Unbearable pain in the back, in the area of the blades — what is their reason?

When you hurt your back in the area of the blades, no need to blur the various ointments, lie at home and wait for a miracle of healing. This symptom can testify about a completely different diseases that require early diagnosis and treatment at the physician — specialists from a neurologist to a pulmonologist or cardiologist.

pain in the back

Causes of pain in the shoulder blade

Pain in the area of the blades can be observed in diseases and injuries of the shoulder blades and in some diseases of the organs of the thoracic cage and the thoracic spine.

  1. Injuries to the shoulder blades. The most commonly occurs direct trauma. So what happens when a man falls on his back, or he gets hit with his fist or feet, in the area of the shoulder blades. Very rarely turbines tends to be broken when falling on a straight arm. In fractures of this flat triangular bone, the lower otlomok his action of tensile muscles shifted down. In the area of the fracture in this case appears swelling and swelling.
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  3. When palsy anterior serratus, trapezius muscle and in the muscle, at neuroinfections and damage to the nerves of the back and also in myopathies develops so-called acquired pterygoid turbines. The cause may be a bruised area of the shoulder girdle or damage to the long thoracic nerve.
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  5. Shoulder blades distress during active movements in the shoulder joint, accompanied by slight pain and an unpleasant feeling of discomfort in the area of the shoulder blades. This is due to exostosis of the scapula or chronic inflammation of the Chuck of the synovial bags.
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  7. Osteomyelitis develops after any open injuries of the scapula and is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication and pain in the shoulder blades. Often appear of a deep intermuscular purulent streaks. The prognosis is for this condition is almost always favorable.
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  9. Tuberculosis of the scapula are observed very rarely and only in adult patients.
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  11. Tumors of the scapula are as benign (osteoma, osteochondroma, osteoblastoklastoma, chondroma), malignant (chondrosarcoma, reticulosarcoma). Diagnose their in the radiology study. If necessary, carry out puncture biopsy to confirm the nature of the tumor.
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  13. Cervical or thoracic osteochondrosis, which irritated the roots of the neck-brachial plexus, and appear to the pain in my shoulder, sometimes he gives in the upper limb, tormented day and night, preventing sound sleep. The movement in it is limited.
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  15. Burning pain in the left shoulder blade can be a manifestation of such serious diseases as myocardial infarction or aneurysm of the thoracic department of the aorta.
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  17. Pain in shoulder blades and chest may occur in chronic pneumonia, pleurisy and lung cancer.

What to do when back hurts in the area of the blades?

In various reasons, we have solved, now it is clear why I can sometimes bring more harm, than good. Therefore, it is important to timely visit a doctor who will prescribe examination and adequate treatment.

  • In the event of injuries the blades are resorting to the use of painkillers funds (Movalis, have Ketonal) and fixation of the limb, the bandage. Often resort to physiotherapy methods (electrophoresis lidazy and novocaine, ultrasound), which stimulate the production of bone calluses and reduce inflammation in the area of the fracture.
  • Neurological disorders cures physician neurologist. It is widely used in this massage and electromyostimulation.
  • In osteomyelitis associated with antibacterial therapy, apply surgical methods: autopsy and adjust purulent hearth.
  • When tuberculosis sick hospitalized vocational infirmary, where he held a specific treatment.
  • When the tumor process is shown surgical treatment: the implementation of the interscapular -thoracic resection, preferably with the imposition of the upper limb (according to availability).
  • In osteochondrosis of the appointed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Movalis, diclofenac), it is not bad it helps in this case acupuncture, balneological treatment and manual therapy. Good therapeutic effect is observed when using the applicator Lyapko. This applicator was designed by a doctor, Reflexologist, in order to reduce back pain, in this case it will become increased vascularity of the area and exerts anti-inflammatory mechanisms. The method is based on the doctrine of Nulla action on certain points of our body.
  • If suspected myocardial infarction, the patient should be is particularly to be hospitalized in a cardio hospital, where he is assured of complete rest, and when it is done therapy, anticoagulants and fibrinolytic agents. Heart attack pain stopped drugs analgesics.
  • Diseases of the bronchopulmonary system is treated in the pulmonary department. In inflammatory processes applied antibiotics, mucolytics, expectorants drugs, physical therapy, inhalation. In the cancer process is shown special treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy).

So, reveal the real cause of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment can only a doctor. To avoid unpleasant consequences, there is no need to pull with the handling of medical assistance, one of the stages, which is the passage of an MRI examination of the cervical spine, which allows you to accurately determine the disease and its specifics.

To undergo MRI scans — the most reliable and harmless way to get a proper diagnosis. In this kind of examination of the health of the patient is not exposed, but can be identify possible causes of negative symptoms. In many ways, it is the accuracy of the diagnosis depends on the available clinic facilities. In some modern centers use high-performance scanner Siemens 1.5 Tesla. High resolution of the obtained images is enough to identify even in the early stages of the disease.