How to treat pain in the lower back: causes, remedies

How to cure a sore lower back, if you simply do not have time for a trip to the doctor? Because we are all very busy, we have the weight of the things and worries, we all the time should hurry up and constantly running late. And with us there is never time to do the treatment seriously until then, until we found ourselves in the car "ambulance".

treatment of lumbar

And yet we will try to tell you about the most common problems that cause so much pain, and methods of their treatment at home. But nevertheless, please take into account that any "folk" methods of treatment to get rid of you from developing the disease, and the need to still pack up and go to the doctor.


It is perhaps the most common reason of painful sensations in the back. To make hypothermia is not so difficult that it may not necessarily be strongly freeze. Quite enough will be to work in a hot room, and then, wet, go into the room where actively functioning air conditioning. Hot body turns out under a stream of cold air. A person becomes cold in such conditions, but adaptation is happening fast enough. But in the day, when you start to feel pain in the back, it becomes a problem stretch or climb, the pain is most often constant and nagging, but when driving becomes sharp. As quickly and stealthily earned hypothermia, or, to put it simply, "blew back".

Methods of treatment of pain during hypothermia

The first thing that it makes sense to do in this situation– to warm up your back. For it is best suited ointment that is easily found in any drugstore. Well, if the ointment is not at hand, then fit a normal alcohol. RUB the lower back with rubbing alcohol or ointment, after that wrap her in something warm scarf or as a shawl, for example. Such a procedure is worth to perform every day, until the pain does not pass, and when it comes out you need to dress warm, paying special attention once again to the lower back.

If your back hurts very strongly, then it is better to go to the doctor. In this case you can prescribe an injection, which almost immediately shoot, or seriously weaken the pain. Usually are applied to different non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

If the same problem of hypothermia is important to you, and you with him, you meet regularly, then you could use a warm belt of the sheep or dog hair, which can be found in practically any pharmacy. This belt to wear under clothing every day, the good, is thin and almost inconspicuous.

Treatment method durable goat

To date, the treatment of the symptoms of back pain by using the device of shock wave therapy, is considered a progressive method in medical practice. Durable goat treatment methods, which allows you to go back to work the rhythm of life for 4-5 sessions. This method of recovery is the most popular in people who lead an active lifestyle and trying to get rid of unpleasant feelings in a short time.

Lumbar lumbago

Very uncomfortable pain, which appears when serious physical exertion, and then quickly passes. This happens, for example, when you perform some weights. Appear sharp pain in the lower back, which then passes in the leg and disappears. Because this pain is enough to short-term, then successfully forget. Then it repeats when you load, and is walking again. In this case, it is very useful to think about the fact that something is not right. This pain is typical for lumbar-sacral back pain, which in medicine is called "lumbago", and popularly – "lumbago".

The treatment of pain when lumbago

In the first place a patient with such pain should be put on a relatively hard surface. Not necessarily ask a person on the floor, if it is the mattress of your bed fairly new – can you lie down on the bed. To ease the pain you can drink, it's a painkiller, a drug that has at hand.

Please note that a person with such pain categorically should not be planted in the hot tub, or trying to "steam" in the bath – it will give the opposite desired effect.

The heat in this case, it is necessary to use a "dry", or you can use one of the ointments from back pain. The main thing is that this ointment did not cause allergies because in most cases the composition of these ointments is quite aggressive. After this, the patient needs bed rest for several days, but in his diet is necessary to limit the fluid and salt.

If in all this pain does not pass, then it is necessary to call the doctor and start the full treatment – half-measures are not enough here.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc

In fact, this disease is the 2nd phase of back pain. Wait for it "pleasant" moment is not difficult, if ignore the pain that occur in 1. the stage of the disease (short term while the relocation of weights and a serious load). When hernia pain becomes constant and significantly amplified with every movement, it is easier to happens only at rest (lying down).

If you specify the symptoms, then the person in this state is experiencing a constant pain in the lower back, which gives to the leg and is amplified during sudden movements. It is also possible to reduce the sensitivity or numbness in the lower back.

The "home" of the treatment for hernia of the intervertebral disc

pain in the lower back

To alleviate the pain they do the following: provide the patient bed rest and complete rest, after which put any painkiller, a drug that is at hand. And then it is necessary to call the doctor. In the acute period of a hernia of any folk treatment will only bring harm, pain subsides from the "compress" or "lotions", it should be treated seriously and thoroughly.

As one of the other methods to alleviate the pain when moving – use a firm lumbar corset, which will give you the opportunity to move the department of the lumbar spine. But it is not a treatment, such a corset relaxes the back muscles, which then have to recover using physical therapy.

The "professional" back pain

This problem is typical for people with this kind of work, which implies a lower mobility or a longer stay in uncomfortable positions. Is it the cashier, the operators PC, programmer, administrative assistant, etc. In one far not the best day for these people, he appears the pain in the back, the muscles begin to "cry", and continues this status for a very long time, while the chronic appearance. And this is something that is referred to as a "professional disease". The essence is simple – because of the low mobility and the lack of the necessary load on the muscles and ligaments of the back are weak, in consequence, that they can't keep the back in the normal position quickly tired of it. The result becomes not only the head but also the disorders of posture.

Treatment of "occupational disease"

Because of this diseases wearing of a chronic nature, and quick methods of removing the pain does not exist. Analgesics in this case – is not the way out, because the pain will return, as soon as their actions, and constantly "sit" on such drugs cannot be.

The only effective method of treatment in this case is physical therapy, which gives the possibility to restore the normal condition of muscles and ligaments. But, I repeat, that it is not a momentary treatment, such gymnastics it is necessary to solve constantly.

It is also need to pay attention to the correct posture. Not only at work but also in everyday life. Also useful will look like on the massage to a good specialist. Self-massage is in this case – not the best solution.