How to get rid of back pain at home?

Many people suffer from back pain. Such disorders are quite common. Feelings of pain can be worn both acute and chronic in nature. Acute pain usually arises suddenly and vary in intensity. And is chronic, brings a person discomfort for a long time. How to get rid of back pain?

Reasons that cause pain in the back

How can you get rid of back pain? Initially it is necessary to establish the reasons for its occurrence. Feelings of pain in the lower back and in older people, are not a sign of the onset of old age. It is largely considered to be running health problems.


Factors that cause discomfort in the lumbar, not always conditional on age. Pain in the lower back may occur even in children. The causes are the following:

  • Injuries of the spine. The pain can bother you even after treatment.
  • Bad posture can cause a curvature of the spinal column. When scoliosis occurs displacement of the center of gravity and the uneven distribution of the load on the vertebrae.
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues of the spine or intervertebral hernia are often cause back pain.
  • Diseases of the internal organs (kidney, liver) also may be accompanied by болевыми feelings in the back.

There are a number of reasons, which are caused by external factors:

  • Incorrect distribution of the load when lifting and carrying weights can cause pain in the lower back.
  • Long-lasting finding the body in the inappropriate position leads to tension of the back muscles, and therefore, the occurrence of painful sensations.
  • Look discomfort may cause сквозняки in the interior.

How to get rid of back pain? Therapy should be chosen with regard to the etiology of the disease. For example, another kind of pain in the lower back can occur in pregnant women in connection with a shift of the vertebrae, which are pulling behind the back muscles.

How to run pain?

How can you get rid of back pain? Get rid of it can be if it is set to the exact cause. Yourself give you the diagnosis can, not always.


One of the right solutions will be a visit to a neurologist or orthopedist. By examining all symptoms, will be able to determine the real cause of the discomfort. And in this case will be scheduled treatment. Because it is necessary to fight not only with the outcome (symptoms) of the disease - it is necessary to identify the factors that cause it.

Be the first pores to the diagnosis use analgesics ("Analgin", "" Aspirin, "Ibuprofen"). In addition to drugs to relieve the pain in the home help to some methods.

How to quickly get rid of back pain?

Acute pain that arises suddenly may be due to the sharp movement of a person or by lifting weights. This can lead to the stretching of the muscles of the back and strong болевым feelings.

In this case, it is necessary to comply with bed rest for several days. If it is not possible to ask for the help of an expert, utilize a few simple tips.

How to get rid of back pain? How to reduce the feelings of pain, in the back you can use ice. There are several ways:

  • as a compress you can use a wet cloth in the package, выдержанную in the fridge for half an hour;
  • placing in the package the dice vladimir and attach to the diseased site;
  • you can use a variety of frozen foods (vegetables, meat).

With such a compress on the sore spot, you'll have to wait until the pain abated.

How to get rid of the pain in the muscles of the back? In some cases, instead of a cold, you can use the heat. After 3 days after the occurrence of the acute pain it is possible to do thermal wrappings. The patient lies down on his stomach, while his поясницу put a warm towel, which смачивается in настойке anti-inflammatory herbs. The top is placed a packing, and are built on him, the electric heating pad. Time of procedure - no more than 30 minutes.

A very effective method - the alternation of heat and cold, because such a contrast stimulates the normalization of blood circulation.


How can you get rid of chronic pain in the back?

How to get rid of back pain forever? Very often people suffer from constant pain. To completely get rid of, you need to change your lifestyle.

Often the discomfort arises when a person sleeps on a soft bed. You want to experience the feelings of pain, better sleep on the ортопедическом mattress and pillow. In this case, the weight of the body during sleep, will be spread evenly throughout the spine.

A proven means that can be used at home from back pain, it is considered as acetylsalicylic acid. Preparation on its basis will help reduce inflammation, which may be the cause of discomfort. Sometimes completely get rid of the pain helps, "Ibuprofen".

Pain in lower back during pregnancy

How to get rid of back pain in pregnancy? Discomfort in the back, who is the woman in the period of bearing the fetus, it is not always possible to remove. Because the cause of the pain, there are changes in the body.

There are several causes of such pain:

  • growing together with the fruit of your belly, pulling up part of the muscle, creating back tension;
  • during pregnancy occurs a curvature of the spine, as a result it takes an unusual situation;
  • the growing fetus starts to put pressure on the urogenital organs of a woman, that too can cause feelings of pain.

How to get rid of back pain? To relieve back pain, pregnant women can use some of the tips:

  • wear only shoes with a low heel;
  • sleep on a hard mattress;
  • perform special exercises for pregnant women that are able to reduce pain in the lower back;
  • tiles, especially hot, it is best not to use.

Exercise during back pain

Get rid of the pain in the back, helps swimming, special exercises.

How to get rid of back pain? Yoga helps унять pain in the lower back, when to engage it 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Exercise helps разминать muscles. Movement helps to improve blood circulation. When a person is totally abstracted from the pain.

Walking - the easiest sort of physical exertion. It is necessary to walk over an hour every day.

In acute pain, the person should lie down on hard surfaces. Then, lying on your back, lift your legs up and опереть is on the wall. So it is completely excluded the load on the spine. Strain the muscles need this way:

  • alternately pulling your legs up socks;
  • relaxing and squeezing the muscles of the buttocks.

How to get rid of back pain? Exercise in the form of stretch marks well to help reduce feelings of pain. It is recommended to perform such exercises while sitting and lying down, alternately bending one or the other leg. It is forbidden to do the following:

  • mahi feet;
  • squat;
  • swing press.

How to quickly get rid of back pain?

Избавляемся from back and neck pain. When the completely unknown reason for the emergence of pain, you can use the methods and therapy in the home:

  • Diet. In some cases it is the cause of the painful feelings can become a disruption of blood flow due to increase cholesterol and reduce the elasticity of blood vessels. For solving this problem it is necessary to exclude products, fatty foods, eggs, pork meat, meat broths.
  • Get rid of back pain is possible by means of psychological methods. It is necessary to imagine the pain in the form of the object, which will disappear, dissolve. What is most important - make sure that believe. You can do an experiment, the transfer of painful feelings to another place. Imagine, how pain is conveyed to the ear, the nails, the head.
  • For relieving pain is necessary to completely give up coffee and tea. Reduce spasm of the blood vessels, it is necessary to completely give up smoking.
  • For restoration of blood flow is necessary to apply the wraps, constantly engage in physical therapy.

To reduce the pain in the lower back is the need to completely change your lifestyle and give up bad habits.

How to relieve pain in the back folk methods?

How to get rid of back pain forever? Remove the feelings of pain in the back, you need to:

  • Mix camphoric and coconut oil, проварить 5 minutes. Cool and store in a glass bottle. Once a week, apply massage movements on the поясницу.
  • Into the tub with warm water add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Regularly taking such a bath, you can get rid of back pain.
  • Before the adoption of the soul помассировать поясницу mustard oil. In the shower is better with warm water.
  • In a sock, put rice and tie it. Put in микроволновку for a few minutes. You then need to put a finger on the sick place.

These methods for pain relief should apply only to a healthy person.


Dangerous symptoms of pain

In some cases it is necessary to contact your doctor immediately:

  • when he came back pain is accompanied by temperature, болевыми feelings in the chest, затрудненным breathing;
  • pain, troubled more than 3 days, and the intensity continues unabated;
  • feelings of pain of a chronic nature observed in the course of 2 weeks without improvement of the condition;
  • the pain gives to the ступню or leg.

When there is pain in the back, and missing a serious disease in domestic conditions it is necessary to perform gentle exercises, to do compresses and other treatments.