Can your back hurt from diseases of the intestines

The human body – a complex organization. Disease one of the organs can lead to pain in the other. It refers to the intestines. It occupies a large part of the abdominal cavity. His illness have an effect on the whole organism. So may I hurt my back from the gut? Can.

Can your back hurt from diseases of the intestines

The mechanism of pain

The cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract may be an infection and get into his parasites, for example worms. A possible failure due to malignant and benign tumors, disorders of the endocrine system and other. Sometimes the interruption of work due to hereditary causes. Example – lack of any enzyme.

The tract occupies a large portion of the space in the abdominal cavity of man. Usually the affected area of the intestine is expanding in size. This puts pressure on other organs, including the spine.

Long exposure and increase the burden on the it leads to disruption of the functioning of the spinal column and violations in the work of the musculoskeletal system. The same is true about the pain from the affected area passed on to other parts of the intestine and of the digestive tract in general. They are transmitted to the spine, which leads to the formation of back pain.

What is the danger?

Inflammation and other reasons lead to ulcers of the intestine and peritonitis – disruption of the integrity of the shell of the affected area. If the intestine is damaged, into the abdominal cavity of a man gets the contents of the intestines (food scraps, which are not spend, hydrogen chloride, enzymes). The abdominal cavity from them is not safe. There begins the purulent inflammation. This leads to damage to internal organs and total infection of the bloodstream of the organism. If the time to reveal it, that death comes.

In addition, disorders of the digestive tract and back pain can talk about oncological diseases. For example, cancer of the colon and rectum.

What is the danger

Other causes of back pain

However, the pain may be caused by other causes. It is necessary to understand the symptoms. For a clear their clarification is necessary it is all to analyze. Sometimes they resonate with each other and can talk about different diseases. Is necessary to the overall diagnosis of the organism. Therefore, when any pain is necessary to visit a doctor. Only he will be able to give a clear diagnosis. Zapuskaniya of the disease can lead to serious consequences and death.

Diseases in which can hurt the shoulders can be different. It may be appendicitis, inguinal hernia, intervertebral hernia, kidney disease, prostate cancer, infections, degenerative disc disease and other.

In women it is accompanied by menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome, diseases associated with the violation of hormonal background, damage to the reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy. Each of them has its own symptoms. If you engage self-heal, it is possible to give the wrong diagnosis and place of reasons why to fight against their result. For example, if in inflammation of appendicitis to deal with the treatment of back pain, her friction and warming, you can start the disease and get peritonitis.

There were cases when patients on the pain of the head in the spine of suspicion at each other disorders of the digestive tract and go treat yourself. Timely appeal to the doctor has allowed to detect osteochondrosis. In other cases, the people doing the self-heal, missed cancer bowel disease. Bottom line one – I and the fascination of folk medicine can bring irreparable damage to health.

Localization of pain

Localization of pain

Place back pain can talk about this or that condition. In diseases associated with the stomach will hurt close to him the upper part of the lumbar. In addition, you encounter a dyspeptic disorders. There will be ill and having a disorder of the pancreas. The pain will be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, swelling, pain in the lower chest and abdomen.

In diseases of the kidneys, pain in the back will be focus around them — in the middle and lower part of the lower back. In addition, increased frequency of urination.

The process itself may be accompanied by cutting caused by the movement of kidney stones and salts, their development As data reasons, and pain due to intestinal can be easily distinguished from back pain. In this case, the injury is exposed to the spinal cord of man. Symptoms will affect not only the musculoskeletal system. They are reflected in the places associated with him. It is worth to take into account that sciatica can occur in conjunction with other disorders. It can create the appearance of a completely different disease.

How hurt colon

The colon located in the abdominal cavity. In the first place, the pain should appear right there. The tract is divided into two parts that perform different functions the small intestine and colon. Symptoms of intestinal pain, depends on which of them is smitten. Different diseases are differently reflected on the pain in the spine.

How hurt colon

Started here, bowel disease will affect the other parts of the body. The complexity is in the fact that in the early stages of the disease notification difficult. You can take her for a mild malaise. For example, because of the immoderate taking of food or alcohol. When the development begins to feel pain in the gut and in other organs. They can be of different nature:

  • Cramps;
  • Gnawing;
  • Drag;
  • Sewing;
  • Burning.

The disease may be accompanied by a lack of a chair or increasing its frequency, nausea and vomiting, alternating diarrhea and constipation, and so ap In diseases of the colon the pain is concentrated in the affected area of the intestine. In accounting for the patterns of the intestines, it can cover the entire area of the abdominal cavity and reverberate on both sides of the body. In the case that the land of the lesion is small, then the pain will be there. In this lies the reason of the difficulty of diagnosis.

Diagnosis of the disease

In diseases of the back should be urgently appeal to the doctor. In such cases, assistance may be a gastroenterologist, proctologist or oncologist. Direction will the therapist after the surface examination of the patient. Must be appointed a number of examinations. After them will be to get the overall picture of the state of the organism.

Diagnosis of the disease

The examination include x-ray, ultrasound, computed and magnetic resonance imaging of the chest, examination of urine and blood, endocrine system. It is the overall diagnosis of the organism, which is examining the subjected to all the possible causes of pain in the back. How was the disease, to show it. The doctor can do. According to the results of a diagnosis is set and is assigned a course of treatment.