What he's talking about the current pain in the back and abdomen

Encircling pain in the abdomen and back

A person begins to worry about their health in those moments when the body sends signals of danger. Severe pain of the back and abdomen can trigger strong anxiety, because I don't understand the true cause of the discomfort.

Encircling the abdominal pain and back pain may be associated with different factors and indicate the presence of diseases of internal organs or the spine.

Quite often the reason lies in the diseases of the stomach. Pain in the ulcer, gastritis or pancreatitis may be reflected in the area of the back. But they come and reverse the situation, when pain in the abdomen causes a disease of the vertebral column. Let's discuss all the reasons that cause pain in the abdomen and the back at the same time.

Reasons that cause pain in the abdomen and the back at the same time.


Aggravation of gastric ulcer is often accompanied by acute pain in the abdomen and on the back. There are the characteristic symptoms of ulcer, to which applies:

  • Your stomach starts to hurt sharply, often right after a meal, or in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • Appearing with symptoms of nausea after vomiting in the mouth remains acidic taste and comes sharp improvement in the condition (the most accurate symptom of ulcers);
  • Nausea, pain in the abdomen and on the back adds a heartburn;
  • Ill experiencing relief, the adoption of a pose of the embryo, physical activity worsens the condition;
  • Painful sensations can spread the thoracic cavity and the lower part of the abdomen.

Abdominal pain on the left side, it gives on the back and the rib cage – a reason to put off a visit to your physician, with a confidence level of 95% we can talk about the deterioration of ulcers. A specialist will be able to prescribe treatment aimed at elimination of the inflammatory process and alleviate the pain syndrome.

After overcoming the establishment, forms of the disease, the patient is indicated by a special diet and treatment treatment. Modern drugs, the effect of which focused on the healing of ulcers, they are very effective. But just the right lifestyle and regular checkups at the doctor to help prevent a relapse of the disease.

Perforated ulcer

Severe pain in the abdomen, gives the in the back may be indicative of a perforated ulcer of the stomach or duodenum. When this head is strong, that is a man heavily with her balance. To the deterioration of the state also leads the effort to complete the breath.

The localization of painful feelings – the area of the navel and the right hand side, with the passage of time extending to the entire abdomen. In some cases, you may experience pain in the right shoulder and collarbone.

One more characteristic symptom perforated ulcer – a sharp tone the muscles of the abdomen, the abdomen becomes hard. In the idle state tone decreases significantly.

How to distinguish exacerbation of peptic ulcer from perforated ulcers:

  • In the first case, heart attack pain begins to food intake, in the second after it comes some relief;
  • After the "acidic" vomiting in ulcer comes complete relief, but when the perforated ulcer improvement of the condition only slightly.

The only way to treat perforated ulcers – emergency operations. Therefore, when the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease stands immediately seek medical help. The sooner treatment is started, the greater the chance of a full recovery.

Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis

Abdominal pain and back pain on right side may indicate inflammation of the pancreas. When this pain in the back, acute, pronounced, but the feeling in the abdomen, painful, arching.

In acute pancreatitis the pain may reflect to the shoulder blades, lower back, the region of the heart. The spread has the effect of exactly what section of the pancreas inflamed.

When painful feelings are added bouts of vomiting, not bringing long-awaited relief, it is likely that the reason lies precisely in the bout of pancreatitis, increases.

Other symptoms of pancreatitis:

  • Belching;
  • Long hiccups;
  • Feeling of dryness in the mouth;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Increase in body temperature;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • Pallor;
  • Tachycardia.

In the chronic form of the disease-a possible violation of the functions of the gallbladder and the manifestation of the symptoms of jaundice. Treatment of inflammation of the pancreas is directed at the alleviation of the condition of the patient and prevention of complications. Pancreatitis refers to an incurable disease.

Hepatic colic

Sharp pain in the abdomen, gives the in the back and right side can be a symptom of hepatic colic.

Hepatic colic

The discomfort manifests itself suddenly, and the attack can last from several days to several hours. Separate attempts to improve the condition by intake of drugs for GIT and painkillers funds have a low efficiency. The pain may spread to the area of the scapula, clavicle, neck. Is amplified when driving.

Other symptoms of hepatic colic:

  • Frequent bouts of painful vomiting;
  • Sweating, trembling, fading of skin sheets;
  • Acute, wavy pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • Flatulence, tone the muscles of the abdominal cavity, pain during palpation, or click on the lower ribs;
  • Change the color of urine and feces.

At the onset of the symptoms pointing to the liver colic, it is necessary to immediately seek medical help. Any intake of drugs without a medical specialist. After the speech the symptoms of colic the patient is not recommended to drink water or eat food.


Dull pain in the abdomen, gives the in the back may be a sign of worsening of gastritis. The strength of pain depends on the stage of the disease – if the inflammatory process develops not only in the stomach but also in other organs of the digestive tract, the pain can be very intense.

The complexity of the diagnosis with gastritis lies in the fact that its symptoms are similar to imagined degenerative disc disease. And the location of the painful feelings the same. So when you experience pain the abdomen and back need to get rid of self-diagnosis and consult a specialist.

Despite the similarity of the symptoms of degenerative disc disease and gastritis, there are differences:

Osteochondrosis Gastritis
The pain is amplified during physical exertion The pain gets worse after ingestion of food
In the idle condition improves Even in the resting state, there was the tone of the muscles of the abdominal cavity
Character of pain – sharp, throbbing Character of pain – dull, aching

Treatment of gastritis is based on the use of medication and strict diets. Completely cure this disease is not possible, but here is to achieve a state of open remission is quite likely.

Myocardial infarction

Pain lower abdomen and back pain on the left arise when violation of cardiac activity, in particular myocardial infarction. If, in addition to painful sensations in humans observed palpitations, loss of consciousness and drop in blood pressure, requiring urgent hospitalization.

Betrayal of myocardial infarction lies in the fact that his initial clinical presentation fully meets the many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

And if a person has a chronic disease of the digestive system, can write off the emergence of painful feelings on their deterioration. Swap is really very simple, but such a mistake can cost you your life. Therefore, when the pain comes on the left side of the abdomen and back, accompanied by an increase in heart rate or loss of consciousness, it is always necessary to seek medical attention immediately.



Severe pain in the right part of the abdomen and back pain may indicate inflammation of the appendix cecum. Usually the discomfort manifests after 4-6 hours after a sumptuous feast or abuse of alcoholic beverages.

In addition to pain in right abdomen that spreads to the back and hand, are manifested in other symptoms:

  • Increase in body temperature;
  • Chills;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Increased heart rate.

In some cases it is possible to remove appendicitis with medication, and in some – requires emergency surgery. In any case, when a suspected internal inflammatory process, it is necessary to seek medical help. Cracked shoulders causes a rapidly progressing peritonitis, which may become the cause of blood infection and death.

Pain lower abdomen and back pain in women

The cause of in women concurrent abdominal pain and back pain can be the following:

  1. Premenstrual disease;
  2. Bend of the uterus;
  3. Uterine fibroids;
  4. Adnexitis (salpingo-ovarian);
  5. Endometriosis;
  6. Twisting the legs of the cysts;
  7. Ectopic pregnancy;
  8. Rupture of the cysts;
  9. The threat of miscarriage;

Complications during pregnancy

Pain lower abdomen and back pain in women in pregnancy indicate the development complications – detachment of the placenta, increase the tone of the uterus, change of fetal status and more.

This symptomatology could mean danger not only for the fetus, but for the life of the mother, then he should immediately go on reception to the gynecologist and to pass the necessary tests.

Option, when the pain in the abdomen and back, in women in early pregnancy arises due to the fact that the fetal egg has not reached the uterus, as well resolved in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy – this is a direct indicator for emergency surgery. During the later identification of the possible serious consequences for the health or fatal consequences.

Diseases of the organs of the urinary system

Back pain and lower abdomen can indicate inflammation of bladder, pendants or incision infection in the pelvic organs. Often painful feeling accompanied by frequent urination, burning sensation, onset of bleeding, increase in body temperature.

Therapy may be selected only after the determination of an accurate diagnosis, therefore, appeal to experts, should be.

Pain lower abdomen and back pain, in men may indicate prostatitis, groin hernia or infection of the urinary tract.

Because the same symptoms have a pathology, requiring immediate treatment, for example, appendicitis, is not suitable to engage self-heal. Timely visit to the specialist will facilitate the status, and allow you to avoid complications. If it is not possible to run the ambulance, then you can kind of ease the pain of a heart attack by taking a dose of antispasmodic and go to a medical its course.

Bowel obstruction

Aching pain in the abdomen, manifested in the back, and less commonly, the groin, may indicate a bowel obstruction. Other symptoms of pathology:

  • Colic, cramps;
  • Increase in body temperature;
  • Nausea, vomiting – vomitus mass of foam, they have a distinctive odor of feces. As well as in them may be present a variety of feces;
  • Cal skinny, slender, or entirely absent for several days.

Intestinal obstruction is treated only surgically. The cause of the pathology may be adhesions after previous surgery, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, tumors, metastases and other phenomena.

Pain back and abdomen in a child

Pain back and abdomen in a child

Painful sensations in a child, have certain localization, can be associated with regular stretching of the muscles, the digestion of the stomach or serious health problems. It is unacceptable to use the heater, the intake of medicines and other methods of self-treatment – only a doctor examination and a complete diagnosis will help establish the real cause of the pain.

It's not worth it to wait for the manifestations of other symptoms or worsening of the condition – a simple visit to the pediatrician will help to maintain the health of the child.

To summarize,

Reasons why my stomach hurts and my back is at the same time infinitely many. It may be a trivial stretching the muscles, not the wearing of threat to life and health, and the rupture of the appendicitis, the risk of sepsis. The continuation of the self-heal, the person runs the risk of worsen the course of disease or to part with life.

Identify the source of the pain can only a doctor. Examinations, tests and diagnostic activities to the calculations of many forces and time, but it will help you to find the answers to all the questions. Early diagnosis and competent therapy – is the key to good health and excellent wellness.