For a doctor to turn to when your back hurt.

This doctor carried out a preliminary diagnosis, then is directed to the desired specialist. The spine will be your problem, as regards the health of the actual spine. It is worth visiting the salon a neurologist, if they are followed for a pinched nerve, or the nerve tissue is irritated inflammatory process. May require a visit to a cardiologist or gastroenterologist, if it is the cause of the pain will be in the disorders of the functioning of the internal organs.

back pain

Medicine in the nowadays very complex. Initially it will be difficult to determine which doctor to go to. If it hurts your back and are present chronic disease, the first thing to tell about headaches contact your doctor. Various pathologies cause different pain. Can be expressed permanently or find seizures. The pain can be stabbing, cry, go to the legs, throbbing, pressure.

Chronic painful often caused by the unnecessary growth of bone tissue. At the same time the patient feels as numb and severely weakened legs. Apply the visit to the neurologist.

If the gnawing feeling, the cause may be muscle inflammation. These pain inadequately expressed, but for a long time will not disappear. The inflammatory process can be initiated hypothermia or excess voltage. Help you in the doctor's office the neurologist.

Radiating pain is talking about the possible pathologies of the respiratory, or the genitourinary system. In such cases, need the services of a pulmonologist or urologist. Prick and in those cases, when a person tore your back. These symptoms can talk about the hernia or the risk of its occurrence. Here you neurologist or spine.

But if the pain in the back appeared, and ideas, to what doctors to go, no, go to the general practitioner. He will tell you what tests to pass, what warehouse to go through. By examining the data and analyzed the symptomatology, the therapist decides which of the doctors you go.

The spine

This doctor specializes in the study of the spine and its pathologies. It will be the image, determines, within its competence the source of the pain and provide recommendations for treatment. Good doctors themselves have the skills of the masseur and chiropractor, dealing with plastic surgery of the spine.

All of these treatment methods will help you, if the back hurts, due to the fact that:

  • You sleep on a too soft or hard, bumpy bed;
  • Uncomfortable stacked during sleep;
  • You sleep on artificial bedding tissues;
  • Work hard physically;
  • Constantly sitting at the computer or work in the office.

To not seek a doctor, observe the following preventive recommendations:

  • Sleep only on beds of medium stiffness. Too hard and soft mattress and pillows slowly deform your spine. Afternoon maintain proper posture;
  • If you are the driver or an office worker, try not to often , to warm up and get up;
  • Do light unobtrusive shake. In these days it is precisely because of this most often hurts the back, in adult humans;
  • Sitting at a computer, it is true, pick up the table and chairs. The back of the chair should be high, so as not to create unnecessary tension in the back. Hands are better to constantly keep on the armrests. If you are on the weight, the vertebrae have an additional burden;
  • Get rid of excess pounds. Being overweight is not only heavily loads the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system system, creating the risk of degenerative disc disease and a hernia, but also interferes with the metabolic processes in the cartilage tissue;
  • Start exercise, swimming or gymnastics. People, engaged in physical therapy, supporting the muscles of his back in the standard. Is not carried out in this sports score. Cure their unpleasant consequences is sometimes difficult;
  • Lifting weights in the home, straighten the back. In the opposite case, the ripped spin assured.


Find a doctor is not always easy. If you ask the current therapist that the doctor treats the spine, the answer is likely to be a neurologist. In the scope of research is not included such a variety of therapeutic techniques that has a spine. But these doctors carry out the diagnosis and if you are a victim of sciatica, degenerative disc disease or hernia, the problem will be found and the treatment assigned.

A neurologist in a local clinic will be able to diagnose as a pathology of the skeleton, such as:

  • Sciatica (an inflammatory process of the spinal cord nerve);
  • Intervertebral hernia (the output of the intervertebral disc from a stable position and to its rupture);
  • Osteochondrosis (deformation of the disks and cartilage tissue);
  • Osteophytes (outgrowths of the excess bone on the vertebrae);
  • The inflammatory process in the area of the sciatic nerve;
  • Extrusion (first stage of development of a hernia).

It may seem that he has back problems, but in fact require treatment will be the authorities of the endocrine, or respiratory system. The reason can also be infections or tumors.

Other doctors


Urologist. If it is the source of back pain is not found the neurologist, and domestic methods of treatment for back pain do not help, contact your urologist. Your back pain may be a signal of kidney disease or other urological pathology.

Pulmonologist. Pain in the thoracic spine may be due to the fact that there is observed pathology of the lung. So that's the reason, the pulmonologist will reveal the presence of infectious disease, tuberculosis or pleurisy. Back stitching, back pain can talk about the inflammatory process.

Cardiologist. It may happen that the radiating pain in the thoracic region, which the patient connects with the back, are the result of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cardiologist to exclude the risk of myocardial infarction and ischemia of the heart.

Endocrinologist. This specialist will reveal the possible lack of calcium or calcium sharing. If there is a problem in poor supply of the organism with this substance may occur disturbances in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Rheumatologist. Surveys of the connective tissue and metabolic processes in it. Will be able to detect risk of developing arthritis or arthrosis, if there is.

Traumatologist. It is worth exploring and an old injury. Can give of yourself to know over many years. And maybe it turns out that the patient is ripped off your back, heavy with worked.

The gastroenterologist. Radiating pain can be the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers or gastritis of the stomach, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. Can be observed problems with the outlet of bile, inflammation of the pancreas, intestinal diseases. Gastroenterologist also exclude suspected appendicitis.

Oncologist. Authorities, deformation, manifested as pain in the back, can be a place of development of the neoplasms. Lumbago back pain can be malignant or benign tumor. Cancer of the disease is much better amenable to treatment in the early stages of development. Therefore, if the source of the pain, can not find another doctor, it is better to be safe.

Gynecologist. Hurts the shoulders and in many women at the time of menstruation. It can occur due to the fact that genetically the uterus is located a couple of years ago. Pain in the lower back may indicate ectopic pregnancy, and inflammation of the female reproductive system. Even a healthy pregnancy can become a cause of back pain.

Methods of diagnosis

Understand who to turn to, and which doctor deals with your problem, you may be required the results of the following studies:

  • Routine blood and urine tests help you find out without being observed, whether it is in the body inflammation;
  • X-rays, made from different angles, timely discover, no risk, whether the risk of developing a hernia;
  • Computed tomography will consider your injury, if you destroyed your back, or have experienced excessive tension;
  • MRI provides extensive and accurate picture, but to apply it not more often than once a month;
  • Ultrasonic method tells you about the condition of the cartilage and tendon, pointing to the dangers of oncology;