Why do my muscles ache on your back and how to treat it

Almost every one of the occurrence of pain in the muscles of the back. It occurs both in the elderly and young people. Its emergence may be a harmless phenomenon, or to testify about it, that person develops a serious disease. Regardless of the reasons of the appeared, a man without exception would seem the doctor. Timely appeal to the specialist will help you more quickly get rid of the pain and stop the further spread of the disease.


Why do my muscles ache at the back

Spin — the huge part of the human body. She closes almost all the internal organs, muscles, joints, bones. And the emergence of pain in her should alert the person. Often discomfort they cause infectious and inflammatory processes, strain, excessive exercise. All of these factors lead to the fact that the muscles in this area are expanding or shrinking, the structure of the spine changes.

Feelings of pain in the back area as something to describe, it is very difficult. Their formation is related to the flow into the muscles of lactic acid. For her in person, appear swelling, pain of varying intensity.

Doctors note that the muscle pain of the back divided into several types:

  • weak,
  • sharp
  • severe pain.

Acute pain usually occurs due to the development of the inflammatory process, infectious diseases or in diseases of the internal organs.

Patients stands out for several groups of pain. Painful, in their opinion, it becomes:

  • regular;
  • permanent;
  • a one-off.

Causes of pain in the muscles of the back:

The development of the disease the muscles of the back: scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, rheumatism. All lead to the fact that muscles tired and causes the person discomfort. Due to illness the unpleasant feelings appear in трапециевидных and longitudinal muscles.

The development of the disease in the internal organs. For example, the pathology in the area of urogenital and cardiac systems, in the organs of respiration, in the stomach and liver, in the area of the shoulder blades, upper back and chest.

The spread of inflammatory processes. Frequent illnesses, поражающим the muscles of the back is миозит. Begins with the penetration into the body of the infection, connective and muscle tissue. For this reason a person appear purulent neoplasms. Миозит often stems from the fact that one вспотел and came out on draft. It often manifests as a complication of chronic forms of the disease, localized in the organs of respiration and the lungs. In addition, he will appear in the event of injuries and ушибах, the development of rheumatism, worms, disease in the CNS, a bad heredity. In the initial stage of the inflammation may pass on their own. However, if in later stages it is not treated, then the person may intensify the pain, dramatically increase the temperature of the body, the infection moves to other areas, there will be loss of muscle. In which in man appear unpleasant sensations in the muscles, but also their двигательная activity is disrupted.

The availability of mechanical damage, and various injuries of the muscles. Usually seen in athletes after heavy physical work. Due to excessive physical activity, often these people arise breaks, надрывы, inflammatory processes occur in the трапециевидных muscles, cramps and feelings of pain in the back.

The effort of the body and a sedentary way of life. In this case, the feelings of pain in humans can occur when a long time was in the неподвижном condition and produced some action. To the group of risk includes the administrative assistant. They are constantly in an uncomfortable position. Consequently, they often arise from muscle pain at work.

Often my muscles ache on my back after training for persons engaged in active sports. This includes citizens, often moving on ships and individuals with tents and рюкзаками. This is due to the fact that the muscles of the back as when you load strongly coincide, because what appears, mechanical trauma, arise pains in the muscles. Often mechanical injuries occur in children. This is due to the fact that their bones are characterized by the specific abilities of movement and orientation, and cannot assess my physical strength. For this reason, parents need to monitor their children to prevent a rupture of the ligaments.

The availability of human congenital diseases. For example, at a syndrome of short legs at the man's deformed spine, and arise from pathology in the intestine. Feelings of pain are an unpleasant character, and they appear regularly, but in connection with the fact that pathology is developing rapidly, it's a pain in humans are enhanced.

Conducted by massage or physiotherapy. Often, patients note that the pain in the muscles appeared after the procedure. May arise due to the fact that it is made poorly. For example, a man named relaxing treatments, and he had a stimulatory or точечное impact. Uncomfortable feelings may arise due to the fact that in the course of the proceedings appeared excessive muscle tension. Pain can occur when a person procedure was contraindicated, as it did, or didn't know about it, they do not. Often the pain will appear when the person develop a chronic illness. If by them he was carried out the procedure, then after 1-2 hours may occur pain in the back area. The availability of low qualifications among employees can lead to the formation of pain. Remember, that if massage is done properly, then the pain after him does not arise.

Other reasons causing pain in the muscles, is considered to be the development in man of the specific anatomical characters. For example, scoliosis leads to disruption of the symmetry of the spine, to плоскостопию, reduce the lower limb, the development of congenital asymmetry of the bones of the pelvis.

What to do when it hurts the muscles in your back

During the development of the disease the patient experiences not only the pain in the muscles of the back, but also the following pathology:

  • broken posture;
  • reduces mobility of joints and spine. For example, a person cannot fully straighten their backs, or turn towards the head;
  • decreases the overall sensitivity of the skin.

Doctors point out that the sore muscles of the back and spine can result in the development of in the human body of serious illness. Most often, to the development of degenerative disc disease. It affects about 85% of the population of the Country.

Osteochondrosis is striking:

  • vertebrae;
  • the intervertebral disc;
  • the spinal cord;
  • the trunks and roots of the spinal nerves;
  • the veins and arteries;
  • capillaries, ligaments and muscles.

In addition, osteochondrosis develops on the background:

  • спондилита;
  • disease ankylosing Spondylitis;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • scoliosis.

The dangers of degenerative disc disease in that it leads to the formation of degenerative lesions and destruction of bone tissue, intervertebral discs and articular cartilage.

The reasons for the development of degenerative disc disease are the following:

  • heredity;
  • eating the wrong foods;
  • overweight;
  • injuries may in the future lead to the development of serious diseases.
  • roots, soft tissue and muscles, blood vessels;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • excessive strain of the organism to physical work;
  • frequent stress.

The occurrence of pain in the left and right bottom of the blade says about the development of the hernia and nonalgia. Many patients put up with the appearance of them weak, ноющей, periodic pain in the area of the back, and consider it normal. But it is wrong. The important thing is to promptly contact a specialist and discover the cause of the pain.

Most feelings of pain in the back area appear in a clearly designated place. It can be:

  • Emergence of pain in the trapezius muscle. It is the most vulnerable, because of its fibers are going into the shoulders and directs their mobility. Usually, pain is the biggest and the latissimus dorsi at the arts workers and dancers, who often strongly напрягают. In addition, pain in this muscle may occur due to психоэмоциональных problems.
  • Pain the trapezius muscle arise even after the removal of the source of the disease and are accompanied by a headache. To this pain are typical the following symptoms: a person can not normally move the head, feelings of pain are related to the area of the shoulders and neck department. They are ugly, have a permanent character and can often put in the shoulder department.
  • The emergence of uncomfortable feelings at large in the muscle of the back. When the pain of this person is not able to actively move the neck and shoulders. Pain in this area can occur due to the fact that the person is not properly lifting heavy objects. This is due to the bias of the location of the scapula and the development of human сутулости.
  • If you experience pain in the muscles of the back on the left side, then it says about the development of degenerative disc disease. In them one often dizziness, disturbance of vision, appear unpleasant sensations in the upper extremities.
  • If it hurts the muscles in your back along the spine, something it says about the development of hernias and scoliosis. The sensations of pain arise as a result of this, the nerve roots are exposed to pressure, and part of the spine is changing its usual position.
  • The emergence of cervical degenerative disc disease is characterized by pressure on the veins and arteries, the pain appears seizures. She searing, and throbbing. Локализуется it in the back of the head or to another part of the head. Arise symptoms of oxygen starvation: dizziness, vomiting, appears migraine, rapidly declining vision, decreased sensitivity in the upper extremities and the shoulder girdle, there is shortness of breath, decreases the activity of the cervical spine. If there is a person at a mature age, then it can suddenly lose consciousness, and in the case that the disease passed into a chronic stage, then appears the stump and paralysis of the upper extremities.
  • The emergence of thoracic degenerative disc disease is characterized by the appearance of acute pain with lumbago, gradually declining. It локализуется in the area between the ribs, in лопатках and the upper part of the abdomen. The patient troubled by cough, there is com in neck, trouble in committing глотательных action. When наклонах, lifting the upper limbs — increases with pressure, and there are feelings of pain in the heart area.
  • The emergence of lumbar degenerative disc disease is characterized by the emergence of pain in the lumbar. The sudden of lumbago. My muscles ache in the lower back and legs. While this gives to the groin and hip. If the vertebrae срастаются, then it may be less, or even the abyss. When the patient experiences a feeling of numbness of the skin, stump and paralysis of the upper extremities. In men appear problems with a visit to the toilet. In women — is a disturbed menstrual cycle.
  • The emergence of pain in the muscles of the back on the right side of talks about the support: degenerative disc disease, sciatica, scoliosis, tb, and injuries of the spine, inflammation of the muscles. If a patient experiences pain in the muscles of the back, on the right side, then it can testify that in the body develops a disease, which violate the structure of the internal organs. It says about the development: appendicitis, peritonitis, pyelonephritis, inflammation of the pancreas, панкреонекроза, ulcers of the duodenum, formation of kidney stones, cholecystitis, heart attack, angina, pneumonia. If uncomfortable feelings occur in women, then it says about the development in them аднексита, эндометрита, fibroids and cysts.

Diagnosis of the disease

Muscle pain in the back, is treated by a doctor, невропатологом, the therapist who carried out an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Initially inspection of the patient and asked about his complaints.

Other methods of diagnosis that are used when identifying in humans the symptoms of the disease include:

  • Radiography — defines pathological phenomena, localized in the bone system.
  • MRI — diagnostics — evaluate the zone of lesion of muscle.
  • Needling — finds the parasitic lesions.
  • Using ECG can evaluate the work of the cardiac system.

The patient must give a blood sample and urine. With their help it is possible to determine the development of the inflammatory process in the body.


Treat muscle pain, back pain is possible in the following ways. All are aimed at removing the source of the pain:

  • Remove the sharp feelings of pain in the problem area of the patient to prescribe ointments and gels, which have an anesthetic. In this case, it is appropriate to ointment, in the composition of which included red peppers. In addition, it is possible to use the ointment, in the composition of which included the poison of the snake.
  • From myositis, it is necessary to use non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs. Next, the doctor may prescribe a remedy based on corticosteroids. Remember that their use of the path, and only in accordance with the input of the attending physician.
  • From herniation of the intervertebral disc are used muscle relaxants, which are able to quickly eliminate muscle cramps.
  • From parasites, which медикаментозные methods of treatment.
  • From гнойного myositis, the patient to prescribe antibiotics.


For addition, to prevent the occurrence of pain in the back, the patient is required to perform the following simple steps:

  • Maintain correct posture while walking and while sitting in a chair. For its imposition is necessary to stand up close to the wall and snuggle up to her backset and heels. This situation is the need to remember and maintain in everyday life.
  • If you need a long time to stand, then the doctors recommend every 10 minutes to change their situation, resist your body weight from one foot to the other.
  • In cases where you need to sit for a long time — it is necessary to shoot the muscle fatigue. Need to bend over backwards in the back, pull the arms up, forward, and deeply breathe. Furthermore, it is necessary to stand on socks, lift your hands up and well потянуться for them. These movements should be performed several times a day.
  • It is recommended to hang a long time on this horizontal bar.
  • Be mindful of what one eats. It is necessary to exclude fatty foods. It is better to consume foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • To dress for the weather, and avoid drafts and hypothermia.
  • Every day play sports.
  • Not lie long in bed. Shorter rest intervals исключат the probability of occurrence of muscle atrophy.