Types and causes of back pain

Pain in the back — this is an inevitable phenomenon with which we meet in our life sooner or later. Even if you don't have a radio or sleepers loader, not a woman, carrying home a day a lot of a kilogram of handbags, there is a gardener, an amateur, working on the bed at their cottage on spring-field period, and the athlete is not a weight lifter — the pain can not be avoided still. You might just be surprised: as if sitting, without straining, all day at the computer, a lot of almost no, but at the end of the day she starts to cry the shoulders and creates discomfort in the neck, shoulder area and in the area of the blades. What's going on? So without any reasons, why your back hurts?

Back pain

Why back hurts and how to treat it

Shock-wave therapy — one of the most effective methods of back pain treatment of various origins. The main advantage of this technique is considered to be quick relief of pain syndrome. Just for 4-5 sessions you will be able to forget their problems. We offer you to familiarize, what is the treatment for lower back pain using shock wave therapy in medical institutions of Moscow.

Actually the causes of back pain a great many. And itself first of them — the anatomical. The core structure of many links, be in an upright position, very fragile: it is exposed as a longitudinal (pressure), so the cross load. Be strictly vertical, it can only able to voltage, this means that if by the end of his tie strings and pull them — rod will be a direct, and worth strings let go — adopt insecure, curved appearance.

Something similar to the recalls and the spine: he fulfills the role of the main shank of this wonderful bio-design — the human body and the role of bend the fibers by the muscles of the back. Imagine now that the site is bound next, and the body with all its internal organs, so the poor threads-your muscles need to withstand not only the weight of the spine-rod, but also the own weight of the entire body and in addition constantly.

Unconsciously you come to the conclusion that actually, the Creator of us conceived initially not Homo erectus, because of the "fee for bipedalism" shows some excessively large. Open any of the medical directory in the section "Diseases of the musculoskeletal system", to make sure.

The most common causes of back pain

However, the right to make a conclusion, about what is hurting your back, then you will certainly something that seriously ill, it's not worth it. More than 80% of back pain can occur regularly and for the following reasons:

  • the effort of the muscles due to physical load
  • a longer stay of the spine in the same position during sleep, sitting behind a computer, in transport, etc.
  • hypothermia back as a result of staying on the drafts, opposite the air conditioner, when leaving the hot room into the fresh cool air, cold bathing.
  • the old, previously acquired and poorly healed injuries (sprains, bruises)

Much less often the back hurts because of the really serious disease. What can be the causes? They are multi-faceted and are not always associated with spinal segments of the spine and the ensuing diseases.

It happens that the man is some kind of sick authority, and incur the pain, gives in the back, for example:

  • in diseased kidneys the pain gives to the lower back
  • during gynecological disease in women, the pain can give in the sciatica department
  • in the presence of the tumor, the pain can put on you, or any other part of the back

Therefore, before treatment of back pain previously, you need to install its real causes, therefore, perform a thorough diagnosis on the presence of other possible diseases.

Chronic pain in the back


Always have to highlight the presence of chronic pain, it is present almost always with breaks for remission. It is quite possible that its causes can be the following ailments:

  1. Osteochondrosis, which arose as a result of dystrophic changes in the tissue of the vertebrae disk
  2. Scoliosis — curvature, which leads to the displacement of the disc and injury to their nerve root
  3. Intervertebral hernia — with access from the disk to his core or spine (which is much worse) side of the spinal cord
  4. Spondilolistezom — image of the upper vertebra on the lower, due to deformation of the legs of the vertebrae, in consequence of which the spine becomes like a ladder with exposed stairs
  5. Bechterew (spondylitis) — an inflammation of the ligaments and joints, which leads to their immobility. Basically they suffer from men. The danger of this rare disease in its ongoing development — from the progressive capture of all divisions of the spine on the transition to the internal organs: lungs, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, organs of sight.
  6. Cancer — a tumor in the spine may be primary, but more often it occurs in the form of metastasis from other organs. The percentage of the total number of reasons around one percent.
  7. Infection of the spine — tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, syphilis and other diseases: as the causes of pain acts especially rare (about 0.01%)
  8. Compression fracture — the disease, unfortunately, relatively common (about 4%). In youth occurs mainly in athletes due to the unbearable load and injuries in old age — from-behind phenomena, that the vertebrae cease to resist to the own weight of the person.
  9. Muscle pain — chronic, because of the constant hypothermia, inflammation of muscle tissue

In all cases after the treatment of painful and inflammatory processes, it is necessary to proceed to treatment of the underlying disease that caused the pain.

Types of back pain: causes and treatment

The most important effective removal back pain:

  1. Physiotherapy (exercises in back pain)
  2. Laser MLS (already after the 2-th session of the pain goes)
  3. Hivamat (a unique procedure, the removal of the pain right away, but maybe like 2-3 times.)

According to the nature of the pain can be pre-determine the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Acute pain (lumbago) — may have the following causes:

  1. Complications of scoliosis — pinch points of the nerve due to the misalignment of the discs
  2. Osteohondroznye deformation of the vertebrae and squeezing the nerve root intervertebral hernia
  3. Spondilolistezom and other diseases
  4. Injuries and bruises, acquired as a result of downs In this case, you may need not only conservative, but surgical treatment.
  5. Diseases of the internal organs.

For the diagnosis a big role is played by the determination of the place in which the back hurts:

Sharp pain in the lower back can be due to reasons:

  • kidney stones
  • exacerbations of the bowel disease
  • inflammation of the ureter
  • rupture of the cyst in women and other diseases

Encircling the head, is a very serious signal, a recognition as possible of the disease:

  • pyelonephritis
  • the aggravation of pancreatitis
  • stones in the gallbladder
  • myocardial infarction
  • tearing of the esophagus
  • aneurysm of the lower department of the aorta, etc.

If the back hurts in the area of the blades, then it can mean:

  • neuro-muscular deafness and paralysis of the adjacent to the scapula the muscles, thereby developing the so-called "pterygoid" paddle
  • osteomyelitis developed after open injuries
  • benign tumors and malignant sarcoma of the scapula
  • myocardial infarction
  • aneurysm of the thoracic department of the aorta

Pain under the left scapula acute also quite disturbing, because it shows these diseases:

  • myocardial infarction
  • perforative gastric ulcer
  • neuralgia of the intercostal

Acute pain in upper back:

  • pneumothorax (penetration of the lung)
  • pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid in the light)
  • cancer of the lungs and bronchi
  • heart attack cholecystitis — when this pain is focused under the ribs on the right side, and epigastric pain, but the area of its impact, the breadth: the right turbines and the arm, the hand, the left part of the sternum
  • an attack of acute pancreatitis — the pain of giving under the left blade, in the area of the left side of the chest and heart

So impressive diagnostics says that there is only one: when your back hurts, acute pain, go, do not delay, to a physician — self-treatment is here inadmissible.

Acute pain (sciatica) — sharp dagger of pain of the lumbar-sacral department (sciatica), often gives in buttocks and legs, can be due to:

  • pinch the points of the sciatic nerve, whether in the osteochondrosis, hernia and displacement of the intervertebral disc, stenosis stenosis
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the result of hypothermia
  • spasm of the piriformis
  • infectious diseases and tumors
  • the late timing of pregnancy

Treatment of all acute pain due to progressive diseases of the spine, such as scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and other, and also their complications, should be carried out on the conventional scheme:

Initially it treatment treatment to remove acute pain and the inflammatory process:

  • intake of painkillers, non-steroidal or steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and muscle relaxant

Then of course is the ingestion of drugs, increases the functioning of the brain, nervous and circulatory system

After this, the immediate treatment of the underlying causes of pain — degenerative disc disease, hernia, spondylosis and other diseases:

  • the restoration of the destroyed bone tissue protectors
  • physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy

In the most severe cases, to remove the pinching resort to surgeries, but this happens rarely enough.

Drag back pain — most commonly in the lower back may cause the following reasons:

  1. Sciatica osteochondrosis, spondylosis and other pathology of the spine in the chronic phase
  2. Inflammation of the lumbar muscles (myositis)
  3. Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages), in women)
  4. A huge physical burden
  5. Long an inconvenient posture
  6. The old trauma, the most nagging "on the weather"
Herbal fees

In any case, the treatment of differentiated. Combine both medicinal and folk methods of treatment. For example:

  • pain in the muscles of the well to heal the dry heat, by wearing the belt from dog's wool
  • when adnexitis long used decoctions of the special multi-component herbal fees

Pain in athletes and because of the increase — may occur due to over-training, weight lifting, and sharp bends and předklonů hull, which produces a spasm of the muscles. In this case, the treatment is carried out simple exercises for relaxation and stretching the muscles:

  1. It is necessary to lie down on the couch on the side of the enclosed under the head and between the legs of the pillow
  2. Then lie down on the floor "in a ball" and at the same time, hugging her knees with his hands, pull to the chest
  3. Lying on its side, pull the legs in a right angle to the body and placed his hands on his head, tilted his head to the abdomen
  4. Then, while maintaining the lateral position, straighten and bend your upper leg at the knee, pulling her closer to his abdomen. Upper arm set-aside behind your back, and the bottom — under the head. Now try at the same time both shoulders and knee flexion feet touch the floor

The treatment can be supplemented after spending after exercise friction of gels and ointments, and also you can do massages, it is also perfectly relieves reduced muscles and pain to tame.

Summing up everything said, we can make the following conclusions:

  1. Treatment of acute pain should be carried out exclusively by a doctor from the moment of their creation. No need to put yourself a diagnosis.
  2. Seek help as soon as possible because of possible hazardous to health, maybe even life, reasons.
  3. Chronic pain, the nature of which you have already known, you can treat, and at home with the use of how and pharmaceutical, and folk remedies. However, the control of the doctor must still be, as well as marking them with special physiotherapy procedures, massage, exercise therapy and other treatments.

The health of you and let the pain in your life will be less!