Why after giving birth hurts my back

The moms often back hurts after giving birth. And that discomfort may last for quite a long time. It greatly overshadows the joy of communication with the child.

back pain after childbirth

Back pain after childbirth appear small, and may cause serious problems. The body of a woman, is very weakened, and therefore pain in the back even stronger undermine health. Need necessarily consult with a specialist, because the causes may be different.

Treatment of back pain, which hurts after a recent birth depends on the diagnosis. Therefore not worth it to yourself to engage the problem. But prevention is not not hurt at all.

The causes of the occurrence of discomfort

After childbirth it is useful you will know why you start to hurt your back. The fact is that during pregnancy a woman's body is rebuilt, that the child was more comfortable. To the last trimester of cartilage connections are still very soft, which facilitates the emergence of the crumbs on the light. Due to the sciatica spine suffer, and therefore back hurts after giving birth.

Due to hormonal imbalances stretched cartilage connections and ligaments, recovering very slowly and give the woman discomfort. There are several reasons why after giving birth in the back and shoulder blade pain.

  • Strong tension of the muscles of the back. When the birth of a child of the lumbar muscles relax to the fetus could go. In consequence, there is hypertonus of the muscles of the shoulder blades. It also becomes the cause of the pain.
  • Osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other problems causing discomfort. The situation is compounded when the woman before the pregnancy it was poor posture. During the bearing of a child posture crooked even stronger, the muscles and ligaments, adapt, and return to normal is quite painful.
  • After the recent birth rotation can strongly hurt due to intercostal neuralgia, which arises as a result of nervous stress or hypothermia, and the long-troubled wife.
  • Diseases of the internal organs.
  • Intervertebral hernia.

After childbirth can severely hurt the entire back, but also the shoulders functions.

This phenomenon is also several explanations:

  • inflammation of the lower flag of the spine;
  • injury during childbirth: the child passes through the birth canal that can cause squeezing blood vessels, pinched discs, displacement of the vertebrae;
  • problems that before pregnancy, they have sharpened, so that they can lead to severe pain;
  • changes in the hormonal background;
  • stretching the pelvic muscles;
  • the deformation of the lumbar muscles: because of the rapid growth of the abdomen ligamentous tissue restraint to shorten and strongly tighten, therefore, the woman feels the back pain after giving birth.
back pain after giving birth what to do

The prevention of pathology

Usually women who have given birth, are faced with back pain, often ask what to do with the problem. But best to warn the pathology than to treat it. There are several effective methods of prevention. However, it is best to consult with a doctor who in detail tells you what to do to after the birth in you started to hurt the shoulders or the whole back.

  • After at least 6 months from the date of arrival of the child in the light exclude heavy physical load, not wearing weights. The muscles of the back and abdomen must have time to regenerate, otherwise there is a risk of damage to their.
  • Watch your weight throughout pregnancy. Even a few pounds can cause serious problems.
  • Take your time on the lesson, curative gymnastics. If you still starts the persecution, it is not worth it to throw it. Important is the regularity, not the intensity. Try to do exercises every morning.
  • Get up from the bed, gently, but not dramatically. Roll onto your side, bend your knees and sit on the edge.
  • After giving birth started to hurt my back, feeding the toddler properly. Sit in a comfortable chair, put under feet a padded, flip your head back. Try to accustom the baby to feeding on the side. In this way, your muscles will be in relaxed position.
  • Carefully choose the the bed. Best buy hard mattresses, which are useful for the spine. Builds under your knees small pillow.
  • After giving birth started to hurt back in the area of the lower back and shoulder blades, treat her gently. Try once again not to lean, adjust the height of the change table, baby baths for bathing, the crib so that you are comfortable. If you have to pick up something from the floor, squat or get up on your knees. During the cleaning of the apartment does not have to bend when working with a vacuum cleaner or a mop.

Of course, you can read reviews about it, what to do if after giving birth to spin women, it is very painful. But also detailed recommendations should be administered only by a physician. Maybe, visit a doctor to prevent serious problems, so don't hesitate.

How to cope with the problem

What to do if after giving birth you began to severely hurt your back. The assistance will be to have a manual therapist. Please contact your osteopath or manual, if discomfort is felt from-for the discharge tailbone and other bones. The specialist may refer you for an MRI to detect the presence or absence of intervertebral hernia. In some cases, will have to undergo an ULTRASONIC examination of internal organs, and x-rays, and further research is needed to find out why after giving birth in your back hurts in the area of both of the blades or the lower back.

Quite often used therapeutic exercises, different physiotherapy handling. During breastfeeding treatment treatment is rarely used.

Sometimes they are assigned to anti-inflammatory ointments. They are used locally and a small rate. After giving birth does not hurt, do special exercises for the back.

  1. Lean hands on the back of a chair, spread your legs with straight knees shoulder-width apart. One palm lay on his stomach and the other on the lower back. Try not to strain the muscles in the lower back, as if mentally forcing them to straighten.
  2. Stand up against the wall his back. Come into contact must buttocks, shoulders and neck. In such a situation it is necessary to stand up a few minutes.
  3. Squeeze your shoulders, lower your hands and touch your chin chest. First you need to exhale, and then inhale, lift your head, stretch your shoulders and drop your hands back. The exercise is repeated several times.

After giving birth in addition to the regular charge for the back pain massage. This is the most pleasant treatment, but the start is only possible through a minimum of 2 weeks after the birth of a child. Well help massage and self-massage

back pain after delivery massage

Massage is useful to the following features:

  • accelerates regeneration of the organism, vastavit in bearing the child and his birth;
  • improve blood supply to the joints;
  • the recovery of muscle tone;
  • strengthen the ligamentous apparatus.

If after childbirth you destroyed my back, massage, in particular, by the way. The procedure to reduce serious problems. It is important to responsibly approach the choice of a specialist on massage. About white pimples on the face in the newborn.