8 reasons for back pain. On every issue – their treatment

Every person at least once in my life from time to time hurts my back. Most often this symptom will not cause any worries and yourself takes place. But there are cases where ignoring it is not so simple. Pain in back on right side, it may indicate a more serious disease than normal physical effort. In any case, to avoid disaster, it is necessary to analyse all the possible causes of back pain, and if necessary, ask for medical help.

pain in the back

The reason the first. Improper position while working

Give it an asymmetrical position of the spine at work, the tension of certain muscles at the expense of the other, or even just too long "sedentary" way – all of which can cause regular headaches in the back after work.

Solution. To avoid this, a chair before the desk must have enough hard seat and straight backrest. Sit on it to be exact, keep your back straight, without bending the shoulders and not tilt the head down. The height of the table is designed to make lying on it's hands bent in elbows at a 90° angle. If you wear glasses, it may not force you to stoop to the table, or, conversely, to tilt the head back.

The house is also necessary to avoid "dangerous" positions and awkward movements. Do not wash in the bath, bending over her three death: the use of the pelvis, which must be lower than the elbow. It's not worth it to wash the floor "in the position of the crab" (bent) – only the ilo, while with a sufficiently long handle. If you can't get somewhere else, it is better to get on your knees.

In the bathroom it is worth it to connect to the wall button. Installed above the bath and beside the toilet, this will allow you to sit down, stand up and climb out of the water without excessive load on the muscles of the back. At the same time will not allow slipping on slippery tiles or enamel.

When you brush your teeth and wash up, not stand over the sink, bending the back. It is better to sit on a stool or to increase the sink in the bathroom at the same optimum height – below the elbows.

The reason for the second. The rotation of the tires against overload

It is reasonable to give your back a little rest, when fatigue has not yet manifested itself in full force. Even if the posture comfortable, the muscles that long they are in one and the same position and will reduce the voltage at the end will put pressure on the nerve endings and cause discomfort.

Solution. If the fatigue caused by long standing or a seating area, a recreation mainly consists in a change of posture. The task is to relax the muscles. For this well lie down, lifting the legs. And if that's not an option, might as well go for five-six minutes.

The reason for the third. The back muscles are loose and hard to cope with the vertical position of the

The back muscles need to train regularly to keep the spine without effort – with age when sitting the way of life is still harder.

Solution. The easiest way – walking. If you are a long walk, start with half an hour to get too tired. You and a special gymnastics complexes for the muscles of the back, yoga, swimming at speed, but for fun, aqua-aerobics. But with the equipment must be handled very carefully – they can give the side a sharp burden.

The reason the fourth. Discomfort causes unpleasant posture at night during sleep

The bed should be comfortable, allow the muscles to relax. If you are not resting in the night, while still keeping the same curvature of the spine, who had to "hold" the day the pain may occur in the morning.

Solution. Sometimes the pain in the lumbar region of the back helps just a pillow or pillow – disposal of its curvature of the spine, which causes back muscles strain, and they rest for the night. If your back hurts regularly, can not do without the orthopedic mattress – he successfully relieves the burden of back pain. And don't skimp, it is better to buy the product well-known companies, trusted quality. You can even verify it for yourself that the mattress – not a fake: take a plastic large bottle with mineral water and sit down to a distance of 30-35 cm from it. The bottle must not fall. There are also anatomical who has the body shape of the mattress. They are beautifully lay out the muscles, even if they are very expensive. However, determined not to sleep, and for a very long maturing period.

The reason for the fifth. Heavy bags

When cutting or excessive load on the spine in particular suffer the intervertebral discs: the smaller, sometimes pressing a nerve roots. The pain of hell, and the better you realize right away that such experiments – not for you.

Solution. Lifted from the floor to the seriousness, not to a jerk, with direct kicks. Then the entire burden falls just on the lower back. Before the heavy object, it is necessary to crouch down, straighten your back and, with straight back, gently "take the weight". When you need to bend, legs should be slightly bend at the knees. Stoop to direct your feet is also dangerous for the lower back. Reduce the risk of a special elastic belt that supports your lower back. If you cannot avoid pain, you will have to treat long enough: to take pills, painkillers, rub the sore spot ointment. It is better to do it after consulting with a neurologist. Help and physiotherapy and massage – in the first days of deterioration, rather a little later.

The reason the sixth. Pregnancy and childbirth

In women during pregnancy and childbirth the load on the spine increases 2-4 times. Then the grown child firmly hanging the whole time at mommy. And to the year, as usual, it is 12-14 kg. It is not surprising that spin does not hold water.

Solution. During pregnancy it is necessary to wear a supportive bandage, the style of which it is better to consult with a specialist. And after childbirth should not be neglected bandages, and sometimes even a special belt, laying down the lower back. Them, by the way, is not wrong when some physical work. Upon fulfilment of all domestic duties, and especially with a toddler on your hands, young mums useful to err by using special elastic garters, which slightly delay the back shoulders.

The reason the seventh. Back pain during menstruation

pain in the back when the monthly

The location of the internal organs due to the increase in size of the uterus is changed, respectively, of the muscles, usually supporting the sacrum and the back, tighten otherwise, what is felt as unpleasant. And if the swollen uterus or other organs are putting pressure on the nerve roots of vertebrates, can be and very strong pain. If the added load on the muscles and ligaments associated with the long walking (especially on high heels), or sports performance, spin endure to the end of the day.

Solution. In the critical days and make your own, do not engage in sports, restrict the exercise regimen. It is also important to wear comfortable shoes without heels, and 2-3 times a day to take a horizontal position, at least 5 minutes. Not worth it to also drink plenty of fluids, and if it is prone to swelling, in this period to take the infusion of bearberry.

The reason the eighth. Hypothermia of the feet

If a day-two before that resembled barefoot on the cold floor or on the ground, came out on the street in thin tights or light shoes, the pain may be associated with inflammation of the ovaries, or pyelonephritis. Here without a serious intervention the gynecologist, or nephrologist can not do. If the pain added a sharp, burning sensation when urinating – possible inflammation of the bladder.

Solution. If you have previously had inflammation of the ovaries – a signal, most likely, he went away from there, because the pain from the lower part of the abdomen can move in the lower back. Will have to go to the gynecologist, who will prescribe antibacterial treatment, candles, or tablets that you need to take a week and a half-two. For the future it is necessary to take into account that in colder weather, is the need for warmer clothes, better to give preference to trousers and closed shoes.