Back pain on the left: causes, diagnosis and treatment

What do you do when your back hurts, on the bottom left? Clearly this question can not be answered, if not pre-determine the nature of the pain and its causes. According to the nature of the pain can be acute, labor pains, or, on the contrary, the constant, monotonous, aching. By itself pain is a negative character, she brings the physical and moral suffering of the patient, deteriorating the quality of his life.

pain in the back left


But in many cases this pain says about far advanced pathological process, which is not the medicine one tablet analgin or Grandma's herbs. Is the need for complex therapy, and in some situations can need a surgical intervention. Most often the pain in the back on the left accompanies the disease and pathological processes such as:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system with the defeat of the spine (osteochondrosis with a shift of the intervertebral disc, curvature of the spine, specific lesions of the spine tumor, tb).
  • Kidney disease with the formation of kidney stones in the pelvis
  • Heart disease – angina pectoris, myocardial infarction
  • Lesions of the lungs and pleura – pleuropneumonia
  • Myositis
  • Diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity
  • Pregnancy

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system

Pain in the back on the left can interfere with the diseases of the spine, and this category of disease is the most common their cause. The point is, that some causes (overweight, weak immunity) can lead to metabolic disorders, dystrophy and thinning of the intervertebral disc. Such a disk is during physical exertion (sudden movements, lifting weights) is shifted in one direction or another, in this case to the left. Happening pinching and reactive inflammation of the who in the left rear of the sensitive roots of the spinal nerves, appear characteristic of left lumbar pain.

Exactly so violates and inflamed nerves in the curvature of the side (scoliosis) in the lumbar spine. The reason for this can be still the same osteochondrosis, constantly maintained poor posture. In the cancer process with localization in the lower back to the left to sprout a tumor and break down, with all the traveling muscles, bones, cartilage, nerves. For this condition is a typical severe pain, which can remove the only drug analgesics.

Quite a tangible pain bothers the patient in the left lumbar myositis. As on the right, on the left side in the lower part of the back there is a large amount of muscle. Under the influence of adverse factors (overcooling, physical stress) in these muscles, develops the inflammatory process. This process gives a strong pain surging in breathing, cough, change in body position.

Diseases of the internal organs

treatment of back pain

On the left lumbar region is projected the left kidney. Therefore, disease of this organ, as usual, give pain in the lower back on the left. The pain can be sharp and sudden, as during failure of the colic, or, on the contrary, dull and aching in chronic renal pathology. Kidney painful so similar to him even in diseases of the spine, that without special diagnostic research these conditions easy to confuse and take one disease for another. A characteristic feature of renal disease is the so-called symptom Pasternatskogo – amplification of pain during effleurage (not strong!) in the projection of kidneys. The truth is, that without laboratory analysis of the urine the reliability of this feature is poor.

Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction most often accompanied by pain behind the breastbone. But when damage to the rear separation of the heart muscle character of the pain syndrome is changing – it hurts my back, under left scapula, gives to the left arm, in the lower part of the back, in the lower jaw. The pain is accompanied by fear of death and can be so strong, that for its download may take narcotic drugs (of course, on the walls of the hospital).

When inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), it may happen pleura in its lower parts. Inflamed pleuraflax surfaces rub together during breathing, and gives lumbar pain from that side or the other. The pain gets stronger, the temperature rises, if it is in the pleural cavity will be liquid.

Various diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity, in addition to pain in the abdomen can put left pain in the lower back. In acute pathology, which requires immediate surgery (peritonitis, bowel obstruction), pain is severe and is accompanied by muscle tension in the abdominal wall. During long slow processes in the liver, the pancreas, the stomach, the patient tormented by an agonizing chronic pain. Not intense, but due to their permanent nature, the patient is experiencing discomfort.

The pregnancy is not yet fade discussion – what is it a disease or a normal condition? One way or another, but the pregnancy of the fetus leads to a shift of all physiological processes in the body and to the emergence of various pain, in including and on the left side in the lower back. In this case, the pain is caused by a number of factors – an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, displacement of internal organs and the compression of the pregnant uterus, further increasing the burden on the spine the weight of the fetus. If the pain gets worse and it is noted bleeding from the genital organs, then it is likely that he developed a life-threatening the mother and fetus complications. Should be in the emergency order on the clinic contact the hospital.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the left side of the lower part of the back is carried out by several experts – a therapist, neurologist, doctor of ULTRASONIC examination, and if necessary – gynecologist, a surgeon, a trauma surgeon. First, it determines the age and the character to the left the pain – a burning, pain, stretches, gives-does not give in other parts of the body. On the basis of specific symptoms already during the tour can be considered to have pathology of the spine or internal organs.

But without a laboratory analysis can not do. In the treatment device pulling on the general analysis of blood, urine. Have recently become a popular laboratory blood tests for markers of certain diseases. The necessary registration of the ecg for confirmation or exclusion of diseases of the heart. If necessary, spend more advanced diagnostic – chest x-rays, ULTRASOUND, ct.

For the treatment of left lumbar pain uniform recommendations exist. Currently, for combating this and other pains of the pharmacovigilance industry developed an arsenal of relevant drugs, analgesics. But analgesics are not always able to solve the problem of how these funds remove the pain, but do not eliminate its cause. In addition, prior to the medical inspection of analgesia is not desirable because it distorts the clinical picture and makes it difficult to diagnose.

diagnosis of pain in the back

For this reason, with caution it is necessary to use the means of folk medicine. Must be used only in conjunction with pharmaceutical remedies. In diseases of the spine a great result give physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, massage, manual therapy. But these treatments are completely unacceptable in tuberculosis, tumors, pregnancy, some diseases of the skin and pathology of the cardiovascular system. During the treatment of left lumbar pain, as well as any other, it is necessary strictly individual approach. And implement it can be only in a medical facility.