The benefits of correct posture. How to stay during the day to correct posture?

A sedentary lifestyle, low двигательная activity monitors many citizens from early childhood. As a result, the 50 years developing weight diseases, the leaders, among which are diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes, oncology and osteoporosis. Of huge importance for our body's proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Today we look at the benefit of correct posture to health and a successful life. Describe how forms of scoliosis, we give useful advice and exercises. After reading our article, you will learn how to craft your posture and prevent the development of diseases of the back.

What constitutes posture. Signs of correct posture

It's time to say about what constitutes posture. In our literature with so called habitual posture in good standing of the person, which he accepts without much muscle tension. According to the american writer D. Bancroft posture – it is "an innate way of keeping the body, especially in the standing position".

Describes a healthy spine, usually distinguish the following symptoms of a correct posture: the upright position of the head, chin lifted, neck-padded shoulder horns, the educated and the side surfaces of the neck, are the same. However, the shoulders are at the same level, something skip and is divorced. Issue and another important symptom – chest symmetrical line.

Among the many symptoms of a correct posture, attention is drawn to the symmetrical arrangement of the abdomen. In addition, the blades should be at the same distance from the spine and pressed. Note that the lower angles of the blades while they are on the same level.


How do you keep the health of youth. The damage of incorrect body posture

Today more and more people are beginning to think about how to keep the health of youth. By far not the last role in the prevention of disease plays an understanding of the damage, incorrect posture. However, before that, is it dangerous? The habit of keeping your back is not straight leads to the fact that the internal organs in the abdominal and thoracic cavity is removed, begin more difficult to work with.

In people with bad posture, the range of the respiratory process is reduced, deteriorating blood circulation, sometimes pinching nerves. Учащаются headaches, develops with chronic fatigue. It is also negative effects on the nervous system, which can lead to depression.

Incorrect posture, become part of the habit, leads to a change in the shape of the spine, the chest, reflected on the function of the lower limbs, shaping, flat feet. In children with искривлением spine worse works the entire musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system, the risk of injury increases. Also start to act the restrictions according to the occupation of certain sports, where it turns out the high pressure on the vertebrae.

In addition, bad posture and speeds up the process of aging of the organism. It is known that after the completion of the development of the body starts to act destructive processes. It is not a secret, that already at the age of 50 years for most people to developing osteoporosis. Worsens the condition of the tissues of tubular bone, faded calcium salts, which often causes a fracture.

But the damage of incorrect body posture is not limited. Along with being overweight scoliosis represents a serious danger. Increases the likelihood of developing degenerative disc disease. It is a disease in which affects the cartilage of the intervertebral disc.

The power of correct posture – is the key to success in business matters. Why is it so important abilities for yourself?

Surely, everyone heard such expression: the royal posture. It is believed that this term comes from the word "san", which means high authority, an important position. In this way, can be traced смысловую relationship between the position in society and the ability to keep. The more a person follows the life, the stronger you will start to believe in the power of correct posture.

Studies have been conducted that scientifically demonstrated that there is an effect of posture on the process of formation of the personality. In particular, the ability to beautifully hold – is the key to success in business matters. It turned out that the slender man exudes self-confidence, it is easier to establish contact with people. Curvature of the spine has a negative impact not only on health but also on mental state. It happens to be all the time in the military service of watching the posture of soldiers. Especially strictly got into tsarist Russia. But even today in every army in the world they also know about the power of correct posture. To make sure, it is necessary to compare photos of the recruits and the guys after demobilization.

The figure of a man, who is able to keep yourself, slim. His gait is beautiful and all actions are accurate. At the same time, it looks confident and uninhibited. And on the contrary, a person with bad posture, and as usual, clumsy, his actions are imperfect. On a subconscious level, is more confidence, causing a lean man, than slouching. In addition character – that is the first thing on what to focus during a meeting. And to change this impression will be quite easy. Scientists have proven that words account for only 5 -10 % of our communication. All the rest – it is gestures, facial expressions, appearance, timbre of voice, intonation of speech, etc.

The causes of improper posture

As we have already said above, the most important factor, which is the cause of the stoop, is гиподинамия. And even the lessons of physical education are not a panacea. The fact is that kids often wrong sitting behind партой, lifting one shoulder higher another. Finally, many students are coming from the walls of alma mater with scoliosis. Among other causes of incorrect posture should be:

  • overweight;
  • pregnancy;
  • wearing high heels;
  • weak physical development;
  • congenital defects of the body;
  • too rapid development (muscle growth lags behind the growth of the skeleton);
  • osteochondropathy.

According to experts, the age to 17 years – the most important for the creation of a healthy skeleton. Even a small deviation in the position of the body, which is included in the habit, at that time very dangerous.


Types of искривлений spine

So, if a child keeps the back straight, little moves, saddled with one hand, then in his body develop dangerous processes. There are three kinds of искривлений of the spine: lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. Note that the first two kinds of changes occur in both natural and патологическими. Лордоз – he is a criminal of the spine forward, which is the case for all people in the cervical and lumbar. Кифоз – bending the spine back, which occurs in the thoracic region, as well as in the department of the sacrum and coccyx. Pathological lordosis and kyphosis differs from the physiological changes only the degree of the bend.

There is also a scoliosis or lateral curvature of the spine. Is considered, it occurs when inadequate training of the back muscles. This kind of искривлений spine today the world is considered a serious disease that leads to deterioration of the functioning of many organs. Found that scoliosis arises and develops in youth, and so treat it better up to 20 years, until the vertebrae before the end of the cool down. In a later age to get rid of this disease is very difficult.

Surprisingly, but many parents when they see that the child curvature of the spine, do not attach it significance. Their argument usually such a child goes to the sports section (attending the lessons of physical education), it means that all forms, in fact, work. But such an approach is not only justified, but also can cause dangerous diseases, such as osteochondrosis or osteoporosis. If the child is not properly holding the back, precariously perched behind a desk – it is an opportunity to visit a doctor-orthopedist or surgeon.

How can I fix it violation of posture?

So, how can you correct a violation of posture? To do this it is necessary to constantly see to it that the back was straight and shoulders are deployed back. Your head need to keep straight, and the view directed at the horizon. The chest must be disclosed so that the distance between the ribs was maximized. We offer a few recommendations, using which you can significantly improve your posture:

  • a day to do the charging;
  • sleep on a flat and hard bed;
  • relax after physical exertion lying down;
  • swim away the style of the brass on the back;
  • don't hesitate to perform production gymnastics;
  • visit a massage therapist.

Even if you away for 20 years, it is still quite possible to repair the disorders of posture. The main thing – to set a goal and work regularly one above the other. Of course, if the scoliosis of 3 degrees of these measures can not do, need advice from an expert. As usual in such cases, prescribe wear special corsets, physiotherapy and therapeutic physical education (LTV).

Set of exercises for a correct posture

If you really want to achieve changes to the characters, then you will need to, as it is necessary to train the muscles of the neck, the shoulder girdle, in the press, as well as the muscle that выпрямляет spine. It is also need to pay attention to the muscles of the legs and buttocks. We recommend that you perform the exercises for a correct posture.

  • "Hours of british officers". Need to snuggle with your back to the wall without a pedestal or closet five points: the legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, backset. In this position it is advisable to stay on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Starting position — lying on the floor, legs straight, hold them together. Hands behind your head, сцеплены to the castle. Then simultaneously raise the upper torso and legs, trying to move in the upper position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Starting position – lying on his stomach. Hand put on the belt, and then bending the whole body, spread legs. We're on the inhale and on the exhale return to its original position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Sitting on the floor, relying on the floor with your hands behind your back), then raise the legs and do rotational movement (inside) – 10 times. Then in the opposite direction — too 10 times.
  • Get up on your feet, bring your elbows up. Then we try to reach out to the palms on the shoulder blades. After сводим blades and разводим hand in hand. Repeat 10 times.
  • Starting position – lie down on the floor face down. You need to attach the legs, pull the toes on your feet. Palms put under the shoulders and the elbows press to the body. We're doing a deep breath and slowly raise the body. Try not to bend over backwards in the infant department. The exercise is performed at the expense of the muscles of the trunk, hands, help may not. Try to keep the position for one minute.
  • Starting position as in the previous exercise. Press your forehead to the floor, pull the neck. Palms place below the shoulders. Then start slowly to take into account and treat the blades. Do 20 repetitions, then сведите blades so close and stay in this position for a minute.

Every profession needs to start with a warm-up to the well to warm up the joints and ligaments.

We told about the benefit of correct posture to health and a successful life, is called a chronic disease, which causes curvature of the spine. Some of them, such as osteochondrosis, treat is quite difficult. Therefore, to maintain the health of the youth, it is necessary from an early age to remind children about the importance of physical education.