Back pain: causes and treatments

Feet and hands can easily practice, perform daily charge. Spin the same remains virtually passive. If it starts to hurt, then let him go on the course of the disease is not possible. And people quite often turn to the doctors questions, what do you do when your back hurts.

pain in the back

Why are there back pain? This question should answer the physician who first assesses both an ailing back and gather the necessary tests, medical history. After the usual lifting bags or cleaning the house can catch the spin. In this situation, many get to the pharmacy, where they get a variety of gels and ointments. However, these funds rarely help, the cause of which becomes their non-drug applications.

Manufacturers just need to sell some product. If this tool does not apply to medicines, then no effect of this will be. Moreover, if the back pain is occurred due to serious diseases, then you need to treat the disease, and no feelings of pain.

Page introduces the reader with what feelings of pain in the back can be caused by various factors. Their sets doctor, even when feelings may publish only the pain:

  • Intervertebral hernia.
  • The defeat of the spine.
  • Stretching the muscles.
  • Diseases of the organs in the thoracic cavity.

Some of these factors require surgical treatment, others may be treated with various ointments and massages. It is necessary to contact the doctor, who will determine the nature of the pain and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Mainly to find the reasons that led to the emergence of pain in the back area. It is necessary to consider is here:

  1. Osteoporosis.
  2. Pleural effusion in acute or chronic form. It is accompanied by a pompous, fever, cough.
  3. Pyelonephritis, kidney stone disease and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Cancer metastasis in the spine.
  5. Intervertebral hernia.
  6. Osteochondrosis of the.

Among the most common causes of pain in the back are two opposing factors. The first of them is a sedentary lifestyle. The work of many people lies in the fact that it constantly sits. Some of the own free will spends his days in a reclining or sitting position. In any case, back pain may arise due to the unnatural load on the vocal cords and small joints.

Constantly be in the same position, experiencing a load of one department of the spine and muscles. Other groups of muscles and the vertebrae may be involved. If a person suddenly starts to move, the muscles start to hurt. A sedentary lifestyle also leads to various deformities in the spine, which appear later in the pain.

The second reason are the physical burdens. Many may wonder that sport or physical load influence on the emergence of back pain. In fact, if a person a longer time to practice, but suddenly begins to do a variety of physical transactions, then it is quite natural they are still in pain. The muscles need to train, and no sudden loading. Then the painful feelings will not.

Certainly, the movement – this is a useful work for the ligaments, vertebrae and spinal muscles. However, it is necessary to do the movement slight. No need to constantly sit in one place. Static provisions are disastrous for your back, as well as the excessive load. It is necessary to move slightly, so that it uses all the departments of the spine.

What to do if you have back pain?

Back pain occur with weakness of the muscles of the spine, various diseases, accidents and injuries, physical exertion and sudden movements. It is necessary to listen to your own body, you want to watch, when they begin to arise the feelings of pain. What to do if you feel that your back hurts?

  1. Give back vacation. Roughly speaking, it is necessary to comply with bed rest until the spin ceases to hurt. Here it is necessary to take a comfortable posture. It can be a posture of the embryo or put a pillow between the legs when the man himself is lying on his side. Get out of bed is prohibited.
  2. Take advantage of the orthopedic cast or strip. This way to help those who cannot lie still. The back is a must in this case maintain. The execution of the movement, yet it is necessary to move slowly, without sharpness, not to lift weights, not twist the spine, and for a long time do not stay in one position.
  3. To take the medication. Here you are offered painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs . Tablets are taken after meals, washed down with milk to avoid indigestion.

It is better if medications will be prescribed by a doctor. Here can prescribe medication:

  • To relieve muscle spasms.
  • The Anti-inflammatory.
  • Enriched with vitamins Stol.

For removal of acute pain can be used as ointments and gels.

The selection is pretty diverse, which allows you to choose exactly the medicine that really help in eliminating back pain. You need to realize that I need to quit and seek medical advice when these signs and symptoms:

  1. The pain persists even after the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 days.
  2. The legs appear sections with poor sensitivity.
  3. You cannot pick up a comfortable position in a sitting position.
  4. There have been problems with urination: delay or incontinence.
  5. Originated weakness in the legs.
  6. Increased body temperature to 38°C.

To avoid medical care is not necessary, because it can go on the diseases of the spine, which is not treated with simple ways.

Exercises for back pain


The back pain never tortured, it is necessary to continuously solve moderate exercise to strengthen the muscles of the spine. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then you need to do the exercises, if you allow your back to change the posture and to relax. Here will suit exercises for the back:

  • Within 5 seconds pull the shoulder blades on the back of a chair, then on 5 seconds rest.
  • Let down, and lift your shoulders a few times.
  • Take into account and act your shoulders several times.
  • Push the lower back on the back of a chair for 5 seconds, then the same time to rest.
  • 4 seconds to push on the back of a chair backset, then at the same time relax.

Such exercises will help you relax during the day. It is possible it is diluted with other exercises. The main thing is to commit before it appeared pain in the back. It is also possible to carry out together with colleagues at work, or household.

With a standing position possible to make such an exercise:

  • On the inhale lift your arms forward and up, then skip it and rest.
  • Hands hold on to the belt, so that a smooth sail forward and back, each time returning to the original position.
  • Hands placed on shoulders. On the inhale is back, exhale to join the elbows in front of chest.
  • Dynamically go to the place, holding hands on the belt.
  • Put your hands on the belt. Climb the socks, then smoothly fall down.
  • Hands to place to the side. On the inhale lift up, exhale out.

Good to combine exercise with sport to 2-3 times a week. Exercise should be mild to the load. It is necessary to be mindful of the feelings in the spine.

According to needs it is necessary to use the recommendation of a physician, who will prescribe a special complex of therapeutic exercises if back pain is already present and bring discomfort. In this case, the self-heal is a better solution to even more hurt.