Stomach hurts gives in the back

Causes of pain in the kidneys, it is necessary to search in the first place, in the inflammatory, destructive, functional or congenital changes. Many patients in the cold season, are turning to the doctor with complaints of "sore kidneys". The causes of the disease and what to do in such a situation, learn with us!

Why stomach hurts and gets in the back?

Kidneys – paired organ of the excretory system of man. They are located on both sides of the spine, at the level of the eleventh infants and third lumbar vertebrae. This is a pretty serious organ of the human body, so the pain in the kidney area standing be sure to pay attention, consult a specialist and start the treatment only after you find the cause of the painful feelings.

Causes of pain lower abdomen

In what diseases of the kidneys can hurt the stomach and put on the back?

  1. Pyelonephritis – inflammation of kidney pelvis – may be a little pain, which has a punitive character in the side, rarely appears on the one hand, more often sick complain of pain on the left and right at the same time, but also to back pain in the kidney area.
  2. Oncology (cancer, malignant tumor) of the kidney, of course, along with other symptoms the patient feels pain in the projection of kidneys and back pain, Cancer of the kidney takes 2% of all malignant diseases of different localization. However and benign neoplasms in the kidney occur, for example, fibroids, adenoma, are accompanied by pain.
  3. Ptosis of the kidney (nephroptosis of the left kidney) is accompanied by pain in this area, especially when straining the back or when lifting heavy objects.
  4. Kidney stones disease is accompanied by pain in the back area, especially when driving or load. Pain have the following character – appear with the intensifying sensations of pain in the side on the left side and in the lower part of the abdomen, and when pressure, palpation of the kidneys also feel the pain.
  5. The accompanying symptoms of the disease – it is a high temperature, chills, nausea, vomiting, frequent urge to urinate.

Similar symptoms may be associated specifically with this body, diagnosis of kidney disease is quite complex. Often the pain in my abdomen and in my back and in diseases of the spleen, the colon. Therefore, it is mandatory to visit a doctor urologist then figure out the exact cause of the painful feelings.