Pain in left side back under ribs, in the area of the lower back and kidneys, a lower waist

On them you will be able to determine their source. The main reasons are considered to be problems with the spleen, intestinal problems, and urinary system.

Possible causes of acute pain in the left side in the back

pain on the left side of the back

Pain in left side – a sign of heart disease. It is usually defined localization of painful cramps, if it is in the back on the left.

A symptom of such pains appear when such deviations, such as:

  • angina pectoris;
  • pericardial effusion;
  • myocardial infarction.

The last point makes itself know in the form of an acute and sharp pain in the chest area, while this spasm of deals in the blade and the left side of the fuselage. At this present moment as a cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea and lightheadedness condition. Upon the occurrence of two or more of these signals, immediately call a management coach ambulance.

Strong pain in the lower back and kidneys

Pain in the lower back pain occurs with inflammation of the left kidney. Considers this condition such as pyelonephritis. This manifests itself in the presence of infection. Pain is pain, and dull, but can sometimes be strong and sometimes acute. This kind of pain refers to the pathology in the ureter. Usually without treatment develops chronic pyelonephritis. The disease has a variety of symptoms, which greatly prevents a person to live a full life.

Initially develops a condition similar to dehydration, the temperature rises and does not go away without proper treatment. All this is accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting.
Pain in the lower back is constant, gives in the groin, gains in cold weather. The patient with acute pyelonephritis often visits the toilet, because the kidneys and bladder are in close proximity. The infection spreads to all areas in the area of the kidneys.

If there is painful urination, can not exclude the fact, inflammation of the urinary bladder. This type of pathology is called the urinary the disease. It is the formation of stones in the ducts and pelvis infection of the urinary channels. Basically the symptoms unnoticeable, but when the load and the shaking of the body, appears acute pain and vomiting. Are often observed impurities of blood in the urine. Cramps appear on the left side-view from both sides of the fuselage.

Higher restraint

Pain over the lower back occurs not only in people of advanced age, but even in young people. This is a common problem. In general, if the body of the report by this signal about some disease, it means that you need to see a doctor. But this is considering that only a few, the more at a young age. People will not think about the reason of such pain and take analgesics. In the future, the cramps are coming back.

Strands of aching pain over the lumbar area may be different, as for example:

  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • ulcer, appendicitis;
  • inflammation of the kidneys and the lungs;
  • problems with the digestive system.

Gnawing cramps from the back and put it under the blade, arise and when carrying the fetus. When the spasms sufficiently diverse and intense, to them it is hard to get used to.

Basically the pain that this format back back pain arises at an osteochondrosis, and after injuries of the spine. After suffering tuberculosis pain sensations also arise from the higher ridges.

When you inhale under the ribs

Disorders associated with the esophagus, rupture of the spleen, hernia, problems with the heart, the lungs and the pathology of muscle tissue – causes pulling pain under the ribs. There are three types of seizures that arise in the hypochondrium:

  • acute and severe pain. It arises spontaneously. In this case you need first aid, put out the dangerous for life. Usually as manifested by the difference of the spleen or pelvis. Such pain is impressive, and it's pretty dangerous to human life, in some cases, he says about the breakup of the authority;
  • dull pain, in length a long time. It says about the disease, which is chronic. Most likely deterioration due to purchased infection. Perhaps, in the diagnosis, we will focus on pancreatitis or gastritis;
  • boring and throbbing pain says about an inflammatory process. Called colitis and can occur if a patient with a strong cough. If it is accompanied by vomiting – is there a risk of developing peptic ulcer. If the feelings of pain arise often, it may signal the preinfarction state.

Aching pain below the belt

pain in the waist

The pain below the waist can range from dull to acute and ongoing. The most common causes – heavy physical work, uncomfortable posture in sitting or standing position for a longer period of time. There are many sources that cause pain below the waist, such as a herniated intervertebral disc, stenosis, spinal arthritis, spondilolistezom, fracture of the vertebrae, osteomyelitis and tumor of the spine.

While driving

When pain occurs during movement to the left, it is necessary to timely identify the source of the cramps. Their may be many. Correctly and quickly to a certain cause of the pain will help to assign the correct treatment. The main causes are diseases of the kidney and urinary system, diseases of the spleen, a painful process in the digestive system, problems with the spine and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Basically pain spasms while driving arise in the event of injuries of the spine and pathology of the urinary tract (stones in the kidneys). Sometimes the pain can be in one place and return in the crotch.

Gives step

Sometimes it is possible to observe the people who walk with a limp when walking and when it is evident, that to them it hurts to tread on the foot. This condition is caused by pain in the lower back, which gives on the foot. In the field of health care is this so-called sciatica. The signal of this plan the people are not regarded as serious, and not to go on consultation to the doctor. Even though it can talk about serious deviations in the body.

The cause is considered to be the nerve, which arose after the degenerative disc disease. The pain may be different (dull, aching, tearing and shooting). If you think that this disease overtook at home, then get rid of it will help the posture of the embryo. In such a situation, some part of the body is released and becomes significantly easier. How sad it may sound, but sciatica tends to come back in the form of relapse. Also from back pain, helps the applicator Kuznetsova.

Pulling pain down in pregnant women

Pregnant women do not always hatching fruit without pain. Have a sore area of the back and sometimes occur cramps in the lower abdomen. It is annoying, it's not terrible, but the highlight must. In any case, to ensure it is necessary to call a doctor or cause the coach of the ambulance. Call the doctor it is necessary, if the pain does not pass through the half-hour, growing stronger and appear blood discharge.

Stretches the pain can also signal a miscarriage, so linger with a tour of the doctor is not worth it. A little pain in the lower abdomen in pregnancy safe. It may just be stretching of the uterus. Its increase is pushing on other organs, hence the cramps.

Video about stupid, aching and acute pain in the side

If the pain in the side or rear in the lower back, it is worth it to determine the source of the pain as possible. Looking at the video, you will be able to find out the cause of convulsions and in time to see a doctor. In this video you can learn about useful methods, how to get rid of painful sensations in the side. Exercises, tips on proper nutrition and lifestyle– all of this you will see in our meaningful video.