Why your back hurts: the basic causes and ways of treatment

Almost every second man older than 16-18 years of age regularly complains that it hurts his back. In recent years, these problems have become typical for the youth, and the frequency of complaints in adults the back pain grows and grows. In this medical assistance turn only a fifth of them. The rest prefer to "cope" on their own, leaning on painkillers and hope that the unpleasant feelings will pass by themselves.

back pain

To each what it would cost to establish exactly what hurts his back, in his particular case, because this symptom at risk of serious health problems.

Causes painful sensations

For relatively young and healthy people, your back hurts usually from abnormal overloads. They are the cause of back pain, with complaints that the medicine is turning 85% of the patients. May not necessarily be a weightlifter, engage in physical labor in the power of professional specifics, or be a enthusiast of the country-a pack of work to get back trouble. A constant presence in one and the same position, for example, when working at the computer, providing the tribe, which becomes the cause why the back hurts. The recommendations of the doctors to rely on the back of a chair and sit in it deeper have a significant reason. Heavy bags, effective from the supermarket to the house, can give the same effect.

The diagnosis of "fatigue pain" in medical terminology does not exist. Pain, which have a mild character, they are written off on a "shaky grounds" and treat the well-being and proper planting. Greater attention is paid, if the feeling not go away within two weeks, are accompanied by other symptoms, or have a certain periodicity. Find out why your back hurts, you will need a number of hardware studies and consultations with doctors of various disciplines.

Stress fractures

If we are to believe the data of the World health organization, and that up to 4 % of all age patients, which strongly hurts your back, suffer from compression fractures. Under this diagnosis is indicated by a crack, which is formed in the vertebra without some strong outside influence. Such a fracture occurs in older people; among the youngest age group are prone sick osteoporosis of the spine. Decreased bone density is unreliable resists the force of gravity. The fracture can occur even under the influence of the own weight of the patient, and it will notice; they will just celebrate that your back hurts, why – is not clear. For this reason, compression fractures on the traumatic consequences of concern.

What do you do when your back hurts, as a result of this damage, in great detail tells the doctor. The situation is saved complete peace of mind, strict bed rest and medical course, which is able to reduce the soreness.

Problems in the spine



Is a chronic disease can affect people of any age, social status and gender. In the development of degenerative disc height of the intervertebral disc decreases, reducing the mobility of the entire spine, over time, appear complications not only from the side of the mountain range, but also from the side of the internal organs.


This disease affects up to 7 % of the population. And here is diagnosed spondilolistezom relatively infrequently: many patients until the last moment ignored the warning of a sharp pain arising in the lower back. Basically, the disease can affect any department of the spine, but most commonly affects the fifth lumbar vertebra. His joints deformed, because of which begins to repere which is under him, bulging in either backward or forward. Figuratively speaking, when spondylolisthesis the spine ceases to remind the pillar – it's more like a ladder.

The disease manifests itself in the fact that it is constantly sore back, the pain may spread to the buttocks, in some cases – on the lower limbs. However, if the disease is not too triggered the feeling, not too sharp, and allows patients to ignore them.

Ankylosing spondylitis

It's the same – the disease ankylosing Spondylitis. Affects mostly men, in any age. Patients of the female gender account for only 16-17 %. In spondylitis to become inflamed joints with ligaments; the disease is progressive in nature. Usually begins from the lumbar, but when there is no response, that is, the right treatment, is quite quickly spreading to the chest, and after – and the cervical segments. This is without prejudice to the whole back: if it hurts the shoulders, briefly, and the whole body will not stay away.

The first symptoms – stiffness of the lower department of the torso, which accompanies the reaction a significant pain syndrome. Celebrates the voltage across the dorsal muscles, which is a constant and it is not until the end of the subsides even during the long vacation. Almost all patients whining of the thigh; with the time of the disease ankylosing Spondylitis affects the connective tissues of the cardiovascular system, lungs and kidneys. In medicine are described individual cases in which spondylitis is also affected by the eyes.

Herniated discs

This pathology of the intervertebral disc is considered to be very common. More often with a problem to be faced by older people, 40 and older, but can develop and at a much younger age. To facilitate the formation of a hernia of the intervertebral discs can:

intervertebral hernia
  • overweight – is he in recent years is the most common factor that causes;
  • heavy physical work or exercises with the weighting;
  • injuries corresponding to spinal;
  • a longer stay in a sitting position (especially if it is your work space organized poorly, with the compliance of the orthopedic recommendations);
  • inducing the disease: dysplasia of hip joints in infancy, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease.

The mechanism of the development of a hernia lies in the degeneration of the tissues — as the junction, and muscle. Unsupported muscularis actors the spine begins to sink, drives – simulat and squeezed beyond the boundaries of the pillar. As a result, the patient very sore back, especially when lifting heavy weights or when turning in inclinavit situation. The pain also increase when sneezing or coughing, sudden or unusual movements. Among other symptoms — numbness, tingling or wattage of the legs, crawling behind him, "frost" and other not too pleasant sensations.


This is one of the rarest reasons, from what is hurting your back. Such diagnosis put only about 0,01 % of the patients, applied to the doctor. Starting to osteomyelitis as a result of penetration of infection in the spine, often gets up with the flow of blood from the urinary channel. Cunning disease that develops gradually and subtly, about their of the disease the patient finds out when the back hurts, and the temperature rises, sometimes to dangerous indicators.

However, it is necessary to qualify: if you have pain in the lower back or shoulders, and the thermometer confirms that you are sick, that doesn't mean that you have osteomyelitis. The same clinical picture is observed in many infectious diseases – with the same flu, for example. So if you strongly back hurts, what to do, should decide doctor. Otherwise, you can begin to heal from the infection of the spine in that time, how to deal with the more well-known diseases.

Back pain can be and severe scoliosis, and sciatica (in his case, their intensity can crescere to the indicator "teaching"), and many other problems with the spine. If you are concerned about the question of what to do for pain in the back, turn their attention and anxiety on the establishment of an accurate diagnosis. Only an expert can understand, in what course of treatment you need.

Not only the spine

between the shoulder blades

How to get rid of back pain? Many people believe that is able to tell only by an orthopedist or spine. However, this part of the body can suggest us and about the problems with the internal organs, which is the backbone of any relationship does not have:

  • if your back hurts on the left side, in the upper part of the trunk, has a sore, but sometimes rapiente character, this symptom may be a harbinger of a heart attack. In any case, with the heart obviously shows a discord, so visit a cardiologist standing, how is it possible;
  • pains that affect the lower back and figure usque step, often indicative of inflammatory processes, marching in the kidneys or the organs that fall under the purview of the gynecologist. Character feelings – drawing, sharp, throbbing. Sometimes the pain carries over to the groin area;
  • painful sensations in the area between the shoulder blades often talk about diseases of the digestive system. Some of them given in the lower part of the back – and ill begin to treat non-existent at his nerve;
  • weak pain in the back, heavily dans to one of the lower limbs and growing in movement or in sitting position, can talk about sciatica, inflammation or disturbance of the sciatic nerve;
  • blanking, but the perceived pain in my shoulder, the migration to the center of the spine, and increasing when turning the hull either on the inhale – a clear signal about the existing problems with the lungs. In individual cases, so manifest cardiac disease.

If it is the treatment of pain in the back, recommended for most patients with vertebrates diagnoses, will prove ineffective, if the intensity of pain is not dependent from your position (sitting, standing, lying), most likely, the problem is not in your spine and in some of the internal organs.

In all these cases, it is just a psychologist should prescribe treatment. Back aches no physiological reasons and due to internal tax evasion. And until it's removed (or the patient with him is not accept), the discomfort, cannot be deleted. Even the painkillers they will act sometimes weaker, than it was planned.

The basics of medical

The main problem for patients is still the same, sacral: what treat? Back pain – symptom is the need to remove, so he did not disturb to live and work. It is, however, very limited perception of the problem. Selections symptomatology solves the problem temporarily. If it is not to deal with the disease that triggered its development, the painful will come back again and again.

If back pain caused by problems with the spine, usually applies a standard set of therapeutic techniques, revised in accordance with the specific diagnosis and individual characteristics of the patient. It includes:

treatment of back pain
  • anti-inflammatory drugs nonsteroid series. They are at the same time release from back pain, and from the ortum either generandi is an inflammatory process. If painful, is very strong, then the medicines are injected intramuscularly; in the most severe cases are accompanied by analgesics, and addictive substances. As supportive medical therapy with the use vitamin complexes, muscle relaxants, reinforcement action nonsteroids, antihistamines funds. If back pain is caused by some source of the disease, is assigned a course of treatment is for him – and this is true from the first days, regardless of the intensity of the pain syndrome;
  • physiotherapy. She is prescribed when an acute attack of docked, and procedures may cause exacerbations, no complications. Among the especially popular and effective effects — electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, acupuncture. In recent years, especially recommended by doctors hydrokinesotherapy — stimulating stretching of the spine while sitting in the pool with heated water;
  • therapeutic physical education. Without it can not do virtually all diagnoses. Deformation and degradation of the spine will progress, if it regularly does not force to adopt the correct position. Gymnastics should be part of the life of the patient and after removal of the back pain.

If back pain appeared as a result of the development of the disease some of the internal organs, then the treatment regimen will radically change. The first phase remains the same, is that you will only include analgesics (if the inflammation is not created to settle in the body of the patient). In the second phase, treatment is aimed at removal of the primary pathology: the treatment of cardiovascular, digestive or urinary system. Rightly so, because the pain in the back, is not connected with its physiological state.

Cases of psychosomatic back problems the law can be considered manageable for the patient. Will have to pass a comprehensive examination and obtain advice from a number of specialists, that the probability of dropping is not only the vertebrates of the disease, but also problems with internal organs. And then, what – have speech (and no one) with a specialist-psychologist. In our country this doctor is perceived as something unpresentable. Unfortunately, without his help the patient to have to come to terms with the fact that he constantly hurts your back: get rid of the internal problems alone shows the read units of the patients.