Chest pain and gives in the back: possible causes and their treatment

In medical practice, quite often occur the situation, when pain in the back gives in the rib cage. This is due to the fact that in the back, in the spine, targeting the nerves that transmit impulses throughout the body. So and pain behind the breastbone on the right gives in the back, then there arises a mirror effect. In addition, painful sensations localized on the back - from the neck to the vertebrae, and the place of localization of points at different pathology in the body.

pain on the chest and back

Dangerous symptoms

If the pain in the back gives the ribcage, then this is reason to see a doctor. However, there are a number of symptoms in which a person requires immediate medical attention. And if it is not, then it can die.

  1. Pain behind the breastbone on the right gives in the back, while the person loses consciousness.
  2. Paralyzed shoulder, neck, back.
  3. Pain in the back takes place over a period of 20 minutes.
  4. Chest pain gives in the back, while the man is the shortness of breath, tachycardia, increased sweating, repeated loss of consciousness.
  5. The pain is accompanied by dry cough with blood.

Any of these signs - a sign of dangerous pathology, associated with the work on the cardiovascular system. Procrastination help often leads to death, especially if there is pain in left side of chest gives in the back.

First aid for hazardous headaches

If a person has chest pain and back pain, is accompanied by loss of consciousness, cold sweat, and pace in the form of thread and uneven breathing, he needs immediate medical help. The Ambulance is a need to induce immediately. Then you need to lay the person on his back and give access to fresh air – back shirt and belt, pants, open the window. You cannot give a patient to lose consciousness, it is necessary to give him a little bit of ammonia alcohol on a scrap piece of cotton wool. If seizures arise earlier, it is necessary to give the patient exposed for him the drug.

Back pain and chest degenerative-dystrophic origin

When pain in the back gives to the sternum, and it mainly assumes that the affected person has the place of the disease, degenerative-dystrophic origin. It can be osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis and other diseases of the spine.

Why is the pain in the back gives to the sternum? It is transmitted by nerves, which enter between the vertebrae and passes into the internal organs of the chest or abdomen. And if in the thoracic area of the spine has occurred, pinched nerves, then a person feels a sharp pain around the heart or lungs. Many when these symptoms begin to take medication to stabilize the heart muscle, which eventually to the development of diseases and the cardiovascular system.

To make sure that the chest pain not related to heart, you need to do a few deep breaths, or tilts forward, backward. If the pain gets worse, then it means that the nerves between the vertebrae clamped stronger and it has no relationship to heart disease.

Osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases of the spine are purchased. They cannot be infected through the bloodstream, or food. They are all to earn himself the man, his way of life. For example, if a long time to sit at the computer without moving, blood circulation around the spine is broken and developing of different pathology. Or, on the contrary, if a lot and often to lift weights, or live with the excess weight of the body the vertebrae quickly wear down, and causes diseases of the vertebral column. There is and it is a traumatic sport, where they are constantly there is a direct threat bruised, or fractures of the spine - automobile and motorcycle races or lifting weights. And if in the youth athlete does not feel back problems after fracture, then 40-50 years in places of trauma formed the anomalous zone, which cause the pain.

symptoms of pain

Diseases of the spine are starting to develop already in childhood, if the child is sick of sitting behind a Desk or table, slouches. With the years it becomes a habit, and develops a kyphosis, it is stoop, scoliosis, and sometimes both at the same time.

Therefore, when pain in the back gives to the sternum, the treatment starts only after a full diagnostic, which includes x-ray examination. The most informative method is in this case considered to be magnetic resonance imaging.

Heart disease

When a person has heart disease, chest pain gives in the back, especially during a heart attack. For example, myocardial infarction is manifested by acute pain, manifested in the space between the shoulder blades or to the left shoulder, arm, jaw. In addition, if strongly pain in the sternum with the impact on your back, then the discomfort comes right in the middle of the chest.

Severe pain in the sternum, gives in the back, can be a symptom of a heart attack the rear wall of the ventricle of the heart. But in this case reflects the feelings of pain may occur in the lower back, or even in the hypochondrium, reminiscent of pain in diseases of the stomach. It is, by the way, it prevents to properly diagnose yourself, because during such signs, one begins to have suspicion on himself an attack of gastric ulcers.

If the pain between the breasts gives the in the back - in the area of the blades, then it may be tonsillitis. In particular, if the expressions are character burning sensation in the back.

These symptoms are normally connects the feeling of panic, shortness of breath, violation of rhythm of the heartbeat. For accurate diagnosis it applies in this case, the electrocardiogram, and, respectively, of the MRI.

Diseases of the respiratory system

The largest organ in the chest are the lungs and bronchi, then there is the respiratory system. They are susceptible to more dangerous diseases, a characteristic feature of which is pain behind the breastbone, which he gives to the back.

Fortunately, yourself light deprived nerve endings, otherwise the person at the time of illness I'd be dying from the pain shock. Unpleasant sensations arise in the pleura, the light. And she accepts the signals from the nerve endings, pinched in the thoracic area of the spine.

To confirm the suspicion of pneumonia or bronchitis possible, deep sigh. In this disease the breath, provokes a spasm of pain. In addition, when breathing hear the wheezing in the throat and lungs of the patient.

Lung diseases causing cough and the spasm between the ribs, causing discomfort.

Diagnosis of lung disease includes chest x-rays, an electrocardiogram, blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging of the chest.

Disorders of the digestive system

Sometimes the pain in my back gives in the thoracic cavity due to disease in the digestive system. The most common of them-in this case it is pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas is accompanied by the strongest pain syndrome, usually wearing a belt character, the most manifest symptoms in the area of hypochondrium. Usually pain behind the breastbone gives in the back. Feelings of pain during this disease is so intense that a person sometimes can not understand, where is it located and where is actually located its source. He, it seems, that hurts the entire back and chest.


Other known diseases, along with similar symptoms - peptic ulcer. During the perforation of the centre in the stomach or duodenum painful it is so strong that one cannot adequately think, falls into hysteria, and may even die of pain shock.

Sometimes a seizure peptic ulcer is accompanied by vomiting with blood, that there is no doubt about the nature of the disease.

If the pain is in the back giving the chest to the right, then it may be cholecystitis – inflammation of the gallbladder. As well as all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it arises because of the harmful neglect of nutrition and the abuse of alcoholic beverages. The gallbladder due to the inflamed and there is a delay of the outflow of bile. This leads to chronic pain of the back and chest, which can result in the accumulation of stones in the ducts of the organ. When such complications pathology conventional treatment doesn't help and the gallbladder we need to remove.

Diagnosis of diseases of the organs of the digestive system includes the MRI and endoscopy. Also performed ultrasound examinations of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Laboratory blood tests help to determine the level of bilirubin in the body.

Cancer disease

Cancer a disease that affected the lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, manifested by continued pain in the back or on the chest. While it may be swelling and inflamed lymph nodes in the neck and in the armpits.

Diagnosis of the disease is, in addition to instrumental and laboratory research, includes a tissue biopsy of the affected organ.


If after falling back from a height or other physical damage to the spine pain in the back gives to the sternum, something it says about serious damage to the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. In this case, you cannot frighten the patient, and in any case not to give him the subsidence and getting up. The basis, of the aggravating the reason for this is precisely the desire of the victim to stand up after the injury and go on their own. Usually, treatment of the cracks or fractures of the spine takes from 1 to 3 months, but if the patient after the injury to get up and go, then the treatment may subsequently be delayed 12-18 months. Diagnosed this injury an x-ray or MRI.

the respiratory system

Psychosomatic causes

Pain in the sternum, or in the middle of the back can be caused by a mental disorder. A person with these phobias, the fear of cancer, worried sick heart disease – the fear of tuberculosis, is easily determined by pain in the chest of your "favorite" disease. Are known cases where humans have developed serious pathology on the background of the common intercostal neuralgia. The pain, the fear to die of a heart attack, brought his condition critical, abusing medicines from the heart.

The diagnosis and treatment of heart disease performed by a physician therapist. Of course, after the patient will be held a full diagnostic on the theme of the pulmonary, cardiac and systemic diseases.

Treatment and diagnosis

Pain in the middle of the sternum, gives in the back and pain in the back, reflective breasts - the most common symptoms of various diseases.

At their inception, is to contact the doctor and not try to diagnose the disease on their own. After all, it is often so that people with increased suspicion and phobias from this single symptom can give yourself a very dangerous diagnosis. And what is the worst - they accepted his treatment. It should be remembered, if he's physically healthy person begins to take drugs for diseases of the liver, heart, stomach and so on, early and late, authority of refuses to work normally. An example of such treatment - the obsession of patients with medications, which contain an enzyme which digests the food. Means, of course, helps with digestion, but the pancreas gradually stops producing this enzyme ourselves. And this in turn can lead to necrosis, pancreatitis and death due to pain shock.

So it is better to entrust the diagnosis to the experts and implement it in specialized clinics.


Prevention of pain in the chest and in the back is in a number of actions aimed at the prevention of development in the body the disease, which are capable of these feelings provoke.

To reduce the risk of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and stoop must be from childhood, to correct posture and load on spine. For this the backrest of the chair in the workplace must be straight and hard. You cannot sit for more than 2 consecutive hours, it is necessary to stand up and stretch. And in sports the load on the spine should be an experienced instructor.

The best sport for the straight posture and the treatment of scoliosis is swimming and shooting from the bow. If the work is associated with a prolonged search on foot, it is necessary to wear a special corset, removing the load from the spine.

It is imperative to follow the diet and not eating fatty, fried, spicy products. It will reduce the risk of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the blood vessels, which means the formation of thrombosis and, as a result of heart disease. In general, the human diet must contain more of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also you need to reduce the intake of sugar, and a rich baking and sweet carbonated drinks. Remember, that obesity is the cause of many diseases: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart failure and cholecystitis.

Definitely need to refrain from bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Nicotine and products of combustion are damaging the alveoli in the lungs, capillaries and the thick walls of the blood vessels, which causes chronic inflammation of the bronchi and, as a consequence of, lung cancer.

Alcohol destroys the liver, pancreas, not to mention the stomach and duodenum. Gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis - this is a direct consequence of addiction to alcohol and violations of the food rules.


It is necessary to regularly check blood pressure and blood sugar levels. After all, if you manage to detect in the early stages of the development of hypertension and diabetes mellitus, not only to keep under control, but also prevent the occurrence of them caused by the disease. With the same purpose, it is necessary at least 2 times a year undergo a medical examination. The sooner it is detected the growing disease, the positive will be the prognosis in the treatment. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle - we often spend time in the fresh air, enjoy sparing sports. This will help prevent the development of many diseases.