Experience with the use of Hondrocream

Story sent Friends who happen to survive, is seriously injured and cope with the consequences through the use of Hondrocream.

Good day. I wanted to share with you the experience of recovery after a small "accident" that happened to me for the time you biking. As a result of collision with other cyclists, I got a few bruises and sprains. So how do I намечались amateur competition, and the doctor recommended loading of the organism after what happened, I needed a quick result without consequences. Improvements appeared to achieve in a truly record time thanks Hondrocream.

How to deal with constant pain?

The situation for me was безвыходная — doctor for regular consultations continued to advise complete rest, and cherished date still coming. I decided that even if it is not поучаствую, then проедусь with all exactly. But to do this it was necessary to speed up the healing process and relieve painful. Contusions gave complications on the joints, so the move I could just with longer breaks. Until she helped my girlfriend (medic), while the проходившая practice on the other end of the city, because of which couldn't be near each time, when I need support.

She consult, ask friends, a great interest in the cycling along with me, how to get rid of your pain in the muscles and joints with regular exercise or after injury. The survey gave the result — so I learned about Hondrocream.

Consultation with a doctor

Apply ointment immediately after the recommendation I've become. First of all, not afraid to side action. Secondly, it is necessary to pre-consult with your doctor to rule out the possibility of individual intolerance of components and a typical "no harm to yourself". After a brief reflection, the specialist gave the green light and I bought Hondrocream.

The doctor advised me, do not get hung up only on the ointment, because no quick result from one product can be. So I прибег on comprehensive measures, not by abolishing or procedures, of which three times a week had to go to the hospital.

The result from the Hondrocream

The result forced to wait long. For me, it turned out to get rid of настырной pain, discomfort from the bruising, which cause severe discomfort. To me, it was difficult to move, but after using the cream turned out to get rid of the girl from having to accompany me in the shower (awkward, I'm not used to such).

It should be noted that the instructions should be followed exactly, while not forgetting that each load of the damaged extremity can be complications in the future, and overload the body in general is not recommended during the recovery. A day rubbing the cream on the bruises, I was able to speed up the recovery, even if the replacement yourself, be mindful of the advice of a doctor.

The effectiveness of the instrument

As I mentioned, miracle wait a long time. In the complex with all прописанными procedures and rich in vitamins power, using your girl, who daily supports me and helps, I am able to fully recover and return to an earlier mobility of the legs. After the complete reconstruction of the I some time used the ointment as a prevention to other велопрогулка become the next injury, and I have to say that it really helped to get to known травматологу again after a fall on the ice later half a year after the "accident".

The ointment operates, and makes it really fast. I can recommend it to all my friends, увлекающимся sport, and who experienced all the consequences of a simple fall.