Sore hips on both sides from the back: possible causes and therapy options

If a person hurts the hips from both sides of the back, then this fact may indicate the presence of various diseases, pathological processes and the failure of the body. On the localization of the pain syndrome can be to assess the nature and specifics of the disease. However, for the determination of the exact diagnosis it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. In the following text will be presented the most effective methods and recommendations for solving the problem.

hurts hips back

Causes of pain in the hips

Such a symptom can be triggered by various causes, from the high muscle loads in serious trouble. If the pain comes from a fool or a sudden movement, and subsided later a small amount of time, not to remind about yourself in the future, then you can not particularly worry. Pain and significant discomfort, which have a regular layout, clearly talks about the degenerative, pathological process or chronic illness.

The main reasons provoking the pain in the hips on both sides, are:

  • kidney disease;
  • gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
  • pancreatitis;
  • aneurysm of the aorta;
  • bruising and injuries;
  • an inflammatory process that flows in the internal organs or in the pelvic area.

Why it hurts boca

The reason for this may serve as a strong supercooling caused by the socket, either another factor, as well as the curvature of the posture and scoliosis. Unpleasant sensations in combination with pain syndrome is often caused by sleeping on too hard a surface on the side. Localized in the area of the lower department of the head restraint often signals about various degenerative changes in the spinal area and joints. Painful, involving the hips and lower back, is caused by atypical appendicitis in an acute form.

Such symptomatology is often accompanied by bowel obstruction and other diseases of the digestive system. If the pain carries the crawler character, then it can be due to degenerative nerve and dystrophic processes in the different departments, the spinal pillar. During the secondary syndrome surrounds the pain on both sides of the back arise because of the disturbed local blood circulation and slow metabolism.

Important! Pain in the hips on both sides of the back can serve as an indicator of how problems with the spinal plague, and diseases of the kidneys or other internal organs. So in the event that the regular pain syndrome, disturbing for several days, it is necessary to visit a doctor.


In many cases, a qualified doctor can set the diagnosis only on the basis of the analysis of the urine and a small amount of other biochemical studies. If there is a suspicion on presence of problems with the spine, by default is assigned to the x-ray. Recurrent pain, localized predominantly on the right side, associated with the urogenital system and can talk about the pathologies of gynecological type in women and inflammation of the prostate gland in men.

causes of pain
  1. Pain syndrome, which manifests itself simultaneously in the right side and back pain, is indicative of pyelonephritis, cholecystitis and other diseases. In similar cases, it is needed immediate medical assistance and competent treatment.
  2. Lumbar pain, which gives in the left side, most often it is associated with inflammatory processes, spillage of the gut. If the pain is accompanied by high formation of gas and disorders of the stool, then it is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist.
  3. Pancreatitis, problems with the cardiovascular system, is characterized by pain syndrome in the left side. Myocardial infarction is accompanied by dagger severe pain, which is give on hand.

In that case, if the pain in the hips is accompanied by chills, loss of appetite, vomiting, sweating, increased fatigue, fever and apathy, the problem is most likely caused the violation of the normal functioning of the kidneys. Pain syndrome in the child, localized in the hips from the back, can be an indicator of incorrect posture, incorrect selected bed or excessive body weight.

Often the need arises in the analysis of blood or ultrasound studies. Stage diagnosis is very important, because the truth installed the causes of the disease depends on the timely recovery of the patient. Strong dizziness, accompanied by weakness and loss of consciousness, means that it does not tolerate fat and requires immediate medical attention.

What to do when the pain in the hips

For starters, it is possible to make an appointment with a therapist, who after putting the required analysis redirects you to a qualified surgeon, a gastroenterologist or gynaecologist, depending on the established diagnosis.

Treatment in the acute period involves the intake of muscle relaxants, and of special preparations do not contain steroids. Therapy in a period of stagnant disease is assigned a qualified physician, after studying the medical history of the patient, the results of analyses and visual inspection.

At the time of remission it is recommended to visit the specialized centres of the spa-type, mild, but regular exercise and an active lifestyle. It is necessary to create an individual set of exercises and perform it according to the options every day. If the pain in the sides associated with the kidney or gallbladder, then it is necessary to stick to a diet with a low salt content and a variety of irritating to the mucous membranes of the products. Drinking alcohol is necessary to completely eliminate.

In many cases, the doctor includes treatment of other types of therapy, such as manual acupuncture, physiotherapy and vitamin supplements. Resort to I strongly not recommended, because for a correct diagnosis requires professional medical knowledge and special equipment.

treatment of back pain

If painful directly linked with inflammatory processes or disorders in the functioning of the kidney, then the problem area is strictly forbidden to warm up using the heater or special ointments.