Back hurts, what do I do?

The pace of our life is increasing every year. But along with that alone we are not enough, and the physical burden on our, basically decreases.

To get everything done, quite often we postpone visit to the doctor and the masseur, fitness and power exercises, cosmetics and a good rest: he started from the first day, Monday, while on vacation, and so on. Who gave you such promises?

pain in the back

Well and the result – back pain, tooth decay, obesity, premature wrinkles, headache...

And back problems arise, probably, in the first place, because the load on it is greatest. It is not surprising that statistics show that the complaints of pain in the back is in second place after colds!

Interestingly, the beginning to back pain 20 years, but middle-aged and older, and say nothing! And then acutely arise the questions: why it hurts your back, and if the back hurts, what do I do?

Problems with the musculoskeletal system in older people occur 2 times more often than heart disease.

And recently, this problem has been touched and the youth.

Sometimes it's elementary to help exercises to strengthen the back, while in other cases it is necessary to the proper treatment...

Why back hurts

In addition, how to determine what to treat your back pain, you need to find out what causes that annoying and sometimes even dangerous phenomenon.

Causes of pain in the back sufficiently diverse. Indicate here the basic:

  1. heredity – reduced replacement of the skin, thereby the intervertebral discs wrongly perceive the load and wear out quickly;
  2. injury to the spine;
  3. physical inactivity, it is a discounted engine, and physical activity;
  4. obesity, which increases pressure on the spine and joints: our center of gravity is in the lower back. When excessive body weight is shifted, thereby increasing the burden on the muscles of the back.

If they were not able to cope with the increased load, it automatically transmits on the spine. And this leads to deformation of vertebral of disks, in consequence, there is muscle pain in the back.

  • why it hurts your back, smokers: people who smoke often complain of back, than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that in smokers is disturbed the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the vertebrate disks, which can lead to their degeneration and pain of the head;
  • excessive physical load: the exercise of power, heavy physical work;
  • incorrect posture when lifting weights: it is often necessary to stoop to pick up something, and you have to crouch – then the burden goes on the abs and legs, which, with us, the most powerful;
  • prolonged driving a car;
  • disorders of posture and weakened muscles of the back;
  • congenital dysplasia of the joints;
  • what is hurting your back in high heels: the permanent wearing of this shoe significantly increases the load on the muscles, ligaments, discs and lumbar department of the spine;
  • why your back hurts, when the poor quality of the bed and the mattress: an old sagging sofa or mattress ill distribute the load on the spine, which could be in the sleep shape in the form of the letter "S". So try to lead your bed in the order: drag the sofa bed and replace the mattress to the more stringent;
  • carrying weights in front of each other. Now the most common bags for carrying children, can also give pain in the back. So, as soon as the possibility of carrying the children in a bag behind his back.

A result of the desire to be like everyone — that you constantly hurts your back and legs.

back massage

So try to bear that kind of shoes: get the pain not only back pain but also leg because of an incorrect load distribution on the stop leads to an increased the bones of the big toes.

By the way, when I bought a mattress, then, almost forgot about the pain in his back.

But the mattress must be selected with independent springs (the independent spring block), then it is exactly repeat the shape of Your body and evenly distribute the load. Types of mattresses and firms-manufacturers is a lot of, it is quite possible to choose a suitable price and quality.

So what is the reason, why hurt the spine, can be quite banal – poor quality bed!

As you can see, a clear answer to the question: from what can hurt your back simply does not exist!

Please note, if you Have

  1. numb feet, cramps in calves, feeling of heaviness in the lower back pain — possible serious problems in the lumbar spine;
  2. numb feet, a feeling of weakness and tingling in legs – possible problems with blood vessels;
  3. numb and neck hurts, shoulder, arm, or head, periodic dizziness and headaches, feeling of chills running on the hand or in the shoulder area – possible problems with the cervical spine;
  4. severe pain in the lower back, which gives on the right foot – it can be a sign of sciatica, or sciatica;
  5. bleeding from the colon or bladder, burning or urinary incontinence;
  6. severe pain in the back between the shoulder blades or in the sternum, shortness of breath – possible problems with separation of the thoracic spine.

If any of these symptoms, it is an urgent need to see a doctor and undergo examination. If none of these phenomena – an acute, immediately call the management of quick help!

Even if these symptoms seem to You not too significant, it is necessary to seem to the expert, such as at the beginning of the disease is always cured, sometimes it is easier, than its center.

Only a specialist can determine what to do when back pain!

I want to point out that it is a folk remedy is a good thing, if it is set to an accurate diagnosis. And I without a diagnosis carries with it a loss of time in serious diseases.

So to answer the question: what to do if it hurts the spine, back or shoulders, one: as soon as possible, contact a professional – just a neurologist or a therapist!

Certainly it is necessary to take into account the fact that back pain can be a sign of kidney disease or female sexual sphere.

First, the doctor must establish the diagnosis, and it's clearly because the pain in the back treatment require qualified!

If you Have diagnosed the disease accurately the muscular and skeletal system, it is possible to house use special device for massage. Now there are many.

And you can start doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back!

If the back hurts in the lumbar what to do in home conditions? It would seem: drink painkillers, warm the lower back, and everything will be fine! But here's the do it, once not, in any case!

In the problems with your back, what is the most important, at the time of initiation of treatment. And assign it can only a doctor!

But if it hurts the shoulders is not the first time the diagnosis is already installed and contraindications to physiotherapy not, in the domestic conditions can be successfully use special device for massage, the choice of which is now quite large.

So, intervertebral hernia, and even sophisticated, respond well to this treatment.

It will help You and special a knitted waistband, which can be purchased in the markets, and best of all, a belt, knitted from dog hair. This, of course, he's not a masseur, but the pain eases.

I repeat more about it, that a consultation with a doctor, especially if pain in the back appeared for the first time – maybe.

Exercises for back pain

exercises for the back
  1. Lie on a flat hard surface, put under the feet of the pillow. Bend and straighten the legs and the fingers on the hands.
  2. Furthermore, strip, remove, bend in the knee of the left leg. Bend and straighten your right leg so that the heel slid across the surface. Repeat 8-10 times and change legs.
  3. Lie on a flat hard surface, put under the feet of the pillow. Lifting alternating hands up.
  4. Furthermore, strip, remove, bend in the knee of the left leg. For the right leg maximum on the side. Repeat 8-10 times and change legs.
  5. Lie on a flat hard surface, place under the femoral stripe. Straighten alternating legs at the knees, leaning her hips on the roller.
  6. Furthermore, strip, remove, bend in the knee both legs. Pull alternately bent legs to the abdomen.
  7. Lying down on a flat hard surface, bend your legs. For the knee of the right leg high to the side. Repeat 8-10 times and change legs.

Exercises for back pain – a very effective drug, you only need to set aside time and make her practice!

In this article, You learned what to do when your back hurts, what to focus your attention and what exercises to strengthen the back can be applied in domestic conditions.

Give yourself at least a little attention: your health is in your hands!

Things are always a lot, our family, of course, need attention, but we must not forget about yourself, favorite.

And if at the same time to find out why your back hurts and not take timely measures, then it can even become a ruin!