Correct posture is with children: ensure good health

Correct posture — is key to good health. Unfortunately, people are not born already incurred posture. Above this is the need to work. And just in дошкольном age is best to start instilling good habits, and accustom children to a healthy lifestyle.

Always nice to watch a man who has straight shoulders, a straight back and an easy walk. As people are more sure of themselves. And vice versa. It is sad to see the passers-by, he stretched his back. And that's just the external factors. Bad posture leads to complications of the internal organs. Compromised respiratory and central nervous system, reduces lung volume and appear shortness of breath. Therefore, it is very important from childhood to pay attention on the formation of posture.

Posture: the basic concepts

Posture is the usual position in which rotation of an individual is in an upright position. In the first years of life in children formed the natural curves of the spine. At a time when the child goes to school, these curves are more clearly defined. Alone the spine is starting to take shape in the process of development and growth of the child.

Signs of correct posture:

  • the clavicles are at the same level;
  • when viewed from the rear, shoulder blades and the shoulders are arranged symmetrically;
  • the head, thighs, and torso in one line;
  • the abdomen is involved;
  • the legs have the same length.


In order to understand whether there are disturbances in the child, it is necessary to put it right. If the blades are heavily promoted, and your head and shoulders are tilted forward, take action.

Types of violations of posture:

  • slouch;
  • flat back;
  • view answers in a row (concave back;
  • round your back;
  • кругло concave back;
  • a bad posture.

One of the most common disorders in children, is a slouch. Children can't control himself, so when reading or playing games on the computer, my back is released and rounded shoulders to fall forward. This leads to сутулости. If time does not take measures, will increase the hump, the heart and lungs cease to work normally.

Defects round or кругло concave back, where it comes from still at an early age. Start to get up, walk and sit the baby should be in his time. It is in this age can start to form the defect. For him are the typical drooping shoulders, with a strong will to sag the spine and наклоненная forward head.

In children, the lag in development, or, conversely, high-growth, can be flat or show answers in a row (concave back. These children quickly get tired, poorly coping with different loads, complain about the headache. As usual, it is a violation of posture leads to the development of scoliosis.

Bad rotation is observed in children in дошкольном age. It is the first sign that, in violation of posture. Such a problem occurs, when the child little moves, it is not particularly developed muscles, overweight, too long sitting behind a desk.

Three degrees of disorders of posture

  • First: small changes in the violation of posture. Easy to fix using a willed effort. Most often occurs in preschoolers.
  • Second: the signs of the curvature of the posture becomes more. Some of the efforts for straightening the spine is not enough. If you have a baby by the armpits and lift, a violation of the устранятся. Posture can be corrected using a special recuperation of physical education.
  • Third: when it is a violation of posture is poorly accessible for a cure.

Factors that have an impact on the posture of children

  1. Proper nutrition. I'm sure the diet should include foods that contain vitamins C and D. It's salmon, mackerel, milk, eggs, currants, citrus fruits and legumes.
  2. The Absence or lack of physical exertion. In order to constantly maintain the posture of the body in the required form, is required a good physical preparation.
  3. Poorly selected and heavy school bags. It is better, if the weight of the ранца will be no more than 2 units Therefore still worth a watch, that the child carries with him. Get the right backpacks with orthopaedic backrest and comfortable wide straps.
  4. Incorrect posture. It is necessary to monitor children in schools in the implementation of the domestic work, when long sitting at a desk and especially at the computer. Regularly ask him about the right осанке. Necessarily make small breaks between long periods of the provisions of fits.
  5. The psychological state. The constant criticism, lack of understanding on the part of parents increase the self-esteem in children. Insecure children themselves more often сутулятся. Therefore, it is for the child very important the parental care and support.
  6. Mode of work and rest. It is important to observe the proportions between these exercises. Many parents try to ensure that the child has visited many parts and was constantly busy doing something else. Children need physical burden. But it is also necessary to rest
  7. The shape of the foot. Violations of the foot will certainly lead to changes of the spine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the station on flat feet.

Test: how to determine whether there are disorders of posture

Keep it simple. Give the baby to the wall so that the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels were firmly pressed on the side surfaces. If the posture is correct, then this position will not cause any difficulties. In case of violation, the child is quite hard it will be to cope with such a request. And even more to move away from the wall and stay in this position for a while.

Shape the the correct posture in children

  • Everything starts from birth. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the development of your child at an early age. Right in the childhood it is easier to create good habits and teach the child to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Constant двигательная activity. From small years приучайте your child to physical exercise. It can be cycling, skating and rollerblading. Play with him outdoor games: badminton, volleyball, football.
  • The rejection of faulty posture. When children are small, it is difficult for them to control. They do not attach special importance to it, sitting in what position, watch tv, or out to dinner. And in these moments, it is very important parental control.
  • Joint physical preparation. For this to take in a child from childhood formed the correct posture, great importance have закаливание and exercises that increase the overall tone of the body. Swimming and healthy sleep helps to restore the nervous system.
  • Check for flat feet. The selection of proper and comfortable shoes will help the child maintain the correct posture during movements.
  • Child's bed should be firm, preferably with an orthopedic mattress.
  • Exercises leading to the development of correct posture — a complex of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, the shoulder girdle, the abdominal muscles, development of flexibility and joint mobility, exercises the respiratory system.

Exercises for a correct posture

  • Unloading of the spine. Twice a day lie on a hard surface. Enough to 15 minutes for every occasion.
  • Horizontal bar. Hang in calm state on the horizontal bar. On time: on how many will be enough power.
  • Direct spin. We get up to the wall, firmly прижав head, buttocks and heels. Отходим from the wall, присядем and we wake up to the fact that the correct position.
  • "The swallow". Feet together, hands omit. When отводе one foot backward, hands разводим in hand. We stand for half a minute. Then change legs.
  • Walk around the room. We go, alternating between different options: on the tips of the toes, on the heel, on the outer edges of the feet.

Games for the prevention of violations of posture

  • The game with the ball. It is aimed at strengthening the shoulder girdle and correct posture. You need to get into the basket ball, кидая his two hands, because of the head.
  • Game with a rope. For the development of balance and strengthen muscles. On the floor, put the rope and the kids go after her, as the rope. When it is necessary to try to go with a straight back, arms relax in his hands.
  • A game with a toy. It is well strengthens back muscles, helps maintain balance. The child leans forward, the back gave him his soft toy. It should convey to wear to a particular places. When the movement of the head can not be omitted and back, you need to have exactly.

Means of rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process of the children is quite long and consists of physical, medical and psychological care.

Therapeutic physical education

One of the main methods of treatment in disorders of posture is regarded as a therapeutic exercise (LTV). It is aimed to increase physical fitness, strengthen muscle tissue, development of coordination, ability to control your body. A special set of exercises, with regard to the development of your baby, help you choose an expert.


Fundamental method of treatment is massage. It is placed at each change of posture, is aimed at muscle strengthening, reduction of painful feelings and tensions. The right kind of massage will select the specialist after examination.



Hydrokinesotherapy or aqua gymnastics — this is a useful and the right kind of rehabilitation, that they love children. In the water, is the exercise easier. All movements are carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Calculated with different degrees of disturbance of posture, therefore, is a persecution complex is set individually. The method is not медикаментозным. However, in combination with gymnastics gives excellent results.


In this type of treatment it is necessary to choose the most suitable the climate is for your child. It is useful to perform medical procedures on fresh air — air baths, swimming, sunbathing. When choosing a resort better to consult with a doctor who is well versed in the geographical климатах.

Mud treatment

Pelotherapy — mud treatment, the easiest and most effective way in the treatment of the spine. Useful microorganisms, which are part of medicinal mud treatments have a relaxing, soothing and analgesic effects on the body. However, due to the fact that in children under-developed immunity, there are contraindications for therapy. And it is important to follow the recommendations of a pediatrician.


Balneotherapy — this is the composition of the different treatments for health, which uses sweet, sea or salt water. In disorders of posture is useful douches. The water pressure, composition, temperature — all this together strengthens the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system, the muscular system, promotes joint mobility.

Hardware physiotherapy

The device for physiotherapy — it is a device that provide a health impact on the child through an electric current, laser radiation, heat, magnetic field, etc. Electrophoresis helps the medicines to penetrate deeper into the skin, elimination of painful sensations. In combination with other procedures, this therapy increases the effectiveness of treatment.


An important role in our life plays a proper posture. It is necessary from an early age to pay attention to the physical activity of the child. Correct the effects of improper education, it is always more difficult than to learn from childhood useful habits. Payment attention to the most various factors: sitting, standing and moving with your toddler. Help him grow a successful and healthy person.