Pain in the back between the shoulder blades: causes of the emergence and treatment of pain

And very rare is the pain between the shoulder blades, the reasons that most people are not aware of. Many believe that its just some "misunderstanding", which soon will pass by itself. And many then wonder, that faced with very serious diseases. The problem is that such pain is rarely very strong, in particular, therefore, that this separation of the spine sedentary. And people, usually, prefer to ignore it, and not go to the doctor. But the reasons that cause such pain syndrome is the most severe. So, what can serve the cause of such pain?

pain between the shoulder blades

The disease, which lead to pain between the shoulder blades

In the first place is, of course, the problems of the actual spine. The most common reasons in this case are:

  • kyphosis of the thoracic spine;
  • kyphoscoliosis;
  • the protrusion of the disc in the thoracic area of the spine;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • scoliosis;
  • spondiloartrozom;
  • shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

But the spine is not the only possible cause. The pain of this kind may also occur in diseases of other internal organs. So, very often the cause of such pain is coronary artery disease and angina pectoris. It is understandable that in such a disease attempts to cure the spine are useless, cause pain elsewhere.

Also painful between the shoulder blades can cause such a disease, such as serious diseases of the lungs and pleura, diseases of the liver and gallbladder (hepatitis, cholecystitis), peptic ulcer.

Separately it is worth mentioning, is such a reason, as a "professional disease". In this case, the problem is related to a specific work, or rather low mobility and sedentary jobs. In this case we meet with the weakening of the muscles and the ligaments of the back combined with the long tension of the muscles, which is located in the shoulder girdle. With this problem are often faced scribe, the operators PC, designers, seamstresses, drivers, etc.

Note that in general the separation of the thoracic spine is very sedentary, this is the reason why the different dystrophic processes in it are evolving relatively rarely. In other words, itself the backbone of the relatively rarely becomes the cause of these pains. Much more often it is the pain says about the problems of the internal organs, and the most common cause is spasm of the muscles, which are located in the interscapular area, as well as the problems of the tendons and ligaments.

When the pain is caused by problems of the tendons and ligaments, differ rupture of the feelings, which are not instantly disappear when changing body position. While by itself the pain tends to spread to virtually the entire spine, and in some cases gives in the region of the heart. For this reason it is sometimes problems arise with the determination of the exact localization of the pain.

The complexity of the diagnosis

As you can see, the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades, is very much, which greatly hampers diagnosis. To establish an accurate diagnosis, doctors often have to spend a lot of studies, which at first glance are not connected among themselves. For example, many do not understand, why after x-ray and magnetic resonance tomography of the them has to go for examination to the cardiologist and perform an electrocardiogram. And all because, that the physician should rule out all possible causes of the pain, focusing on the most serious of the potential – heart disease, osteochondrosis, hernia of intervertebral discs and so on

However, the reason for the pain most often lies precisely in the muscles, what doctors know, but they are simply bound to exclude all other possible diagnoses, especially if the intended treatment brings quick results.

Treatment of back pain between the shoulder blades

Of course, that the treatment of the pain is in this case fully determined by the received diagnosis, and therefore may be completely different. But because we have already solved, what is most often the reason is hidden in the muscles, let's understand exactly with this option.

In that case, when the source of the pain are the muscles, it is manifested by a feeling of burning sensation (burning pain) and the weight in the area between the shoulder blades. But enough to shuffle the shoulders, or a few times waving his arms and the pain depart, and then will not take place. Worse, when the pain of the "deals" in the region of the heart and after the change of the body does not immediately follows – these symptoms are characteristic of disease of the thoracic spine and the heart itself.

Zone risks

As we have already said, most of this disease suffer from people who either themselves lead a sedentary life, or is it a specific feature of their profession. In particular, the administrative staff, the operators PC, computer programmers, cashiers – everyone is forced to spend a lot of time in one position (back slightly bent, head down, working only the hands). As a result, begins to be broken posture, weak muscles and the ligaments of the back, appears the risk of developing scoliosis, which is (with regard to age) will no longer so easy to cure.

Symptomatic is also the fact that very often the various diseases of the spine develops right in people who lead a sedentary life. The only reason why the pain will be completely different – osteochondrosis, spondiloartrozom and so on, In this case a man and a priori have to undergo a long treatment. So remember the old adage, which says that movement is life.

What to do and how to treat?

Unfortunately, almost none of the above the disease, no cure just in the home folk remedies. Painkillers give only temporary and quite misleading effect, and it is, in fact, the treatment. And physiotherapy, which is the basis of treatment of many diseases of the spine (this is true even in the treatment of problems with muscles), are also prescribed by the doctor. Moreover, it is precisely the doctor should collect the exercises under the your specific case, otherwise the exercise therapy will be ineffective. So, in any case, a visit to the doctor need.

Probably you will be assigned a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a variety of physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise. However, exercise therapy is appointed only to decrease the pain syndrome.

Also worth a stop on a variety of physiotherapy procedures. This method of treatment is secondary, it includes electrophoresis, treatment with ultrasound, magnetic therapy, various kinds of electrotherapy, manual therapy, reflexology and spa treatment. These methods are rarely able to eliminate the very cause of the occurrence of the pain syndrome, but well remove alone the pain, eases the life of the patient.

So that upon the occurrence of the pain between the shoulder blades, you should immediately consult with a doctor. When you need a consultation of several experts – a trauma surgeon, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and a cardiologist. In the future you may need the help of a masseur and a chiropractor.

Pain prevention


The only and the most reliable prevention in this case is an active life style, lack of excessive loads, and harmful habits. It is necessary to maintain a certain physical activity, always keep an eye on posture, sleep in the right conditions and the right move. Yes, such prevention requires constant control behind and the way of your life, but it is much easier than to cure various diseases of the spine, the muscles and ligaments of the back.