Lower back pain: causes of pain in the lower part of the spine, what to do

Unfamiliar to many people such a symptom like "sore lower back". Usually the discomfort associated with various diseases of the spine, but in practice it often shows that the cause is elsewhere. Often pain in the lower back occurs in women in late pregnancy, as the spine is experiencing more load than usual.

The cause can also be various diseases in the internal organs, degenerative-dystrophic changes in the bone-cartilaginous machinery lower back, etc. an Inactive lifestyle, intense working conditions, professional sport, obesity – all of which can cause pain in the lower part of the spine.

Pain in lower back doctors refer to the term "lumbalgie". This is a common phenomenon, which is characterized by the sudden appearance and disappearance of the pain syndrome. Some patients undergo a short course of treatment and is no longer experiencing discomfort, others must be treated months and even years. To determine the exact cause of the pain in the lower back, it is necessary to undergo examination first by the therapist, and further in its direction – on specialists.


Most often the pain in the lower back is a symptom of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Often unpleasant feelings harass the people who spends much time at the computer, in the car, are involved in heavy physical work load of myself in the gym. At risk groups include pregnant women or women who are newly born.

Disease, accompanied by pain in the lower back

Pain in the lower back may indicate a disease, such as osteochondrosis, or spondiloartrozom. This is the so-called. primary causes of pain associated with functional and morphological changes of the spine.

Among the secondary causes of pain in the lower back are mutually exclusive:

  • neoplastic processes in the vertebrae, spinal cord;
  • injury to the vertebrae;
  • infectious process in the intervertebral disks and vertebrae;
  • metabolic disorders in the bones (osteoporosis, osteomalacia);
  • inflammatory diseases of non-communicable etiologies (rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis);
  • acute disorders of the hemodynamics (e.g. strokes);
  • diseases, associated with impaired growth;
  • gastrointestinal disease (atypical in acute appendicitis, bowel obstruction);
  • kidney disease (when the urinary diseases pain in the back one-sided, more often on the right side);
  • diseases of organs of small pelvis.
pain in the lower-back pain

Hence, the reason why pain does not always hiding in the lesions of the musculoskeletal system. If there is pain caused by impaired function of internal organs, then it has irradiating a character. In addition, for men, the back hurts at the bottom of the spine during long-term exposure to inflammation of the prostate, prostate cancer, although this symptom is not always mandatory.

The pain may appear after prolonged walking, which suggests that the idea of the stenosis of the spinal canal. The disease manifests itself in the form of the syndrome of intermittent claudication. A person, in addition, complains of cramps and muscle pain when walking. In the elderly develops such a condition, such as rheumatic polymyalgia. First appear mild pain, then a feeling of stiffness in the hands or feet.

The most common cause of pain below the waist, right side, left side or in the middle, is osteochondrosis. Instrumental methods of research allow you to uncover a variety of degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spinal rod. In one interspace between the discs of the spine is gradually reduced, thereby developing an imbalance in the structure of the entire spine.

This leads to headaches down the back, which localized to the left or right, or go on the way to the ridge.

Another source of pain in the lower back – the availability of the intervertebral hernia. At the time of their violation, the squeezing of the nerve roots arises quite strong, sharp pain, to cope with which in the initial stages help to steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

A sign of an adverse outcome is lumbalgie, which manifests itself in a number of different symptoms. Pain in the course of the nerve root can give to the buttocks and the soles of the feet. Discomfort appears in the slopes (even when you tilt the head down), laughter, coughing, etc. painful is amplified when lifting lying on your back, straight legs.

How are manifested by pain in the lower back

Symptomatology back pain carries universal character and depends on the available pathology. Stretching when the pain manifests itself in the form of convulsions, movements in a limited. Painful radiates into the buttocks, back of the thighs. The patient is difficult to bend to the twists and turns of the torso. When damage to the root of the pain distorted in the lower part of the body, may be a violation of sensitivity, numbness.

When osteochondrosis symptoms are getting worse gradually. First pain, tormented on the one hand, the character of her is not expressed. With the development of the disorder process pain become stronger, harder stopped pain medication, affecting the larger size. After a long stay in one position the head of my aching character.

When damage to the kidneys, pain appears not in the lower back, approximately at the level of the 12th pair of ribs. However, when the failure of colic painful radiates down, in the course of the ureter, gives in the groin area. The pain in this case is intolerable, it is very strong analgesics do not help. A typical character – unilateral localization.


Why hurt the lower part of the back, can only be established by a doctor. In any case it is not necessary to address self-diagnosis and self-treat. Diagnosis is based on patient's complaints, clinical manifestations, anamnestic data, results of instrumental methods of research. The patient is prescribed the chest x-rays, myelography, MRI, CT and other kinds of surveys.

Computed tomography is an efficient and highly informative method, how to identify the various structural changes to the spine caused by trauma, infectious process, tumor entities, osteoporosis and other diseases. On the basis of myelography lies the use of contrasting substances. The method applied in suspected spinal stenosis, hernia, tumors and other pathological processes in the spine.



What do you do when your back hurts, can only say a qualified expert. Tactics of treatment depends on the cause of the pain. There is no need to separately take analgesics, as they give only a temporary effect (and in certain diseases of not help), the "fat" of the clinical picture and worsen the disease process by having a person constantly cleaning pain, postponing the visit to the doctor.

The basic principle of the therapy – the treatment of pain as such and its causes. So when osteochondrosis requires the whole complex of measures. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in this disease, is used as a symptomatic therapy in the period of the summer solstice. Such drugs include Diclofenac, Nimesulide, etc., but they have a number of contraindications (such as a stomach ulcer).

Also can be used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments. In some cases, require steroid anti-anti-inflammatory agents. The main events take place in the period outside the acute and are into the teaching of curative gymnastics, completion of the course, therapeutic massage, organization of the correct mode of the day and nutrition.

In addition, they are assigned physiotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapy and so on Outside the exacerbation of the doctors recommend to indulge in therapeutic gymnastics. This is the best way to strengthen your back, relieve tension and muscle spasms. Therapeutic physical complex exercise (LTV), is certainly a part of the program of prevention of back pain.

Going to better to carry out under the supervision of an instructor, but some simple exercises it is quite possible to perform at home:

  • Lie on your back, hands pull along the body, legs slightly bent at the knee joints. Feet to reject on the right side of the pouch and turn his head slightly to the left (the main thing – do not overdo it). Over five seconds return to starting position, repeat the same with the other side. Just ten repetitions.
  • Stand on your knees, hands to lean on the chair. Arch your back upward, then the maximum bend over backwards. Do ten repetitions.
  • Lie on your back, legs straighten. Lift the right leg, 20 cm from the floor, to hold until the occurrence of fatigue. Do the same with the left foot. Do five repetitions for each leg.

Good effect give massage and manual therapy. These procedures are carried out only by qualified specialist. Incorrect implementation of, a violation of techniques of holding can cause significant damage. During the session of manual therapy hands of an expert taking place throughout the area of the back, which touch on different levels (connective tissue, bone structure and so on).

Special attention is paid to the neural level. Specialist has a direct effect on neurons through palpatory manipulation. Manual therapist can brake or accelerate neural pathways. Recently, increasing popularity of acupuncture. The course consists of several procedures and is aimed at reducing the pain syndrome and muscle relaxation.

In the presence of excess weight it is necessary to restore the soundness of the diet. Preference should be given to herbal, low-calorie meals. Proteins constitute a third of the daily diet. Can be is a lean fish, poultry, meat, eggs. Also, the protein found in beans, buckwheat, mushrooms, nuts (with them I'm not exaggerating). Fats should consume unsaturated (lamb meat, white fish, nuts, vegetable oils).

When therapy joint pain system, an important role is played by vitamins and Furthermore Vitamin And is located in the countryside, luke, vegetables orange and yellow colors, fish fat, liver, egg yolks. Vitamin D is synthesized under the influence of the sun better. Also, you can get in small amounts of milk, butter, egg yolks, liver, cod, eggs. For bone health it is necessary to consume sufficient amount of phosphorus (bran, lettuce, cabbage, cheese, fish) and calcium (liver, cheese, eggs, nuts, cabbage).

pain-back pain

In the presence of back pain it is best to first consult with a therapist, who on the basis of the obtained data, the decision with another tactic. In the presence of diseases of internal organs, the patient undergoes a series of further studies and seeks to narrow specialists. The main rule, which must acquire all of the patients do not engage in self-treat, and when any painful manifestations in time to turn to an expert.