Pain in the back gives in legs: causes, treatment, what to do

This problem also bears the name of sciatica. Many people are very easily applicable to such a problem, due to the fact that "maybe more and stop", in fact, this symptom is a cause for serious concern and immediate a visit to the doctor, if you are, of course, expensive your health.

pain in the back

If you are after exercise, or hypothermia intercepted a pain in the lower back, which "smacks of" step – not worth it to wait until the pain will pass by itself, it may or may not happen. But if the pain will take place – it is almost guaranteed that you will appear again in the form of relapses at every opportunity. So after tightening the solution to this problem.

Usually, the pain will appear suddenly, it may appear on one side of the lower back, immediately, or with two (but that rarely happens). Very soon, the pain shifting leg, its becomes hard to straighten, movements and loads cause severe pain. Stand on aching step becomes almost impossible, a person begins to love her, trying to protect himself from the pain. Looks like it's not too cute – foot is commonly located in a slightly bent condition, removed to the side or forward, torso slightly inclined.

Such a condition can continue almost indefinitely. Period ease will alternate with relapses, but get rid of the pain completely independently, using only "traditional" resources and recommendations from the internet is almost impossible. The simplest means of getting rid of pain for some time is the "posture of embryo", but it is needless to council, if the pain has surpassed you in a public place. At home you can just lie on the healthy side, clasp hands and push together the injured leg. While this is very desirable to take pain medication remedy.

But it is only a temporary measure, which can briefly stop the pain. If you got sick the shoulders to the right or to the left – this is an opportunity, immediately consult a doctor.

What is sciatica?

Under this term include pain syndrome in the lower back pain, in which pain "deals" on one or both legs. The cause of are almost always are increased physical stress or hypothermia. Character and localization of pain is unclear – the pain can be as strong, weak, and sore, it may be more expressed in the lower back and legs.

Manifests itself in lower back pain can vary in form, each of these forms has its own clinical manifestations:

  • muscle-tonic. In this case, is characterized by the emergence of spasm of the lumbar muscles, a sharp restriction of mobility in the lumbar spine, curvature of the spine (kyphosis, scoliosis, etc.);
  • vegetative-vascular. In this case, in parallel with the searing pain appear numbness, pain in the legs (in most cases – the feet. It may become cooler to the touch than healthy, it will look more than a little pale. For this form are characteristic also feel cold or heat. The cold can be caused by an increased tone of blood vessels. Also, when changing the position from horizontal to vertical occurs pain;

In this situation, you can also combine all three forms of sciatica. While it may take years, peaking will alternate remission, but the disease does not pass by itself. We have sciatica and a kind of "sister" - sciatica, which may also manifest itself in such situations. It is usually manifested by pain in the buttocks or the side, which can be put on the foot and lower leg.

The cause of the pain – radicular syndromes

With all the diversity of forms and the localization of the pain, the reason is almost always one – sciatica, have appeared in the result of degenerative disc disease. Often headaches in the lower back to prevent attacks of lumbago, lumbodynia and sciatica.

As has been said above, is the main cause of pain in the lumbar-sacral spine is a mechanical pressure on the nerve endings, have arisen in consequence of the prolapse of the intervertebral disc (herniated spine). In consequence, the blood circulation is disturbed in the affected department, develops inflammation, there is swelling.

When irritation of the root, have in consequence of the displacement of the intervertebral disc, the pain may occur of a different nature – dull, aching, cutting, tearing, shooting. Directly the occurrence of pain is usually preceded by an awkward movement, bruises to the back, lifting weights jerk, a sharp inclination or rotation of the torso (especially with a load), long-term work in an uncomfortable flexed posture, etc.

Usually pain occurs suddenly, first on one side of the lower part of the back (rarely – right from both sides), in some cases, pain may occur in the hip joint or buttocks. Over the short term (usually 5-7 days) low back pain refers to the foot, when it really prevents to straighten the affected limb. A person begins to instinctively "cherish" the injured limb, protects it from the load. For example, when walking a person will cease to tread on the whole foot as a whole, in consequence, appears claudication when walking, the affected leg is almost always remains in a bent state and is removed aside or forward – away from the main load.

The easiest way to get rid of the pain for a while, as we have said, is the "posture of embryo" - lying down on the healthy side, a draw to the belly of the injured leg. If the pain spreads to both legs, then the patient must lie on his back, pulls together the two bent legs. Turn over on your stomach, the person will not be able to – pain in this case to rise sharply.

Quite characteristic is also the dramatic rise of pain in absolutely every movement, whether it be walking, turning the torso, or just an attempt to get out of bed. Even a conversation, coughing or sneezing can contribute to an increase in pain. In some cases, the pain becomes so strong that it prevents a person to sleep. As a result, that person appears depressed state, may develop depression. This is the reason why often people who have problems with the spine, prescribe a reception at the psychologist.

Often painful, caused by compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord, accompanied by disturbances of sensitivity: increase or decrease pain sensitivity in the diseased leg may appear burning, numbness, contraction, cold weather, feeling crawling "chills" and so on

What is also very annoying – pain in the lumbar-sacral spine, gives the speed, almost always returns in the form of relapse. Unless, of course, was made to complete the treatment, but in this case, one should know certain rules and follow certain rules. The main cause of recurrence of active disease colds (ARI), hypothermia, severe physical load, and so sp

Means of first aid in such a situation it is virtually always is an effective analgesic medicine. But this is only a temporary cure, correctors pain, without the help of a doctor in such a situation can not do. Virtually certain that the doctor will prescribe a more serious treatment, which will include the adoption of special funds, limitation of activities, massage, curative gymnastics, etc.