for this phenomenon must necessarily come an expert.

Why it hurts the shoulders in men, also depends on the disease, which is absolutely necessary to diagnose. If manifested by pain in the lower back in men, the causes may be in connection with diseases of the prostate.

In addition, there is a likelihood that the pain in the lumbar spine may develop as a result of problems with bowel problems, also the pain may irradiate, when the wonder light.

But why, let them have developed severe pain in the lower back, the causes of this phenomenon it is necessary to find out immediately and to ensure adequate treatment.

According to statistics, up to 60% of the urban population in developed countries regularly complain that the shoulder hurts. The reasons for this phenomenon are associated with патологиями of the spine. In most cases on such violations to complain about people at the age from 30 to 60 years.

60% of the cases as pain due to degenerative disc disease, when it comes to the defeat of the one from the root of the first sacral, 4, 5, lumbar vertebrae. This phenomenon is called monoradical syndrome. While the loss of two of the roots develops biradicular syndrome (approximately 33% of patients). The defeat of the three roots of the so-called triradical syndrome, it is diagnosed rarely.

Kinds of pain

Kinds of pain

Feelings of pain in the back - it's a vague symptom, and the reasons for its occurrence may be varied. Is very different is the pain in the spine, lower back. And how exactly is pain the spine in the lumbar, or strongly manifested by pulling pain, heaviness, - and is given by reason of this condition. It is also important to understand, where is manifested by pain in the upper or in the lower part of the spine; develops periodically or continuously.

Causes of acute pain:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • протрузия of the intervertebral disc;
  • spondylitis;
  • acute intervertebral hernia;
  • spinal epiduritis;
  • fractures of the vertebrae;
  • stretching in the acute form;
  • pathology of the hip joint;
  • sciatica, lumbago;
  • violation of спинального blood circulation in the acute form;
  • acute pyelonephritis;
  • acute appendicitis - атипичное time;
  • bowel obstruction.

Causes of chronic pain:

  • disease ankylosing Spondylitis;
  • deforming spondylosis;
  • мочекаменная disease;
  • остеомиелит;
  • scoliosis;
  • osteoporosis, osteomalacia;
  • swelling of the spinal cord, retroperitoneal space, vertebra - primary, metastases;
  • the defeat of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs is of an infectious nature (brucellosis,epidural abscess, tuberculosis);
  • inflammation неинфекционного character (syndrome Reuters, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis);
  • tumors of the kidney.

The reasons for irradiating a pain:

  • diseases of the stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder;
  • atherosclerosis of the abdominal part of the aorta and branches of aorta;
  • diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • female disease - an inflammation of the appendages of the uterus, cancer of the uterus, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • men's illness - prostate cancer, prostatitis;
  • kidney disease - kidney stones, renal colic;
  • bowel disease - ulcerative colitis, an inflammation of the дивертикула, nonspecific tumor of the colon;
  • aneurysm of the aorta exfoliating.

Why are manifested by pain in the back, higher waist?

Why are manifested by pain in the back, higher restraint

If there is pain over the back on the sides, it is quite possible that this is a disease of the liver - liver failure, гепатите, the consequences of ingestion of toxic drugs, because that hurts the liver. As usual, in such a case, the back hurts, the right side, higher waist - in подреберье.

From what hurts on the right and the left side just above the waist? It is likely that in such a case, the develop acute kidney disease. Often when поликистозе, pyelonephritis in chronic form, neoplasms of the kidney, are labeled poorly expressed symptoms. Because of the stretching of the kidney capsule is happening gradually. How to find out that it hurts - the kidneys, or the loins? The exact answer to this question is possible only after performing a full diagnosis.

If in acute pyelonephritis develops swelling, or the patient blocked the ureter, the pain is intense, but dull, often aching. But these feelings manifest themselves permanently, a long time, often give to the area of the navel, lower abdomen. Also discomfort and pain may manifest in the подреберье left or right.

In chronic недугах kidney pain, sometimes arise as a result of ingestion of certain drugs. If treatment is cancelled, these feelings pass.

Sometimes develops muscle pain, which can manifest itself not only in the lower back, but also in the area of the sternum, etc. In such a case, it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Pain under lower back

pulling and aching pain in the lower back at the bottom of the develops when a number of diseases of the spine. In addition, in women dental pain in the lumbar in the period of menstruation. In such a case, it may hurt the abdomen and the back at the same time. Also, this symptom is manifested in diseases of the sexual sphere (adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis, oophoritis), pelvic peritoneum. Sometimes it hurts and tooth pain back in the lower part, where the cause is the intestine, as well as appendicitis. She, as a rule, is not waning and in the supine position.

In men, aching or sharp pain in the lower back pain may develop in diseases of the prostate.

A sharp pain in the lower back is possible in недугах bladder. Find out the exact diagnosis, your doctor.

Feelings of pain to the left and to the right

Feelings of pain to the left and to the right

If it hurts the shoulders of the right and left at the same time, it may be indicative of the development of hepatitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis. Pain in the lower back on the right side also manifests itself in inflammation of the appendages of the uterus, of the prostate. Feelings of pain on the right side in the back in the area of hypochondrium may develop in pleurisy, pneumonia. If the pain irradiating and felt over or under your lower back on the right side, it is likely, atypical appendicitis and intestinal obstruction. In general, the causes of painful sensations in the lumbar to the right and the bottom left may be associated with various diseases, how the spine and internal organs.

Pain in the ягодице right for women occurs as in остеохондрозе, so even when damage to the ligaments and muscles in this area.

So, if it hurts the shoulders left or right, it can be assumed that developing these ailments:

Diseases of the spine

If the back hurts in the lumbar to the left, the causes of this condition may be associated with acquired disease - tumors, degenerative neural патологиями, inflammatory processes. Also unpleasant feelings of right and left down at the back, may be associated with lesions of a traumatic nature, intervertebral hiatal. Pain in the lower back on the left side of the top and bottom likely and congenital патологиях - spondylosis, sacralization, spondylolisthesis, lubalization.

Diseases of the internal organs

On the right and left side of pain in diseases organs of small pelvis (urinary bladder, parametric fiber, the uterus and appendages предстательная iron). Sometimes very strongly hurts the shoulders, when патологиях of the intestines and kidneys. Symptoms of inflammation of the colon in women and men can manifest severe pain in this area.

Diseases of the NS in the lumbar-sacral department

In the sacral region of the pain, if you experience the following problem: squeezing the roots, neurological diseases (neuritis, sciatica, неврастения, hysteria), disorders of metabolism, diabetes, gout, etc.

Pain during lumbago and jamming of the sciatic nerve

If stretches поясницу, the causes may be associated with jamming of the sciatic nerve. In the case of pinch points, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve, but also with rheumatic pains of the head is different. Ill sometimes feels прострел at rest and during movement, sometimes even in the back colitis, burns, burns, burns. You may feel numb. When the feelings of pain can be both mild, and very strong, нестерпимыми.

The sciatic nerve - the largest-the longest in the body. While his jamming the sensations of pain are manifested only on one side. Where exactly, depends on the sex of the patient: usually on the right side for girls and left in men. The most commonly feel a sharp lumbago appear when встаешь from a lying position, when you stand and меняешь posture. Most painfully when inflammation of this nerve is the place below the knee, and also where it exits the bone at the bottom of the buttocks. Sometimes on the back side of the thigh and the muscles of the lower extremities appear nodes. Such an animal is particularly sensitive, when to him to the touch. This disease can bother you day and night.

Lumbago - popularly this disease is called radiculitis. Sudden прострел, which is manifested by the strong load, sudden movements, a long stay in one position or in hypothermia, colds. If she got sick spin, seizures forcing to accept such a position in which the pain subsides. What are the treatment options to take, it is best to ask the doctor. Usually helps, massage, means for heating the water. But nevertheless, it is important to consult with a specialist, because lumbago is indicative of disorders in the lumbar-sacral spine.

Pain in lower back during pregnancy

Pain in lower back during pregnancy

Many women are asking about what to do when back hurts in lower back pain in pregnancy period. It is difficult to understand what to do when you cannot use many drugs, particularly antibiotics, and than to treat this condition.

Causes a burning sensation and pain in the period of bearing a toddler is related with the fact that at this time the female body is exposed to increased load. With the growth of the fetus is changing the center of gravity, and often future moms complain of pain in the lower back is tilted forward, and later - on a permanent pain and a burning sensation in the back area. In addition, pregnancy in the process of physiological changes celebrating other manifestations - pain in the head and chest, the hair falls out.

In the period of pregnancy is the relaxation of бедренно-крестцовых joints, as the body prepares for childbirth. This is also the reason, the tension of the spine and back pain.

Every woman who is expecting a baby, must necessarily consult with the doctor. It is especially important to do this in that case, if back problems have been observed previously. It is important to contact a specialist, the scope of activities that is broader than gynecology, and determine how to behave to avoid negative manifestations.

Most often when pregnancy sore back in kidney area in women who previously suffered остеохондрозом, искривлением of the spine, muscle pain. However, it is necessary to take into account that the feelings of pain in the kidney area - sometimes they are symptoms of diseases of the internal organs. So, pain in the kidneys occur to the left side may be indicative of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system. Therefore, when such speeches in the period of pregnancy it is important to timely inform the doctor and undergo examination. He will tell you what to do if a sore lower back, and determine the cause of this phenomenon.

If the pain sciatic nerve during pregnancy, practiced мануальная therapy, special exercises. No medication shall appoint only a specialist. It is very important to accurately follow all the doctor's recommendations. Only in this case, it is possible to minimize all the negative manifestations.