Why back pain in women

Dear readers, how often in the occurrence of pain in the back, we think it is osteochondrosis. But is it true? Osteochondrosis - a fairly common disease and one of its symptoms are pain in the lower back. These pains arise when damage to the intervertebral disc , which later lead to damage of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Back pain, of course, exist, and in men and in women. In women the causes of pain, perhaps even bigger and sometimes they do not give to live a normal and full life.

back pain in women

So, if there is disease, degenerative disc disease, and back pain are available, what you need to do in a given situation? Let's look at this issue and learn why back pain in women and whether it is possible to get rid of back pain, without medical intervention? Learn tips.

Back pain - causes

The reasons can be several. Is - distortions of the spine, hormonal imbalance, improper posture during sleep, or behind a desk, the sharp movement. Let's detail break down all of these points.

The spine is the axis of the body, which performs the function of reinforcement and participates in the movements of the torso. The spine has the shape, it's lordosis - part of the spine that curved forward (cervical and lumbar departments) and kyphosis of the spine, thick in the back (thoracic and sciatic department). Bends the spine contribute to the maintenance of human balance, it serves a special silencer, relieves shocks, which arise during the movement of the body.

If these physiological bends, which is changing, something is happening tensile strength of the ligamentous apparatus, the displacement of the vertebrae, which lead to the formation of pain. Usually changing the bends happens when the long and wrong position of the spine.

Causes of pain in the back - wearing the weights

Heavy bags

heavy bags

Distortions of the spine most commonly occurs as a result of wearing weights. How often witnessing a situation, when a woman goes with heavy bags, the weight of which sometimes reaches 8-10 kg! Men, be knight: after seeing a woman with heavy bags, help her.

Even if not to take into account shopping bags with food, then sometimes women's handbags weigh no less! Just not in a women's purse: cosmetic bag, various creams, medicines, toiletries, wallet, cash, phone There may be and a bottle of water (suddenly drink want) and the package with the sandwiches, Yes, you yourself, women, you know, that there is and what else is missing.

A small child

No less difficult is the child that is occasionally very often you have them on hand. At home, when the child is capricious, the only way to calm him down, that is, when the child take away in his hand.

How to grow your baby, increases its weight. It is said that his load pulls. But in time, some of the mom so long to wear for the day your child that the evening does not feel his back from the pain.

Walking the child can plant, or tuck into a stroller. Or is there now as accessories -backpacks for hiking with children, kengooryatniki, very convenient for the parents, as is the weight of the baby in the sling evenly distributed throughout the back of an adult.


In the second half of pregnancy in women are often observed pain in the lower back, at the end, they will receive a permanent character. The reason of these pains is the following.

During pregnancy under the influence of the hormone relaxin going on relaxation of the ligamentous apparatus. With the growth of the fetus is disturbed equilibrium as a result of increased abdominal, which is accompanied by muscle tension in the lumbar and the load on the spine.

How to remove back pain during pregnancy from the second trimester is recommended to wear a bandage, which is removed not only the pain but also serve as a good prevention of stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen.


Now it is fashionable to women and girls that have large and lush breasts. But did you know that men, how hard it is to bear this burden?

In this situation, will become a redistribution centre of gravity, leads to weakening of the ligamentous apparatus, and the muscle tension of the back. This is happening, it is necessary to very carefully approach to the selection of bras. Not unimportant factor will be the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest.

A flabby tummy

Flabby stomach many hated because of it and it looks nice, but even for this, also can occur back pain. It's simple. The accumulation of fat in the waist area and abdomen leads to a shift of the vertebrae in the lower back, with the age of the load on the spine increases, the pains are getting worse.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to strengthen the glutes and the back muscles, when they are elastic and trained, are the muscle actors, which gives the shift the vertebrae.

Wearing high heels

high heels

Wear constantly high heels will become, it is dangerous not only because of the risk of developing flatfoot and education on his feet. This is another reason for occurrence of back pain. Back pain due to wearing high heels, can appear not only thin, but also for fat women.

This happens due to the fact that when wearing high-heeled shoes, increases the load on the legs, on the feet, changes gait. Trying to keep your balance and the more beautiful the walk, the women unconsciously lean back when walking forward slightly, thereby shifting the center of gravity. Hence the pain in the back.

To prevent this from happening, try to walk in shoes with a small heel go at all without it. And shame leave on vacation.


Very often I see a picture when it's a young girl, which understated line pants, yes when negotiating a short jacket. While it's freezing outside! Spin laid bare and, respectively, supercooled. And, in consequence, appears myositis - inflammation of the muscles of the back, or worse - inflammation of the kidneys.

Sometimes when such headaches between treatment, how the various medications and ointments can not do, it is necessary to urgently run to the doctor.

Hormonal imbalance

This is another of the causes of back pain. Hormonal imbalance usually occurs just before or during menstruation. This can cause the change of the threshold of pain, usually during the monthly threshold for pain increases and the pain sometimes is unbearable.

During menstruation in women going on in the body, fluid retention, body weight increases, there is a shift in center of gravity, the load on the muscles of the back, which leads to the formation of a sore head.

Incorrect posture

Incorrect posture of the spine can be long and monotonous position, for example, during sleep, when you sleep on your stomach. To the spine is not affected, when you sleep try to maintain the physiological position of the spine. For it is enough to put a pillow under your belly.

Incorrect posture during sleep can be, when you sleep on very soft bed. From here a conclusion: to recede, to be on the mattress a slight stiffness.

And then about how sitting long time behind a desk in one position, it is said that a lot. I'm not repeating, but I note that breaks should be every 40-60 minutes. Or do we suffer from back pain.

Sharp movement

This is really what he doesn't like, is our spine, so it's a sharp movement. It ontrénoval athletes can afford to sharply jump out, but sometimes their sharp movements can harm. And what can we say about ordinary mortals, who last went in the gym in the physical education classes in school.

Getting up, especially after the blow out of the bed try not to make sudden movements. At night all muscles relaxed and need some time to wake up. Get up from the bed slowly, gradually.

What to do to not have back pain

  1. Strengthen your muscle corset, and at the same time to strengthen the muscles of the chest, lower back, doing physical stretching exercises. It is not possible to in all situations to move the vertebrae.
  2. While wearing weights, consider that the weight of these weights not exceeding 10% of its own weight.
  3. If you feel do not pass back pain, then this is reason to see a doctor. Self-treat. do not engage.