Back pain right: causes, treatment

Each person may meet with uncomprehending pain in the right side of the back just above the lower back. There's lots of reasons. And it is very important to correctly set the symptomatology and the origin of the pain, to properly approach the issue of treatment. It is necessary, therefore, that back pain on the right side may be indicative of disease of the spine or a violation of the functioning of the internal organs.

pain in the back on the right side

In this regard, doctors recommend to pay attention to the localization and character of pain on the right side of the back and in a timely manner consult with experts on the issue of treatment.

Possible causes of pain in the back, a higher armrest on the right

In most cases back pain on the right side of talks about a possible surge of the muscles of the back in the place of localization of pain, the ability, due to the sedentary way of life. It is characteristic that they are usually for pupils, students and people, spend a long time in an unchanging position.

Painful sensations in the right part of the back higher passport can often be a manifestation of such diseases of the spine:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • radiculitis;
  • scoliosis;
  • the availability of the intervertebral hernia in the lower part of the thoracic department;
  • injury to the spine;
  • inflammation of the muscle fibers that support the spine;
  • tuberculosis of the spine.

Also at occurrence of painful sensations in the right side of the back can affect diseases and functional disorders of the internal organs, most of which can testify about the dangerous for the life of the patient, the condition and require immediate hospitalization and surgical intervention!

Such pathologies include:

  1. appendicitis;
  2. peritonitis;
  3. pyelonephritis;
  4. pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis;
  5. ulcer, duodenal ulcer;
  6. the presence of stones in the kidneys, their output;
  7. cholecystitis;
  8. heart disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, etc.);
  9. pneumonia;
  10. inflammation of the pleura.

In women are back pain may be caused by gynaecological problems:

  • adnexitis (the inflammatory process appendages);
  • endometritis (inflammation of the membranes of the uterus);
  • the availability of fibroids and cysts.

Pregnant women may complain of pain in the back part of the back on the right side.

However, for them it is a natural process: in connection with the increase in the weight of the fetus increases the load on the spine, which can lead to painful feelings. But it should be noted that pregnant women (especially located in the early stages) not easily relate to the emergence of pain in the back, because in some cases, painful sensations can be a symptom of threatened abortion or premature birth.

The nature of the pain and diagnosis

Feelings of pain in the back area on the right side can be different not only because of their occurrence, but also according to nature.

Back pain on the right side can be:

  • cramps – as a rule, the character of the painful feelings caused by sharp contractions of the muscles in hollow organs of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis (urinary bladder, the ureters, the intestines, the uterus, fallopian tubes);
  • permanent;
  • growing;
  • sharp (evidenced by the defeat of the internal organs, possible internal bleeding, tears, and so on);
  • in the form of lumbago;
  • sore;
  • blunt;
  • stretches;
  • shocks;
  • transitional.

According to the nature and localization of the painful sensations can give you a preliminary diagnosis.

the causes of back pain
  • So, a sharp, acute pain in the back on the right side, is often indicative of diseases of the internal organs.
  • Drag, gnawing pain may be indicative of urinary diseases of the kidney.
  • In women who have gynecological problems, back pain on the right side down more often cramping in nature.
  • The character of the pain in the form of lumbago own disease of the spine.

The pain may be transient and lengthy. Short-term and severe pain talking about the acute course of the disease, long-lasting and dull feelings of pain mean that the disease has started a chronic character.

So as the reasons why pain may occur in the back on the right side, a large amount, then a visit to a few doctors: therapist, neurologist, nephrologist. Women need to consult further with a gynecologist, men, with a male doctor. The experts will conduct analysis of the medical history and symptomatology, to clarify the complaint to, if necessary, to the next medical examination:

  • tests;
  • ultrasound - an ULTRASOUND;
  • computed tomography - CT;
  • x-ray examination;
  • magnetic resonance imaging - MRI.

Only on the basis of the results of the appointed studies, the doctor may give an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Treatment, of course, will vary when different diagnoses. The only similarity is in the treatment – the appointment of painkillers, drugs for alleviating the pain symptom.

Methods of treatment and prevention

Methods of treatment depend on accurate diagnosis, the nature of painful feelings, their duration. However, the issue of the basic items that are typical for the treatment of pain in the back area on the right side, regardless of the cause:

  • withdrawals pain symptom;
  • removal of the inflammatory process;
  • removal of the main causes of the pain (it is, as a rule, is an essential step in the treatment);
  • prevention of relapse of the disease.

Depending on the specific disease in which can cause pain in the back on the right side, selects and treatment methods:

  • medical (pills, injections);
  • physiotherapy;
  • operative intervention.

Deserves special attention and joint preventive action:

  • limit the load on the spine;
  • direct possession of the body;
  • comfortable posture during sleep;
  • timely examination of internal organs, consultation with experts, if necessary;
  • proper nutrition;
  • avoidance of hypothermia, stress, falls, injuries;
  • gymnastics;
  • swimming;
  • hardening.

So, the pain localized in the right side of the back of a higher waist, may vary according to the nature and duration of, have quite different causes and consequences.

diagnosis and treatment

Pain in right side back pain can be a symptom of serious diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, it is very important to self-medicate, and at the slightest illness to seek the advice of qualified professionals. After completing all the necessary surveys and the intended treatment, it is important to follow the recommendations of doctors, in order to avoid relapse.