Back pain: causes and symptoms. Who to turn to for help?

Good day, dear readers! Who of us unfamiliar with back pain? Such discomfort at least once experienced wearing every. Sometimes the cause of back pain is physical fatigue, and sometimes – severe disease. And in the second case, there is pain and discomfort settle in the body permanently, exterat and adds considerable discomfort.

Let us go with you we will learn to define, why your back hurts, and how hard it is to arose the pain, to be able to timely consult with the correct specialist until the problem escalates to a serious illness.

start to hurt your back

During physical fatigue, everything is clear: in the winter, leaving the snow, in the summer they worked in the garden in a pose "SIC" — pain around the lower back is ensured, in particular with the habit. Here the treatment is simple – a complete rest. Another thing is, when the pain in his back was created seemingly for no apparent reason. Then it is quite possible that we will focus on the disease.

Symptoms and causes of back pain. Who to turn to for help?


The main symptom of this disease is called sore pain in the back, which is attended by distress in the spinal column, a feeling of discomfort. Later there is a feeling of numbness in the site of damage to the spine, the movements are limited, and the pain is able to be stronger when lifting weights, when a person sneezes, coughs, or makes any sudden movement. "Rapiente", a sharp and strong pain arises due to compression of the nerve roots discs of the spine. One can feel the pain from several minutes to several days. If osteochondrosis struck the department of the thoracic spine, the man starts to hurt heart, because of what is often wrong in determining the causes, the suspicion is not osteochondrosis, such disease, such as angina pectoris.

When pain due to degenerative disc disease passes on a permanent basis, it becomes chronic, the person is constantly experiencing fatigue, he all the time wants to lie down to rest, it can not long sit or stand.

Of the four people, the feeling of pain in the back, three are due to degenerative disc disease. With age, our spine wears out more, so half the world's population over the age of 30-years of ill data disease!

If your suspicion fell on osteochondrosis, your task is to go for a consultation just a neurologist. You will slide, it will recommend a complex of vitamins, adjust your diet and recommend exercise medical gymnastics. Already today, in your power plan and make a trip to the pool, because swimming – a great activity for maintaining the back in the form.

Intervertebral hernia

intervertebral hernia

When the disease is still at an early stage, in the back creates a dull pain in the slopes with a reversal of direction, when you sneeze, cough or lift heavy objects. It is likely the occurrence of feelings of weakness in one of the lower limbs. With another shift of disk is the pain dull, sharp, in some cases it gives the legs, buttocks, or thighs. Because of the pain when a hernia in the muscles creates a tension, which impairs mobility. Due to the fact that the pain can be normally straighten, it is not surprising that the posture of the patient is disturbed.

As usual, intervertebral hernia occur in people over forty years old, and this problem is not rare. If there is an injury, then a hernia can form up to 40-ka. The person gets older, the more they "settle" his spine – the vertebrae - closer to each other, drives simulat and begin to operate outside of the spine. Each department of the spine may be surprised, hernia, how and osteochondrosis.

If you think that you have yourself the emergence of a hernia, you'll need to turn to a podiatrist or neurologist. The most effective method of diagnosis, intervertebral hernias considered to be ct. Traditional methods of treatment of hernia – is surgery, although this is not always justified.

Back pain in the spine, in some situations, it may be a sign of a compression fracture, which is possible in older people, which is more than 60 years, this happens because of the increased fragility of the bones.

In rare cases it is possible, the emergence of pain as a consequence of the emergence of a tumor of the spine.

Intercostal neuralgia

Pain occur in the area of the ribs – from the side or in the back, as well as in the lower back and shoulder blades. Feelings of pain can be aching either be acute, burning, or dull, that may occur from time to time, and may be present for the whole time. If the pain is strong, is often perceived as Rapiente in the heart.

To data symptoms are added the further and skin redness or pallor, excessive sweating, feeling the twitching of certain muscles.

When intercostal neuralgia occurs of irritation, pinching, squeezing intercostal nerves. In that place, where the strangulated and damaged nerves, a person can feel numbness of the skin sheets.

Recognize this disease is not simple, because it is able to impersonate any other disease, because your task is to consult with a therapist and in detail to tell their symptoms. You will be assigned a study to help determine the diagnosis, as the same treatment of intercostal neuralgia prescribe ointments, removal of pain, b vitamins, nulla, physiotherapy...

Kidney disease

Gnawing pain usually attend disease of the kidneys. During physical exertion, when a person stands or sits – in these situations, pain may occur, but if you lie down, the pain "lets go". Of course, that the headaches in the back are added, and other symptoms of kidney disease: high fever, frequent urge to urinate, dark color urine, pain in the abdomen.

Problems in the kidney may give pain not only back pain, but also in the thoracic region, how would this may seem surprising. The point is that these feelings may cause sand or stones in the kidney, infection, inflammatory process, and "wandering kidney" (yes, she still says "omit the kidney" — a disease nephroptosis, characterized by a shift of the kidney from their place).

back hurts, because of the kidneys

When the headaches in the back to add even more symptoms of kidney disease, your task in the foreseeable the same time undergo a consultation at the doctor-the urologist, who will recommend you for a start do an ULTRASOUND and stick to the diet: eliminate alcohol, spicy and salty foods, and limit physical load. In addition, it is necessary to increase the number of drink during the day simple water or fruit drinks. Advise drink and a special blend of natural herbs (bearberry, leaves of cranberry).

Diseases of the digestive system

In the waist area (in the area of the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae) may cause pain in ulcer of the stomach. When this disease is pain in the back appear in the night, and either on an empty stomach and leads after a meal.

Gastritis can also trigger pain in the back. In the stomach, the pain can be felt, but there is a feeling of emptiness, as if a person has long been eaten. Muscle pain back pain occur on the left side.

Pain in the back due to the problems with which he has serious intestinal tract it is possible to along with these symptoms such as loose stools, feeling of fullness, increased gas.

If it is the cause of back pain – problems with the stomach, it is necessary to treat it, and not try to remove the pain. Go on reception to the gastroenterologist and turn all the necessary tests. Stick to a diet, removing the smoked, spicy and fried food and eat more often, not allowing for longer breaks between meals. You can, of course, pass the course of massage, in order to remove the feelings of pain in the back, but in a sick stomach after some time come back.

Gynecological diseases

Pain in the lower back pain in women often occurs because of problems with gynecology. It will appear in the lower back and sometimes gives into the buttocks. Other signs of problems with gynecology include: specific discharge, unpleasant odor, problems with the menstrual cycle, etc.

Diseases of female sexual sphere, which are capable of causing pain in the back: an inflammatory process in the ovaries, endometritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus), various infections and tumors.

If you suspect that you have problems with gynecology, go for consultation to a specialist and do an ULTRASOUND. You will be assigned the corresponding diagnosis treatment and advised to avoid hypothermia and overheating (it's not worth it to go to the sauna and take a hot bath), to provoke an inflammatory process.

Diagnosis for back pain

  • The most "popular" back pain, the so-called aching pain in the lower back. She can talk like a hernia or protrusion, so about the problems with gynecology or by the kidneys.
  • The most dangerous is considered to be the pain in the thoracic area of the spine, and is the most unpredictable. The cause of this pain is a serious health problem, from heart attacks to cancer.
  • The most difficult accessible treatment — pain in the lumbar, gives step.

Severe pain in the back is at:

  • osteochondrosis,
  • intervertebral hernia,
  • rheumatic pains.

When rheumatic headaches nagging, it becomes as dull and sharp. As usual, pain and discomfort appear on one side of the body, can put on the foot, lower leg, thigh, buttocks. If a person coughing, changing posture, gait, pain becomes stronger. The pain can add a burning sensation, numbness, itching, tingling or "chills".

Acute back pain is what happens when:

  • bias the discs of the spine due to degenerative disc disease, improper lifting of weights, when a dislocation of either the turn of the spine, but also because of the operation on the spinal column;
  • fall, sudden movements, muscle stretching, hypothermia;
  • lumbago, usually it is typical for those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. In a couple of days there is a sharp pain usually disappears, although it can take up to three weeks;
  • the failure of colic, feeling a strong pain appears not only back, but also pain, her feeling of that sometimes and in the genitals;
  • problems with the genitourinary system, the pain occurs in the lower back and abdomen, in addition, the body temperature is still high;
  • pulmonary diseases, while the pain occurs not only in the back, but under the shoulder blades and on the chest. It may worsen when coughing, one feels a general malaise and has a fever.

Pain back pain is when:

  • inflammation of the muscles of the lower back pain, myositis (inflammation of skeletal muscles). Data feelings appear due to hypothermia or muscle tension. In the place of defeat muscles are tight and in tension it hurts even more. Although this headache is quite time-consuming at the time it is not, it is strong and does not cause special inconvenience.

Chronic back pain arises when:

  • spondylosis (the so-called overgrowth of bone tissue at the edges of the vertebral bodies, which recalls the spikes). Pain is pain, often accompanying symptoms – numbness, weakness in the legs. When damage to the cervical pain arises in the back of the head, the shoulders, when a person turns the head;
  • the disease ankylosing Spondylitis, oncology, osteomyelitis, problems with the exchange of substances.

The pain gives to the left or right leg, occurs when you:

  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve, pain in the sacrum and lower back, back of the thigh, or the buttocks, to stop either the shins along with sensations of tingling and numbness of the muscles.
prevention of back pain

Prevention of back pain

In order to not experience discomfort in the back area, you should stick to the following rules:

  1. Stand and walk correctly, is not stoop and not pull the neck, hold the back exactly.
  1. You sit, relying on the back of a chair, legs reliqua in the floor and does not fill the leg over the foot. When must a long time to sit, put your feet on a small bench, are on the level, must be higher than the hips. Wake up, it's from time to time and knead the muscles, do simple exercises to warm up, change posture.
  1. The right lifting weights, no sudden movements: first he sat, they took a heavy object, and only then stand up with a straight back.
  1. You sleep properly on the semi bed, when lying on the side.
  1. Enough load your body physically, regularly do the exercise strengthening muscles of the back and abdomen. If there are serious problems with the spine, before embarking on a complex exercise, it is necessary to consult with an expert.

Of all the exercise of swimming is considered the most ideal for the health of the spine.

If you set a goal to get rid of the pain in the back, the movement must be present in your life regularly. Walk, with transport do not try to quickly sit down, climb the ladder, jumping the elevator. In addition, eat properly and balanced, the mind positively (for starters, stop watching the news and "devastating" the transmission on tv). All these simple changes in your behavior are able to significantly improve the condition of your spine.

Be healthy!