Pain in the lower back on the right side: reasons, why it hurts the right side of the back, treatment

Pain in lower back on right side of back in women and men indicate problems in the spine or genitourinary system, kidney or intestines. So alone it is hardly possible to determine the exact causes of their occurrence. Much reasonable upon the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms seek help from a doctor.

pain in the right side of the back

To what doctors to go to?

When the feeling of discomfort in the back on the right in the lumbar, it is necessary to get to an appointment to a local therapist. He prescribe the necessary survey methods, and will also lead to a narrow specialist:

  • To a podiatrist, neurologist – to determine the diseases of the spine.
  • To the nephrologist – for problems with kidneys.
  • To the urologist — if there is a suspicion of violation of the rights of the urinary or reproductive systems.
  • To women advise to consult a gynecologist.

In addition to general clinical analysis of blood and urine, patient to allocate number of manipulations for finding the causes of pain in the right side in the area of the lower back.

  1. Biochemical analysis of blood.
  2. Analysis of urine on Nechiporenko, the daily dose of the sample.
  3. ULTRASONIC examination of organs of the abdominal cavity.
  4. Radiography.
  5. Computer or magnetic resonance imaging.

In any case, a certain method of diagnosis. Care must be taken on the recommendations of doctors to run the disease, in time to start treatment.

Characteristics of types and kinds of pain

In the question of definition, why there is pain in the back under the back, right and up, the important thing is its characteristics. The length of time, intensity, place of localization of pain note factors that cause her. The pain becomes:

  • Dumb and acute.
  • Cutting, piercing.
  • Searing, aching, pulling.
  • According to the place of occurrence – above and below the lower back.
  • Watched in one part of the body, or moves on to another location.
  • Regular and constant.
  • Intense and tolerable.

Painful associated with an unbalanced diet, physical tension or chronic disease. This causes a number of factors.

Why hurt the shoulders right?

The pain, the feeling of the man in the lumbar region, are considered to be characteristic manifestations of various diseases. The most frequently noted inflammatory processes developing in the human body. There is no need to exclude pathology of the skeletal-muscular skeleton, the nervous, digestive and other systems and organs of the body. Pain on the right side of the back is observed in people, regardless of sex, age, social and professional differences.

It is possible to identify several groups of diseases in which the patient feels pain in the back on the right side:

  • Nephrology pathology.
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts.
  • Pulmonary disease.
  • Disorders in the functioning of the organs of the digestive tract.
  • Gynecological diseases and pregnancy.
  • Diseases of the spine.
  • Injury.

Nephrology pathology

If it hurts your back in the lumbar to the right, it is necessary to check the condition of the kidneys. Very often changes in their work cause a similar reaction of the organism. In glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, chronic renal failure, urinary diseases likely to occur to the typical feelings of pain.

In addition to pain, a person concern:

  1. Swelling, especially in the morning.
  2. The color changes, density, specific weight and daily amount of urine.
  3. Red blood cells and protein in the urine.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. The increased rate of creatinine.
  6. Discomfort when urinating.
  7. The increase in the temperature of the body.

Diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts

If the pulling pain, which originated on the lower part of the abdomen, radiating in the back, leaving the lower part of the back to the right, then it has high probability that in humans are changes in the functionality of the gallbladder. Other symptoms are:

  • Bitterness in the mouth.
  • Increased gas in the abdomen.
  • The instability of the chair.

Upon the occurrence of stones in the gallbladder occurs to its conclusion, it develops hepatic colic. In this situation, it hurts, really hate the right side of the waist, the person needs to provide urgent medical treatment, and then surgery.

Pulmonary disease


Inflammation in the lungs and pleura often become the cause of back pain on the right or the left, from the side, where there is defeat. This is especially amplified when you inhale and cough.

In addition, in humans the temperature rises, there is a dry or expectorant cough, weakness. When listening to the lungs, the doctor can hear wheezing sounds.

If it is defined, the pleural effusion, the patient becomes easier in the supine position, on the sick side.

If it hurts the right hip from behind, then, perhaps, the reason lies in problems with intestinal problems. Pain arises along with flatulence, rumbling in the abdomen, disorders in the regularity of bowel movements. Most often has a direct correlation with ingestion of certain foods: rye bread, dairy products, fresh fruits, vegetables.

Gynecological diseases and pregnancy

If the pain in the lower back on the right side is observed in women, the causes of its occurrence may be associated with gynecological problems. Very often similar to symptoms noted in women at the time of fault cycle, as well as on existing disease of the ovaries, of the uterus: endometriosis, adnexitis, myoma, etc. in Addition to the painful feelings, they can annoy:

  1. Irregular, scanty or abundant menstruation.
  2. Vaginal discharge.
  3. An increase in temperature.

Pain in the lower back on the right side in women can occur in pregnancy, most commonly in the third trimester. The reason for this is the increased load on the spine and weakening of the abdominal muscles. The inconvenience increases during physical activity, sometimes even when walking. In this situation, the doctor recommends to limit the burden and more likely to use foods that contain calcium.

Diseases of the spine

In the event that, a person often hurts the shoulders and the right hand side, it is important to timely verify whether it is a disease of the spine: degenerative disc disease, lumbar spondylosis, intervertebral hernia and some other. As the most likely cause of the pain is in this case – the squeezing of the nerve endings or excessive muscle tension. Soreness can be observed how in a particular place and come down: on the right, is put in a legs, buttocks. Celebrate also the following symptoms:

  • Are altered reflexes.
  • My legs are numb.
  • Decreases sensitivity.

In osteochondrosis of the difficulties in performing the usual events, the pain moves in the groin, the back surface of the foot. Particularly intensively manifested after the physical exertion, a long search in one location, during a stressful situation.

The most common problem in people of advanced age. Although sometimes occurs even in young people. With the development of the pathology changes by themselves the joints. They become less elastic, cartilage fabric is thinner. The main conditions of the formation are considered to be congenital malformations of the vertebral pillar, his traumatic damage, but also need long-term stay in a sitting position, which are not appropriate to the physical burden. Patients note back pain on right side under ribs in back, radiates down the body. She repeatedly renewed, if the patient does not comply with the recommendations of doctors. Upon the occurrence of a heart attack can help reduce it, if stretch, warm up.

A sharp pain in the back right above the rest pierces the man at the same time. For example, when trying to lift something really heavy, or in the implementation of the tilt. If it gives on the feet, and this so strongly, that the patient is difficult to move, it is likely that her cause has become a lumbar sciatica. Help a person possible, provide him with complete rest and intake of anesthetic drugs.


If it hurts the shoulders to the right in the back, then it can be the result of injury. Damage to the spine, maybe as a result of:

  • Excessive tension of the muscles of the back.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Unfortunate fall.
  • Hitting.
  • Non-compliance with the techniques of implementation of gymnastic exercises.

In some cases, arises internal bleeding. During the external examination the doctor pay attention to swelling, hematoma. Necessarily prescribe xray studies. Pain when traumatic damage is often acute, unexpected.


Why your back hurts, for men

If you experience pain on the right side back pain in men, its causes can be of different nature.

  1. Inflammation in the testicles, caused by sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to the intense pain in the abdomen and lower back on the right side, observed in patients, increased body temperature, nausea.
  2. Benign and malignant neoplasms also may manifest pain responses.


Once a person will feel that he has scuffed the right side, and also the shoulders, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, go through the assigned diagnosis and then treat.

The treatment is usually named the therapeutic, removal alone painful. Further all depends on the underlying diagnosis, i.e. does not cure the pathology, which sparked a similar reaction of the organism.

In home conditions you can take some steps:

  1. To ensure peace of mind.
  2. Take analgesics for the relief of pain.
  3. Try to eliminate the precipitating factors.


For the prevention of pain in the right side of the back should be attentive to their health, follow the simple rules:

  • Give up bad habits.
  • Attention to posture.
  • Engage the available types of physical education.
  • Adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition.
  • Not supercool.
  • Sleeping on a hard bed.
  • Avoid overloading the back muscles.
  • In time pass the medical examination.

Do not forget that the causes of what causes pain in lower back on right side, it may serve a variety of factors. Alone can not determine exactly what exactly caused it. Not only that, it does not always work to determine where originally created: on his stomach, side or back. The most careful output – consult a specialist and undergo treatment.