Back hurts in the morning after sleeping and in the afternoon

During sleep a person fully recovers physical and mental strength. Complete rest makes the morning kind, and a new day full of new experiences and emotions. Back pain in the morning is not just to demolish the plans, but are a symptom of various serious diseases. The fact that the pain appears each morning – a reason to seek medical help. Although the morning pain in the back area are held during the day, you cannot ignore this problem.

back hurts

Causes of morning pain

The human spine is constantly in tension. Every day is subjected to physical stress of varying intensity. When damage to any components (bones, joints, muscles) appear discomfort and pain in the morning. There are plenty of reasons why back hurts after sleep. Some of them are easy to remove without medical intervention, for others it is necessary to undergo diagnosis and consult with your doctor.

Conditions sleep

Sleep gives the opportunity to relax all the systems and organs of man. Uncomfortable bed, mattresses are the main cause of the pain symptom in the morning. The bottom should keep the physiological condition of the back. Too soft or too hard a mattress causes incorrect posture during sleep, and therefore some of the muscles are on vacation, and therefore pain in the lower back in the morning.

In the presence of a properly organized bed, orthopedic mattress normal stiffness of the cause of pain back pain after sleeping becomes uncomfortable posture. It is useful to sleep on your back elevated and slightly curved legs. Posture, in which not oppressus even one muscle, the organs are at rest, no extra tension, helps to restore forces. In the absence of other causes of back pain after sleep appear.The effort

After a hard, intense physical stress, especially if it is unusual for the body, arise from back pain since this morning as a result of muscle tension. The tribe is accompanied by myositis. This reason is the most common. It does not require medical intervention, there is not a day, then passes on their own. To facilitate the state recommend the topical application of ointments, creams, forming pain. To such a state, does not recur, it is necessary to monitor the distribution of the load during the execution of the exercise. Why in the sleep strongly hurts your back, if not to overstrain. Often patients, leading a passive lifestyle, which have a sitting job muscles hurt from what is standing in one position. Why back hurts in the morning and afternoon? The muscles do not have time to rest and recuperate.

Disorders in the spine

If all the same conditions of sleep does not affect the wake and back pain in the morning is present, the reasons may be in disorders of the spine. Where to start looking for causes? For a complete diagnosis it is necessary to visit the trauma surgeon and a neurologist. After collecting the medical history the doctor will ask the likely diagnosis and recommend the examination. Most often, the reason lies in osteochondrosis.

The morning after the sleep will appear stiffness in the back muscles, throbbing pain in the spine. It is hard to switch from the horizontal position, so the patient troubled by unpleasant feelings. Osteochondrosis of the spine is fixed, inflexible. With every day need more time to tune into the working mood. The lumbar department more often becoming the subject of disease, but there are other possible options. At loss disease of the cervical spine is strongly back hurts between the shoulder blades. A characteristic feature of degenerative disc disease is pain in the slopes in any direction, fast fatigue, the desire to adopt the horizontal position. Acute pain occurs even with a small cough, the sick, the rotation can in each moment.


Disorders of the joints

Not only the backbone of the state cause of the fact that it hurts the shoulders after sleep. With age the cartilage is changing, disappearing fat, they rub and break down. Degenerative changes bring great discomfort, This disease is called osteoarthritis. Affects all the joints of the body, including the intervertebral discs. Complete recovery of the cartilage of the impossible. However, a quick manipulation to the doctor slows down the destruction, analgesics enhance the quality of life of the patient. Thanks to the medication a strong, sharp pain in the back in the morning I don't mind.Transferred trauma

A long time after undergoing spinal trauma back hurts in the morning. It is not a natural state, because trauma is a strong stress, even if no serious head injuries after a long time does not pass. Doctors are not always immediately notice the consequences of the injury. At the slightest suspicion seek medical help. To examination by a doctor to a patient are advised a sparing lifestyle, you can't lift weights, make sudden movements, sleep in the most advantageous position. It is prohibited to use drugs without a destination, engage in therapeutic gymnastics.

Diseases of the internal organs

The pain occurs not only when problems with the spine and the muscular skeleton. It signals about violations in the work of the internal organs. Often the pain is active in the process of falling asleep. The irradiation of pain prevents the determination of an accurate diagnosis. The patient has no idea why it hurts the shoulders in fact.

Inflammatory processes in the kidney giving pain in the lower back in the morning, as well as diseases of the liver and bile ducts. If after sleep back hurts in the area of the blades, there is reason to believe, inflammatory processes in the lungs (the bronchi of the upper), and in particular in the presence of a cough. Another possibility of the development of – the disorder in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Why every morning it hurts the shoulders in women? This is one of the symptoms of the disorder of the part of the reproductive system. The next day in the morning can bother the pain of a neurological character. For correct diagnosis it is important to consult an experienced physician, who will prescribe a comprehensive examination.

Pain during pregnancy

In the period of pregnancy in women often hurts your back after sleep. Her body is changing, is being rebuilt. Not worth it to worry, all will again recover after childbirth. Growing in the womb, the baby shifts the center of mass for expectant mothers, changing to walking, appears rapid fatigue, difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Most often in pregnant back hurts in the area of the lumbar.


Methods of diagnosis

If it hurts the shoulders in the morning, you must necessarily see a doctor, in the first row to the therapist. Raking history and attribute the primary methods of examination (urinalysis, and an overall analysis of the blood), the specialist will show the next direction for the diagnosis. If the indicators for analysis at rest, this means that no acute inflammatory process is carried out biochemistry of blood. For the detection of cardiovascular disease, they do an EKG. Research data help the bad diseases of the internal organs. In the absence of therapy of the disease the patient is directed to the traumatologist and a neurologist.

In the next phase of the study of the spine, the chest x ray will show its overall condition, the presence of intervertebral hernia, the processes of deformation of the cartilage. Unfortunately, not always this method is eloquent. Explores the only pain-articular apparatus. Not all changes are recorded on x-ray.

There is an alternative. Magnetic or computed tomography will reveal why the patient in the morning hurt my back. This method is most effective. Bones and joints are addressed from all angles, respectively, there is a great likelihood to find out the cause of the problem. For problems with the muscular actors covered by electromyography.

Methods of treatment

Depending on the findings of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a treatment. In severe cases, the patient is sent to the hospital. Most of the diseases, in which the back hurts in the lumbar spine, requires a domestic mode. If the back pain was just a symptom of clinical disease, specific treatment, on your back, the same are appointed by the painkillers. In cases of degenerative disc disease is necessary to carry out reflexology, massage. For effectiveness of treatment in injuries of the spine is named the complete rest, often is the patient allowed to remain in a horizontal position. In the subsequent, be a corset or belt.

It is known that the best treatment – is prevention. If a person is experiencing pain in the lower back pain after sleeping, you should avoid a surge, not to lift weights, not supercool. Active lifestyle, gymnastics, swimming positive effect on the condition of the back.