Why is the pain in the back and neck

We're pretty heard that the terrible back and neck pain caused by intervertebral hernia, and in the case that there is a strong painful, we go to the doctor in anticipation of a terrible judgment. However, myths about the imminent pain at the hernia exaggerated: a hernia is often not at all the cause of pain in the back and neck, although many older people on the slide is captured at the same time and a few 3-4 inch hernia. And where, therefore, arise strong feelings of pain in the back and neck even in young people?

Pain in the neck and back

Causes of pain in the back and neck

Back pain and the cervical spine occur most often due to spasms in the muscles and joint subluxations of the vertebrae. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of the muscles and joints is produced in the us is not good. The smallest of the hernia and eject immediately identified using CT and MRI, while subluxation and displacement of the vertebrae remain often unnoticed. Electromyography of the same, which allows to detect explicit different muscle tone, often not made at all.

How and why may experience abnormal muscle spasms or subluxation of the vertebrae? May be that is possible only for body builders or arise only after injury or bruising of the spine?

In it-and then that it can happen to absolutely everyone and almost unnoticed.

Muscle cramps can escalate during the whole of life and of themselves lead to offsets in the spine and sprains

Cramps in the muscles of the back and neck

The initiative to cramps in the muscles can be quite mundane things:

  • Constant uncomfortable tense body posture in the sitting position
  • The second reason is the sharp movements and excessive physical stress (applies in particular to the lovers separate repairs and a keen cottagers): spasm of the muscles of the thoracolumbar department back pain can occur as a result of wearing weights on the elongated front of each other hands, the pain and tension in the muscles, pain in the sacral area occurs as a result of attempts to lift heavy from a position of inclination
  • The third reason is muscle inflammation (myositis) due to elemental exposure. I guess everyone knows the lumbago in the field of neck or back pain, arising due to the deadly draught. Oddly enough, this occurs more often in the summer than in the winter period. The reason for this is incorrectly placed-acting conditioners with the invoice so the wrong temperature regime (with a too large difference between the outdoor and the set temperature)

Symptoms of pain in the neck and back

  1. Cervical myositis (this is sometimes called cervical sciatica) causes of lumbago, reaching for one side: from the back of the head through the ear to the shoulder and arms
  2. Lumbago in the thoracic region of the back because the ribs in the form of intercostal neuralgia. Localization in the left part of the chest, leads to the imitation of a heart attack
  3. Lumbar lumbago (lumbago) is due in the side. When inflammation of the same sciatic nerve arises an acute attack of pain, "sciatica", in which the pain travels from gluteal muscles and lower after the whole back of the thigh and the shin, literally, the soles of the feet
Pain in the neck

The mechanism of occurrence of pain in the muscles

Why is the pain syndrome, which appeared in the muscles, are often treated, is not easy, due to the fact that the first attack is able to get himself? And why do muscles ache?

The pain is so insidious phenomenon, which reminds the animal, which he woke up. Until it is dormant, everything is fine. But it is worth it to wake up, problems end.

If discovered muscle spasms in the back and neck affects passes through the muscles, nerves, then turns on the reflex movement of the head, reminiscent of a hell of boomerang:

  • Pinched nerve multiplied by a spasm of the muscles (it is their natural protection painful the reaction)
  • Re spasm of the muscles of the again irritating the nerve and it's all going in an endless range of

The pain simply can not recede from-for the standing reflex irritation.

Treatment of muscle pain in the back and neck

Contributes to the development of chronic pain syndrome and improper treatment:

  • Heat packs on the pain area, hot baths, grinding at first probably lead to relief, but then the swelling of the muscles of the back and neck even more increases and worsens the pain
  • The implementation of therapeutic gymnastics and even with the stretching exercises when the focus also can lead to deterioration, because of the reaction and without the tense muscles under the influence of the additional load can be unpredictable. In some cases, they can relax in the other — became even more strained
  • A similar reaction can occur and in the massage

Reduced the muscles are very hard to the touch, and in itself is very hard to bend-straighten, rotate on the neck, pick up and pay towards your hands.

Treatment of muscle spasms and acute pain should be focused on how possible the rapid removal of pain syndrome

For the assigned week of bed rest and held:

  1. Five-seven day course of pain relief drugs non-steroidal
  2. When large areas of pain are carried out novocaine or Lidocainum blockade
  3. The session of post-isometric relaxation — very effective static exercise for pain relief
  4. Manual therapy and acupuncture, provided it is carried out by qualified professionals
  5. Myofascial massage with the stimulation of the trigger (painful) points

Stimulate the activity of the point and area of pain is not always the same:

  • Hurts the shoulders, and the muscle placed much below, and not the back and front

The displacement of the joints and vertebrae of the back and neck

Offset (subluxation) of the joints of the vertebrae — it's not such a rare phenomenon. Cause it can:

  • Trauma of the spine, and even a common household fall, a blow, an unfortunate landing on the feet, etc.
  • A sharp tilt, rotation of the neck and torso with too great an angle
  • Permanent spasm, compressing the vertebrae

Diagnosis of displacement of the joints

If subluxation occurs after a fall or failure of the speakers, then diagnose it can be on the sudden onset and long not around the head. When shifting is to hear a crunching or clicking

  • The surprise factor from the left to the pain syndrome should alert the physician, because in osteochondrosis or hernia the pain is chronic and is present in over several years
  • If subluxation is happening through the fault of the muscle, then it diagnose more complicated, because the shift develops gradually and manifests itself with a gradual increase in pain and immobility

The displacement of the joints can and should give a clear clinical picture, with the exception of those cases when it happens on the transition sections:

  • These infant
  • Thoracolumbar
  • Pain sacral

In each department have their own specific other symptoms of displacement of the vertebrae:

In the cervical:

  • The pain and dizziness on the floor in unconscious state
  • Darkening, flies before the eyes, buzzing in the ears
  • The curvature of the neck
  • Weakness in hands, burning sensation and numbness in the fingers (syndrome of the neck-brachial plexus)

In infant:

  • Dagger pain between the shoulder blades, gives in the sternum and the area of the abdomen

Symptoms — frequent reason for hospitalization of patients with suspected myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer and even appendicitis.

Set, that chest pain is not due to the heart, easily enough: After taking validol or nitroglycerin heart attack pain does not pass

In the lumbar:

  • Sharp lumbago, gives to the thigh, lower abdomen and groinThat happens when subluxacee vertebrae in the upper department lower back pain with pinched patelofemorální nerve
  • Lumbago along the entire back of the legs, starting from the buttocks
  • Numbness, a feeling that is the driving legs or are taken awayAs a phenomenon talks about the interference of the sciatic nerve in the subluxacee vertebrae in the lower area of the lumbar back

The treatment of subluxation of the joints

The most optimal treatment of a dislocation of the vertebrae — it is his reduction, which is carried out with the help of osteopathy and manual therapy. Doesn't hurt, until the vertebrae must not stand on their original site

Unfortunately, the real sensible osteopaths and manual therapists, able to implement the relevant relocation of the vertebrae, very little.

  1. Initiation of treatment should be also mandatory cupping pain syndrome non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. Then it is desirable that the competent session of manual therapy
  3. Manual therapy — is not a separate method of treatment, and to its effects, a measure is needed to strengthen the sick area of the spine. This can be achieved, and at the same time strengthen the muscles and restore their balance by using:
    • All of this allows the strengthening of therapeutic physical education
    • Massage
    • Electro-myostimulation

Cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis

Over time, chronic cervical myositis leads to osteochondrosis, and he, unlike hernia, a very common cause of pain in the neck and quite a common phenomenon for quite young people.

  • Symptomatology of cervical degenerative disc disease contains and vegetovascular disorders, to headaches in the neck and below — in the shoulder-scapula region, arms, added to the symptoms of disorders of blood circulation
  • The pains are the same and muscle cramps in the Grado-lumbar region — something in the form of a burning sensation, then in the form of chronic aching pain alternating with a sense of, as we took the legs. Walking becomes a certainty: the man literally walks on bent

If in cervical osteochondrosis patients usually go to doctors with complaints that it is a headache, then when the lumbar the presumed cause is already much lower and complain already starting to "paralysis of the lower limbs".

Spasm of the muscles in the lumbar leads to a spasm and narrowing in the blood vessels, thereby worsening the blood supply to all organs, which lie under the problematic of the land, including the feet. Hence the feeling of numbness in the extremities

If pain in the back and neck, despite vigorous treatment, is not passed in during the week, is the basis to have a more serious disease: offset joints of the spine or a herniated disc.

Pain when intervertebral hernia

Finally, they approached the intervertebral hernia - the fountain of the most intense pain in the cervical and lumbar, and neck still and alone dangerous phenomenon, to remember the extraordinary role of the neck as the main "pipe" for the vertebral artery.

Painful when hernia and really is the excruciating and long lasting, as it is called a pinched spinal nerve. But this disease never appear on an empty place and it is always secondary

Usually, the pathology is preceded by:

  • Long dystrophic processes in the spine, such as for example osteochondrosis
  • Disorders of muscle function (the pain and cramps in certain groups of muscles)
  • Injury and illness

Why is the phrase "I have unexpectedly arisen hernia" is wrong, even if the output for the affected it is often a complete surprise. But even here it must be a coincidence of several external factors:

  • Lifting weights in an uncomfortable position
  • A sharp movement, "don't go there"
  • Fall on the feet or the coccyx, etc.

Education hernia is not always leads to pain:

  • The front of the hernia are directed toward the opposite spinal brain and never does not affect the nerve
  • Hernia Schmorl, which are so fond of the haunts of doctors, more often, completely asymptomatic, because when it occurs the vertical indentation of the hyaline cartilage or the intervertebral disc into the vertebral body. While it also is possible contact with the nerves

The danger they represent only the rear of the hernia

If the pain in the back and neck, thoroughly the diagnosis.

Very frequent are cases when a person the treatment of hernia, and in the picture it really is, but be the cause of pain can not, because of the lack of the main reason: compression of the nerve. Itself the location of the hernia excludes such a possibility

But for humans, back hurts, and it's just as hard cures "hernia", and even work with her. And causes of pain may in fact be the subluxation and lock the vertebrae or muscle spasms.