Lower back pain left back: causes and types of pain

The appearance of pain in the lumbar region concerned. The pain occurs almost every person, but more often it occurs in the elderly. Often citizens who are skeptical about the arising of pain and not in a hurry to consult with a specialist. This solution is wrong: if a sore lower back on the left, it indicates the development of severe disease, so do not delay with treatment. About, hence the lower back pain in left side and how to cure it – more below.

back pain

From what it appears?

Conventionally, physicians all factors that affect the formation of back pain in the lumbar region, divided into 5 main types.

The first group includes mechanical injuries and diseases in the motor system.

If back pain in the lumbar region to the left, causes the following:

  • stretching muscles and ligaments;
  • the appearance of compression fractures in the spinal column;
  • damage of the intervertebral joints and vertebrae trauma;
  • the appearance of irregularities in body posture, called kyphosis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

The second group of causes include various infections that may occur in men and women. They are formed due to the development of:

  • endocarditis;
  • osteomyelitis of the spine;
  • tuberculous spondylitis;
  • purulent discitis;
  • epidural abscesses;
  • flu;
  • infections that affect internal organs.

The third group of reasons relates to the formation of malignant tumors. Pain in left side lower back is formed by:

  • the formation of metastases;
  • multiple myeloma;
  • lymphoma;
  • lipogranulomatosis;
  • tumors.

The fourth group of factors influencing the onset of pain, has a connection with the emergence of various metabolic disorders. They are formed as a result of the development:

  • osteomalacia;
  • the hemochromatosis;
  • osteoporosis;
  • alkaptonuria and other serious diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Causes of lower back pain on the left side which belong to the fifth group are conventionally divided into psychogenic and neurogenic. It's a pain, which is formed due to the development of deforming oddities, fibromyalgia, herpes zoster.

Doctors say that if back pain in the lumbar region, this indicates the development of the following diseases:

  • chronic pathologies in the urinary system, renal colic and kidney stones;
  • inflammation of the lungs on the left side and in the pleural region, ovaries in female reproductive system;
  • chronic constipation, colitis, and a disruption in the digestive system;
  • pathology in the pancreas;
  • erosion of peptic ulcer and gastritis;
  • severe diseases, localized in the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, the cause of pain in the left lower back in women can be pregnancy. This is due to the internal pressure that the growing uterus on the internal organs.


If there is pathology

Back pain back women often are the result of inflammation of the muscles or if the spine has a serious illness. Doctors say that pathology in the spine may be congenital and acquired.

Innate are formed as a result of a hernia in the intervertebral discs, due to the lack in the development of muscular and other abnormalities in the spine.

Acquired diseases of the male and female are formed on the background of the development:

  • degenerative disc disease;
  • scoliosis;
  • various infections;
  • malignant tumors.

Pain on the left side which appeared as a result of inflammation, often formed due to the thinning of the intervertebral disc, a pinched nerve and vessel. As a result, the person inflamed nerve roots can lead to pain, which are cutting in nature.

In the pathology of pain are constant, aching, and paroxysmal. If a person has a pinched nerve, then it not only hurts the left side of the waist, but he has to reduce his physical activity and his deteriorating overall health.

In that case, when a person affects the nerves in the lower lumbar, that he is concerned about a dull ache in the lower back to the left, passing on the buttocks and lower limbs. If the person is not in time to see a specialist, the process affects the lower extremities and impairs their sensitivity. Unpleasant feelings become permanent. If the inflammatory process has affected the sciatic nerve, it also suffers from constant pain, and he develops serious complications, get rid of that can only surgically.

If the human body was long cold, develops inflammation in the muscles, called myositis. And also to lead him to excessive physical activity and a sharp decline of the immune system. Pain in left side lower back become aching, and persistent and appear suddenly. They may get worse with deep breaths or torso. For getting rid of them used Menovazin for rubbing, and rest.

Also nagging pain can develop on the background of displacement of the vertebrae. A person has to reduce his physical activity, he often numb and tingling in the lower extremities.

Lower back pain on the left is accompanied by lumbago caused by lumbar hernia, rheumatism, prolapse of the intervertebral disc. Can shoot during physical activity, with a strong exertion, coughing or during deep breaths.

Shooting pain in lower back left side during the motor activity indicates the development of inflammation in the nerve and the formation of piriformis syndrome.

Thus, if a person has pathology in the region of the vertebral column, then it displays the following symptoms:

  • Appears sharp and nagging pain in the lower back, in which he is unable to straighten his back.
  • Pain localized in the center of the waist and give the lower limbs.
  • When locomotor activity he experiences unpleasant sensations, often accompanied by spasm in the kidneys.

Pain can be removed only by rubbing the affected part with anti-inflammatory drugs.

If there is disease in internal organs

Often if a sore lower back left rear, it is associated with the development of pathologies in the internal organs. Such bodies are:

  • pancreas and intestine;
  • the left kidney and spleen;
  • left ovary in women.

And also sharp lower back pain left may indicate the development of kidney stones. While it's hard to go to the toilet and it increases body temperature.

When lesions of the left kidney in humans, there is a constant, dull, aching pain in the lower back. And can hurt in the lower abdomen, upper quadrant.

If a woman is concerned about a dull ache in the lower back, which gives to the abdomen, it indicates the development of uterine fibroids.

With the development of inflammation in the region of the ovaries of women concerned about the continuous pain which gives in the lower abdomen and lower back. The development of inflammation is often accompanied by the appearance of discharge, pain during intercourse, and menstrual disorders.

Often the pain on the left lower back stems from the fact that a person has abnormalities in the kidneys. At the same time he displays the following symptoms:

  • deteriorating General condition: the person feels lethargic, gets tired quickly, he has a weakness;
  • dramatically increased blood pressure, often suffering from pains in the head;
  • face and swollen feet, this is especially evident in the morning hours;
  • chills, increased perspiration, increased body temperature;
  • a complete lack of appetite, frequent nausea, which turns into severe vomiting;
  • frequent urination and pain during going to the toilet;
  • when lying down the pain disappear.

Pain in the kidneys, which gives to the lumbar region can be acute or chronic.

Sharp lower back pain on the left is for the following reasons:

  • As a result of acute stretching of the spine. When a man tormented by the pain in both parts of the spine and he has to limit his physical activity.
  • When a fracture of the lumbar vertebra. In humans, there is a sharp pain at the time of injury, while walking very sore lower back left side the back. Over time, the pain in the person it becomes easier, but it may increase when adopting the supine position.
  • The displacement of the intervertebral discs. When they have a pain on the left side of the waist, he has to take a comfortable position to ease the pain. If it is a long time in one position, he would have pinched the final division of the spinal cord. As a result, he reduced sensitivity, reduced reflexes, impaired pelvic function.
  • The development of osteoarthritis in the intervertebral joints. When a man bothers faceted pain syndrome, which manifests as unilateral pain in the back, with numbness and decreased reflexes.

Secondary causes which lead to the emergence of disease include:

  • a malignant tumor, localized in the spine and inflammation in the body of the vertebrae. It is formed by the development of TB, brucellosis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylitis;
  • the appearance of a spinal stroke and osteomalacia;
  • serious illness in the digestive system, in the pelvis and in the kidneys.

More detail to answer the question about if it hurts on the left lower back, what to do, can a specialist after diagnostic procedures.



Initially, the patient should undergo several diagnostic procedures that will help to more accurately establish the cause of the pain. First one must examine the person with pain, is a therapist. After they will be studied the main symptoms, it will direct the man to a specialist:

  • The podiatrist.
  • Urologist.
  • Neurologist.
  • Surgeon.
  • The vertebrologist.

Additional diagnostic procedures that the patient will undergo, is ultrasound diagnostics. With its help is determined by the condition of the organs located inside the body and the presence of a malignant tumor.

Also, people should pass a General analysis of blood and urine. They help to identify the development in this inflammatory process.

If these diagnostic procedures do not work to make an accurate diagnosis, the patient is directed to MRI, x-ray, ECG.

Acute low back pain

If back pain in the lumbar region, and sensations are aching in nature, you need to go on consultation to the doctor. After the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe competent treatment. Sharp pain require special attention. When they appear to provide first aid, which consists of the following operations:

  • to take antispasmodic;
  • to do a massage.

The massage consists of the following operations:

  • The patient is placed on his stomach and slip underneath the pillow.
  • Lower back with light massage movements, avoiding depression. Movement is carried out from the lower back, around the post of the spine and move to her neck. Then massage the hand.
  • Once the skin is well warmed and reddened, the massage is done more intensively.

What to do if it hurts on the left lower back?

In this case, the treatment is conservative methods: pills, injections.

However, with the constant appearance of pain symptoms and the transition of the disease in the severe stage, the person is assigned to the operation.

If the pain associated with neurological disorders or injuries, the treatment is carried out by the following methods:

  • ointments are used for heating;
  • are anti-inflammatory drugs.

If a person is concerned about severe pain, it gets the injections.

If it hurts on the left lower back at the teenager, specific medical procedures will be required. Parents should monitor the posture of the child and force him to engage in active sports. And they should remember that all the furniture should be chosen in accordance with the age of the child. Watch carefully and the body weight of the child: to overfeed it is not necessary.


If has become a sore lower back unexpectedly, when the treatment you need to take a hot bath. This method is used when the formation of the pain is not related to the spread of inflammation or development of tumors.

If it hurts the left side of the lower back and this is the result of excess pressure on the nerve, then you need to put right person. It is necessary to do so to take the pressure off the spine. To do this, put a pillow under the legs and back.


To get rid of unpleasant feelings, each person is recommended to perform the following preventive procedures:

  • To engage in active sports. They can be used to strengthen the back muscles and relieve lower sections which end in a spine.
  • To get rid of existing pain and to eliminate its further spread should go on a few massages. Remember that it should only be done by experienced professionals and undertake it after consulting your doctor.
  • People with low immunity need to be strengthened.
  • All citizens, especially women, should avoid hypothermia.

To avoid the pain that often appears in older men, should observe the following preventive measures:

  • Not work for long in one position in the country. If this is not possible, then at work to take breaks and stretch your body and limbs.
  • Not to lift too heavy objects.
  • Is not a long time lying down or sitting.
  • To engage in the available activities. However, before that you should consult with your doctor. Optimal sport for the elderly is walking with sticks. It helps to develop not only the legs but also involve the hands.
  • A regular squat and to walk on the street.

Remember that if pain in the lower back on the left, it's not normal. If such a symptom appears, any person should immediately go to the advice of an experienced doctor.