author Katharina Cimic

Katharina Cimic


  • Methods of diagnosing osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. Signs and symptoms. Treatment of the disease with drugs and folk remedies.
    17 September 2020
  • Why can discover pain in the back, on the right side? For each sometimes hurts my back. In most cases, this symptom of insomnia.
    25 December 2018
  • In medical practice, quite often occur the situation, when pain in the back gives in the rib cage. This is due to the fact that in the back, in the spine, targeting the nerves that transmit impulses throughout the body.
    20 October 2018
  • The incidence of back pain may be indicative of the presence of various diseases. Painful, basically to provoke the authorities located closer to the rear side, or it may be inflammation. In the treatment of combined and medicines, and folk methods of treatment.
    30 August 2018