Back hurts, the back bottom right

For each sometimes hurts my back. In most cases, this symptom of insomnia. But if the pain in the back right is feel regularly, it is worth considering to this signal the body to try to analyze the causes of the symptom and seek medical attention if necessary.

pain in the back on the back

For what reasons may appear pain in the right side of the back?

One of the most common reasons why they appear aching pain in the back on the right side — a violation of posture, or to the long stay of the body in a physiologically disadvantage. Regular presence in the incorrect posture leads to a compensatory deformation of the spine and for proper distribution of the load on the muscles, is his mainstay. Insufficient level of physical activity, work in the position of "sitting", the wrong choice of bedding – all of which can disrupt your posture.

Sometimes there is pain on the right side of the back occurs due to displacement of the intervertebral discs. The cause of this pathology may be a chronic musculoskeletal diseases, or trauma. When any deformation of the intervertebral discs suffering from located in close proximity to the nerves, the result – a feeling of discomfort.

Pain pain in the back can indicate problems with the digestive system, especially intestinal problems. More often a symptom pointing to hormonal imbalance and violation of the regime of power. If the pain is in the back pulls to the right appears periodically, it is necessary to think about compliance with diet and consulting with a gastroenterologist.

If the pain gives in the back on the right side, its cause can be pathology of the kidney. Discomfort can also be felt in the front, in the region of the stomach and under the ribs. The most common reason for this phenomenon – the stones in the kidney or violation of the outflow of urine. Sometimes a regular feeling of discomfort may be accompanied by disorders of urination.

Back pain on the right side of the bottom may be a consequence of obesity. Being overweight interferes with the work of all body systems. In particular, the excessive weight of the body of the message, the excess burden of a motion system. The result – regular back pain, which are usually unnoticed through after the normalization of weight.

What can mean such pain?

Diseases of the genital organs in women — is the main cause of pain in the back

In women pain in the lower back on the right side may indicate diseases of the genital organs. This symptom is typical for inflammatory processes of organs of small pelvis, tumors and cysts on the ovaries. The greatest danger in this situation is the lack of varied symptomatology – erased clinical picture of "pushing" the patient do not pay attention to the appearance of this symptom, and attention is paid to only the pain you ignore no longer works. A woman may think that pulling pain in the lower back on the right hand side appears due to lifting heavy weights, or other load, and not even think about her the real reason.

Back pain on the right side in the upper part of the can signal diseases of the organs of the respiratory system. If discomfort is manifested regularly, there is a big probability of the presence of chronic disease. Some experienced physicians are able to diagnose the presence of tumor in the lungs and bronchi of the upper according to the description of patients painful feelings. Often this is manifested not only back pain in the upper part, but also discomfort in the chest area. Sometimes this pain can give in the shoulder. At strong lesion of the internal organs can get in how on the right and the left.

If there is a sharp pain in the back on the right hand side does not wear a traumatic character, its cause may be various disorders in the functioning of the nervous system. If discomfort appeared after the injuries or the rotation has been damaged in the recent past, a sharp pain in the back, is a direct consequence of this damage. In this case, it is necessary to turn to the health organization and if necessary to pass the examination by a doctor and the examination, which will include the whole complex of modern radiology methods of examination (computed tomography and magnetic).

pain during pregnancy

What more reasons can occur painful?

During pregnancy it is quite natural emergence of pain in the back

Pain in the back right in the back after intense physical exertion phenomenon is normal and harmless. If you regularly feel discomfort after the work associated with lifting the weights, or the performance of the sails, you can try a simple exercise to strengthen the back, learn how to keep your back in proper spine position. If the pain on the right side of the back is too strong, it makes sense to minimize physical stress and undergo testing to detect chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Often the pain on the right side of the back complain about the women in period of pregnancy. Flag non-hazardous in that case, if you exclude the likelihood of the presence of chronic diseases of the spine and the kidneys. During the bearing of a child occurs a considerable weight gain in a short period of time, respectively, is changed and the load on the muscles of the back, the result can be regular pain in the back stretches on the right side. To reduce the discomfort, it is recommended to give preference to such kinds of physical activities such as walking and swimming, take orthopedic mattress, wear a properly handpicked prenatal bandage and avoid hard physical labor.

Why pain in the lower back on the right side: treatment

Pain in the lower back — a very common phenomenon. As shown by opinion polls, about 30% of the adult population of Russia suffer from various unpleasant sensations in the back. According to the respondents, back pain in them appear equally often with the right and left sides. Causes of pain in the back on the right side were reflected not only in diseases of the spine, but also in the problems of the functioning of the internal organs. In some circumstances, have experienced the pain lower back pain on right side while driving. In some cases, the pain was nagging, in the other — is acute.

Most of the respondents admitted that if they experienced a spicy and stretches pain in the lower back, not rushed to contact your doctor. What is the cause? Many believed that the pain symptoms do not prevent them from moving. And almost all respondents knew that the back pain must take urgent measures, and only 15 % of them were made accordingly.

Back pain — a reason to visit the doctor

The complexity of the diagnosis

When she got sick spin to the right, it is necessary to find out the reasons of such a state. Can be very different. Discomfort is usually accompanied by related changes in the body. Such changes include:

  • an increase in temperature;
  • headaches;
  • vomiting;
  • shortness of breath and increased urination.

May be other symptoms that allow you to more quickly diagnose the disease.

The causes of back pain are congenital and acquired diseases. Often pain in the lower back on the right side can be one of the manifestations of problems of the musculoskeletal system.

When a person becomes osteochondrosis, it manifests itself in the form of pain. If it hurts on the right side of the back, it can be, and osteomyelitis. Spondylitis and sacroiliitis in the later stages more quickly diagnose precisely because in people suffering from data ills, hurts your back, on the right side. Causes painful sensations in the right part of the waist able to testify and neoplastic processes.

The development of degenerative disc disease in the sedentary lifestyle

Disease of the sciatic muscle is also a signal about themselves, when back pain on the right side. When these pains manifest accompanying symptoms. In many cases, are the standard:

  • the deterioration of the overall well being of a person;
  • oppression;
  • apathy;
  • weakness.
causes of pain

Often these unpleasant feelings are concentrated in the area of the sacrum. Acute pain in the lower part of the back characterizes trauma, inflammatory processes in the sciatic muscle and stretching of the intervertebral ligaments, which is not less dangerous. Patients usually do not take into account that the neurological pathology provoke pain in the lower back on the right side. While the causes may be different.

This pathology can be of different etiology. Right optic neuritis often first makes itself known when a person has sick in the back on the right side. In such a case, as well as when problems with the muscles, the pain often gives to the feet. Neuralgia, too, is characterized by a state, when it hurts the shoulders to the right. Pain in the lower back on the right side is a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs. If there are inflammatory processes in the intestines, the right kidney cause, of the liver, gallbladder, right ovary, immediately starts to hurt in the back on the right side.

Pain in the lower back on the right side can be a sign of various diseases of internal organs

The disease is often manifested by pain in the lower back

The first question that asks the physician to the patient, refers to the characteristics of the symptom. For more rapid and accurate diagnosis of the disease to medical experts, it is necessary to know exactly, exactly how sick right, what are the symptoms and condition of the preceded this phenomenon. Pulling pain in the lower back pain can have different degrees of intensity. It is necessary to know, that if you slightly sick in the back on the right side, it is not the fact that the disease is non-hazardous. This is the reason, abdominal pain accompanied by the development of life-threatening inflammation of internal organs and the occurrence of malignancies.

If it is feel dull ache pain in the lower back on the right side, there is a big probability that it osteochondrosis. Discomfort in the back on the right side when this disease arises as a result of disturbed functioning of the spine, spasmodic conditions of the muscles and ligaments. In addition, who suffer from osteochondrosis, can pain right to this morning.

Intense and darkly that originated right back pain — a symptom of the exacerbation of sciatica. This symptom is usually clearly expressed and followed by a shot in other parts of the body. The phenomenon of lumbago can be an independent disease. Pain in the lower back on the right hand side to be of different intensity. If the shot the pain in the back, higher waist, then it is most likely, is the result of the fact that the man lifted something heavy.

If improperly lifting weights the load on the vertebrate disks increases 9 times

Lifting weights is strictly prohibited in the posture, when one is from a position of inclination of trying to straighten out. Then on the spine shows increased load, increases the risk of injury. Lifting weights is necessary from the provisions of the squat with a straight back, slowly straightening the legs at the knees. Then you can avoid back pain.

If stretches over the kidney area, it can be confirmed the assumption that the patient began to myositis — inflammation of muscles. The disease is accompanied by an overall deterioration in well-being. The pain symptom can be so clearly expressed, which cannot be said about the dangers of the disease, fraught with various complications.

If it's myositis, then the muscles of the pain will become more solid than usual. If in the lower back observed first drag of the pain, and then passes in seizures, there is an almost 100% probability that it's hernia symptoms. In addition to this phenomenon, point out the disease, will be able to violation of posture and restriction of motion. Discomfort above and below your lower back accompanied by, in many cases, a tangible tingling in the legs. Patients often complain of numbness of the extremities.

The causes of back pain in women: the pathology of internal organs and pregnancy

In women discomfort on the right side over the lower back are often caused malignant and benign tumors. In cases like this, often felt the pain and under your lower back on the right side. Symptoms often include, and the left part of the back — it all depends on where exactly is located the organ where the tumor is. Stabbing pain under the lower back on the right side will be pyelonephritis, or disease of the bladder. It is accompanied by spasms when urinating.

Stabbing pain under the lower back pain in pyelonephritis and diseases of the ureter often wear a belt character. If the stone is located in ureter, then usually moves down. Not excluded the possibility that it will be radiation and a higher armrest on the right side, which greatly complicates diagnosis.

If such a symptom a man looks at himself a darkening of the urine, you should immediately go to a medical facility, so like him, maybe in the next few hours, he will need immediate hospitalization. Pyelonephritis and problems with the operation of the ureter are often accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature. Apply yourself some analgesics during deterioration of well-being cannot be, because they will even more worsen an attack and have a negative impact on kidney function.

Back pain — a frequent companion of pregnancy. The best choice is considered, if a woman even before the emergence of pregnancy to prepare for the problems that may arise during it. During pregnancy the load on the spine increases significantly.

Pregnant women often complain of different localization of the pain symptoms that manifest themselves then right, then left.

diagnosis and treatment

Pregnancy visit most often radiates pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen. During pregnancy are part of the give step, worse when tired, or after physical exertion. A woman expecting a child, are in a difficult situation. All medical drugs must be taken only in the extreme case, as and external grinding, ointments and warming compresses. In any case, should not be considered signs of pain in his back and legs as the norm, and always inform the attending physician.