What does the occurrence of back PAIN on the right

Every person at least once in my life from time to time hurts my back. Most often this symptom will not cause any worries and yourself takes place. But there are cases where ignoring it is not so simple.

Pain in back on right side, it may indicate a more serious disease than normal physical effort.

In any case, to avoid disaster, it is necessary to analyse all the possible causes of back pain, and if necessary, ask for medical help.

What does the occurrence of back PAIN on the right

What are the types of pain can bother us?

In most cases, a sore back, exactly in the place where is located the disease process.

Respectively, soreness in a certain place, in the knowledge of the basics of anatomy, could tell us what is the structure of the body is damaged or where to look for the answer. For example, in dry pleurisy, the pain will be over land of the lesion, usually under the scapula acromion or on the side, it seems that he is on the depth of inhalation, wear insect character.

In other cases, painful feelings and may not always coincide with the place of the lesion.

Be issued with 2 types of pain:

  1. it is assumed – exudes from the place of occurrence in the course of nerve fibers in the distal parts of the body, for example at osteochondrosis the lower back, the pain can be felt not only in the lower back on the right or left side, but and put on his feet;

  2. the reflected – develops because of destruction of internal organs (most GIT), but in remote and superficial areas of the body. On the basis of its occurrence lies the sensitive innervation of the skin in the form of individual, painful zones, called zone a Ged.

Pain in the back on the right side has a different nature:

  1. cramps something appear, then disappear, it is typical for the destruction of infection of the urinary organs in the reduction of their smooth muscles;

  2. swelling – intensity of the painful feelings gradually grows stronger, typical of inflammatory lesions (pneumonia, subphrenic abscess);

  3. the pain shows on the urgent condition (the gap of some education, authority, thromboembolism, intra-abdominal bleeding);

  4. in the form of lumbago – is typical just for diseases of the spine with involvement in the pathological process of the nerve roots of the spinal cord;

  5. a steady and monotonous – is typical for the destruction of authority, for example, in diseases of the liver;

  6. stretches back pain is typical for traumatic and other injury to the musculoskeletal system.

The reasons for the household

For domestic reasons, the emergence of pain under the scapula acromion or into the area of the lower back on the right hand side can be attributed to any traumatic damage (bruising of the soft tissues of the back, stretching the back muscles, etc.). Also belong to this group painful feelings after prolonged physical work, stay in an uncomfortable position, wearing weights.

This group of causes of back pain does not constitute a serious danger, as usual, passes itself after a rest. But still should not be neglected such properties, because under the mask of a very conventional symptom can hide a serious disease.

Diseases of the spine

This is the most common group of diseases, which lead to the development of pain syndrome in the back. If long hurts my back, on the right side, then you need to think on the possible pathology of the spine.

The main cause of back pain is osteochondrosis. The localization of the painful sensations will depend on what section of the spine pathologically change. Most often suffer from the lumbar spine. When this occurs the constant aching pain in the lower right or left. When the loss of the parent department, painful feelings can higher waist or beneath the scapula acromion.

constant aching pain in the lower part on the right side

In the development of complications of degenerative disc disease (pinched nerves their inflammation - sciatica) the pain gets a different character.

Passumes a painful , painful feelings radiating to the in the course of the involved nerve endings (hand, foot). Such pain may have a permanent character (lumbalgie, torakalgiya) or in the form of lumbago.

Pathology of the digestive system

When damage to the liver, the gall bladder, the pain often in the right part of back, in right hypochondrium. Often, such pain develops and in diseases of the pancreas (belt the character of the painful feelings).

Pain on the right side down can also occur when inflammation of the appendicitis, especially if the location of appendicitis is an atypical (of the situation – it is hidden behind the blind of the intestine).

Painful sensations below the right scapula can often point to the acute diseases of organs of the digestive system. Here is located the living Ged. Often acute cholecystitis begins exactly.

Painful sensations may appear at a distance from the affected organ of the function of innervation (zone Ged)

Cardio-vascular disease

Although heart disease and the characteristic irradiation of pain in the left half of the body, but in some cases it may make and the right.

A very dangerous condition considered to be atypical manifestations of myocardial infarction, when the feelings of pain under the right scapula. In such cases, patients do not even think about the possible damage to the heart, endure the pain, and in the meantime lost precious minutes that could save the life of a person.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is often manifested by pain in the area of the lower back. In states that are accompanied by an increase in the size of the kidneys (polycystic disease, hydronephrosis, renal tumors), appears steady, pulling pain in the lower back.

Cramping nature of the pain receives when pyelonephritis and urinary diseases. A typical example of such pain is the attack of renal colic. The pain starts in the lumbar, gives the abdomen and the external genital organs.

Gynecological causes

If women appeared dragging pain in the lower back and abdomen, then in the first place it is necessary to rule out gynecological pathology.

Cardio-vascular disease

The reasons may be such pathologies:

  1. ectopic pregnancy;

  2. ovarian cysts;

  3. swelling of the internal genital organs;

  4. painful menstruation;

  5. inflammatory lesions of the reproductive system;

  6. if a woman is pregnant, then these symptoms may indicate a threat of miscarriage.

Damage to the organs of respiration

When the loss of the respiratory system pain is often in the back area. Cause painful sensations may the following diseases:

  1. dry pleurisy – pain is associated with breathing, reinforced on the height of the inhale, has a stabbing character, is very strong, often to reduce pain, the patient begins to shallow and often breathe;

  2. pneumothorax (rupture of lung tissue with the intervention of the pleural cavity the air) – a sharp and sudden pain under the scapula acromion with the advent of significant dyspnea;

  3. pneumonia points, involving in pathological process of the pleura – the pain is similar to that observed in inflammation of the pleura;

  4. cancer of the bronchi or lung tissue – painful sensations appear during the spread of the tumor in the late phase, the character of pain and its localization depends on the degree of germination of cancer cells to surrounding organs and pleura.

Regardless of the nature of the pain in the right part of the back, in the first place, that should alert you. After all, it is a signal of the body about the violation, small or more serious.

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