What is to be done, if the back hurts the child

Back pain experienced sometimes in the life of every person. Doctors believe that this is the inevitable result of bipedalism. Modern people reinforce that physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, stress. Back pain in children and adolescents is not uncommon.

back pain in children

Fortunately, thanks to the treatment of many processes, which in children are reversible. So parents should always be attentive to the child, and not to ignore complaints about the deterioration of well-being.

Back pain in a child causes

The causes of back pain in children are very diverse. It can be congenital dystrophic changes of the spine, diseases of the internal organs, the consequences of infection, and even physical effort.

Physical overload

The skeleton of the child is not yet formed, the cartilage tissue of the vertebrae to be weaker than in adults. Also not developed back muscles. Congestion can arise due to long-term carrying heavy briefcases, especially if it is badly chosen. Special danger represent soft backpacks that kids wear on one shoulder. The load is distributed unevenly, some of the muscles are always in constant tension, the other relaxed. Due to incorrect physiological position of the back appear pain. If the process only applies to muscles, then correct the situation easily. You need to pick up the baby bag with orthopaedic backrest and wide straps.

Back pain due to congestion are often occur in children, engage in sport, for example while jumping. In particular, it is typical for the first time, until the body is not accustomed to the burden. Parents in the pursuit of sporting achievements of her offspring completely forget about your health, trying to drive it on exhausting exercise every day. The muscles and ligaments, failed to pick up, so the little athletes arise from chronic pain. How to remove painful, it is necessary to correctly choose the mode of trainings and rest, to the child it was time to rebuild forces.

A longer session

Physical inactivity – it's the bane of modern society. In contrary to its nature, which means greater mobility in the children's age, the child spends a lot of time at the computer. Parents are afraid to let out children find the time to drive the child in the sports section. The permanent static load on the spine becomes the cause of pain in the back. Added to this is the lack of fresh air, poor diet. A summary of all the factors causes the development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. This explains the large percentage of young people who have serious problems with the spine.

Poorly organized sleeper

Doctors recommend sleeping on a firm surface. In particular, it is important for children, because their spine is easily subjected to deformation.


Injuries of the spine a child can get during the fall, when sudden movements, exercise the back muscles without exercise. The pain occurs not immediately, after a while, when the spine forms the focus of inflammation.


Myositis — it is an inflammatory process in the muscles of the back. It can be primary, then there will appear because of a bruised or location on the drafts, or secondary, the cause of which occur infections such as flu or tonsillitis. Painful it arises in a particular section of the back, muscles tense, the pain is amplified during the palpation. Can also be swelling and puffiness in the site of the lesion.


Scoliosis — curvature of the spine — the most common pathology in children. Disease occurs for many reasons: congenital anomalies, infection, injury, poor posture. The first external symptoms of the disease are absent, the child complains of stiffness in the muscles of the back, pain in the slopes of the curves of the hull, after a long session. On 2-3 stages of scoliosis becomes visible asymmetry of the shoulder blades, pelvic bones, stoop. If time does not start treatment, then the child is violated of the work of the internal organs, it will be hard to move on their own.


It is widely known that osteochondrosis is a disease of the elderly. However, the degenerative changes on the spine are still more often diagnosed in childhood. May be the result of congenital anomalies of the structure of the vertebrae, also occur due to improper posture and lack of sufficient physical activity. In fact, the child begins to premature aging of the spine. Diagnosis of the disease is hampered by the fact that the symptoms expressed, is not clear. The child may experience discomfort in the back, but not to talk about it to my parents. Should alert the following symptoms: frequent headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue, blurred vision, a violation of the functioning of the internal organs.

physical overload

Tumors of the spine

Fortunately, tumors of the spine in children — a rare phenomenon. A tumor putting pressure on surrounding blood vessels and nerves, causing pain. When a benign tumor is a small painful persists for a long time. If the process is malignant, then the pain gets worse, its hard to stop the painkillers.

Renal colic

Cause of renal colic pyelonephritis, or kidney stones. Also occurs congenital deviation in the house of the kidney. Usually renal colic is accompanied by severe pain, a raised temperature, pain during urination, frequent impulses to the bathroom.Can you find traces of blood in the urine, change its color and odorless.

Infectious disease

The back and belly, the baby may get ill after suffering an infectious disease, such as influenza. The Virus spreads in the body, which causes an active immune response. The result becomes a fever, headache, muscles and joints. Usually unpleasant feelings persist after the removal of the acute period. If the pain persists for a long time after recovery, it points to the development of complications.

Why your back hurts, for a teenage girl?

The shoulders, in girls adolescence pain before the start of the menstrual cycle. In the body there are serious hormonal changes, which prepare the girl to adulthood. Small feelings of pain before the monthly salary, or in the first days of menstruation — is a normal phenomenon. The uterus is shrinking, the sleeve endometrium. Spasm of smooth muscles — it is the source of the pain.

It is possible that the girls develops inflammation of the pelvic organs. Severe pain is accompanied by endometriosis. In this situation it is necessary to undergo a complete examination. In the initial stage of the disease is easier to treat.


To determine the causes of pain it is necessary to turn to a neurologist or a podiatrist. First, your doctor will conduct a survey to find out what preceded the onset of symptoms, what is the nature of the pain, how long do they last discomfort. Then spend external control on the subject of abrasions, bruising, curvature of the spine.

To refine the diagnosis to prescribe the following survey methods:

  • General analysis of urine, blood.
  • ULTRASOUND of the internal organs. Spend girls for the exclusion of disease of the uterus and ovaries.
  • X-ray of the spine. Allows you to find out the consequences of the injury, the specific changes of the vertebrae, dystrophic destruction cd in the result of degenerative disc disease.
  • MRI, CT scan of the spine be made, if failed to determine the cause of the pain syndrome. With the help of an MRI diagnosed even minimal damage, tissue changes, blood flow.


The choice of methods of treatment depends on the cause of painful sensations. If there is a fracture or displacement of the vertebrae, it often requires a surgical procedure. For the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease of the applying therapeutic physical training, massage and manual therapy. Also, teenagers must wear orthopedic corsets, which in the initial stage of scoliosis bring positive results.

If the pain caused by long static voltage, then the child recommend to measure the physical load, the normalization of the mode of the day. For headaches, caused by overloading, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of sports training. Also gives you a relaxing massage.

For the relief of the pain syndrome can be used the following drugs:

  • Antispasmodics. Relax the smooth muscles, releasing muscle spasms.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used in extreme cases when the pain syndrome too strong.
  • Anti-inflammatory ointments, plasters. They help in myositis, headaches, congestion caused. Before use it is necessary to make sure that the baby is not allergy to components of the medication.


If your working space of the child and the mode of the day arranged properly, then he never shows up problems with the spine. The main preventive measures:

treatment and prevention of
  • The proper organization of the work place. Table and chairs pupil should match the growth, be functional and comfortable. Now you can buy a special orthopedic chairs, which do not allow the child to slouch. From the first days in school, it is necessary to teach the child to keep the back straight, then it goes in the custom.
  • The portfolio. For younger school children best suited bags with orthopedic hard backrest and wide straps. Allow evenly distribute the load on the spine, hold a back exactly, shoulders straightened. Older students also should choose a backpack and carry it on both shoulders.
  • The improvement of claim on the space. The child cannot be sleeping on a too soft mattress and a large pillow. The mattress must be of a semirigid, the pillow is not too high. So at night your spine will be in the anatomically correct position, will resume normal blood circulation.
  • Dosing of physical load. Harmful for children there is as lack of physical activity, excessive sport exercises. For every age is your measure of physical activity. It needs to know the coach, teacher of physical education. You cannot give emphasis to the child more than it can endure, according to age.
  • The proper posture. Violation of posture occurs because of weakness of the muscles of the corset. The muscles of a child tired of being long in one position, so the kids are constantly slouch. To maintain the correct posture, it is necessary to perform special exercises, strengthening the muscles of the back. Very good result gives a swimming, light running, gymnastics.