Pain in the right hypochondrium gives back: causes, diagnosis and treatment

If you feel pain, discomfort when turning the body to the side, then it may be a sign of liver disease, kidney, pancreas.

pain in right side and back

But most often it is the pain in the right hypochondrium, giving in the back suggests that patients developing degenerative disc disease or diseases in the phase of exacerbation.

What hurts, why and how to treat it, can say only a doctor after examination, the diagnosis.

Causes of pain in side and back

In a sense punitive, acute or obtuse head from the back or to the right boka need to immediately contact the hospital.

Because the symptoms will only get worse, and for several reasons:

  1. Acute hepatitis with appearance of jaundice, high temperature and fatigue. Usually the inflammation develops as a result of poisoning poisons, chemicals and medicines;
  2. The pain gives in the back, on the right side under the ribs is talking about the defeat of the gallbladder, presence of stones. But then will appear such symptoms as claustrophobic pain in the liver area, fever, nausea and discomfort in the area of the shoulder, arm,
  3. If the pain on the right side under the ribs or in the right side, with cramps in the shoulder, the collarbone, then patients may be diagnosed with pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas;
  4. Pain under the right podžebřím can talk about heart failure;
  5. Kidney disease, formation of stones in the urinary and the genitourinary system;
  6. Aggravation of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar, rheumatism or arthritis.

What you need to do immediately?

Encircling the hip, pain is often indicative of the development of inflammatory processes, the aggravation of some chronic diseases.

We need to act, relying on the basic symptoms:

  • Acute pain under the right rib, or sideways, which arises suddenly and in the back, usually talks about the appendicitis, pancreatitis, so quickly the ambulance;
  • Gnawing, but short-term, strengthening the back and antispasmodic bowing next to my head on the background of aggravation of the degenerative disc disease or arthritis should be treated according to the released therapy: intake of medicines, grinding and ointments.


To determine the causes of pain under the ribs on the right side, when he gives into his back and hands, you need to go to the hospital and to a number of experts:

  1. Gastroenterologist;
  2. Surgeon;
  3. Infectious therapist;
  4. Podiatrist.

Of standard tests, each patient must pass through as:

  • Hiring a general analysis of blood and urine;
  • External control;
  • ULTRASOUND, ct, radiography;
  • A gastroscopy.

But even so, it is worth it to focus on the common manifestations of pain on the right side under the ribs, in the back:

  1. When the occurrence of nausea, redness of the eyes, a high temperature it is better to start with a visit to an infectious disease;
  2. If you have previously had problems with the kidneys during urination observed pain, it becomes more frequent, and you have a high temperature, then go to the doctor;
  3. In the presence of diseases of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, vomiting or diarrhea you have to pass inspection at the gastroenterologist;
  4. Incorrect posture during sleep, great physical stress, hypothermia talking about the defeat of the right boca restraint osteochondrosis, and it means that it is worth it to go to a podiatrist or physician.

Pain in the lower back on osteochondrosis: causes

If you feel pain just under the right side, but even in the edges, hypochondrium or back, then the reason for their formation are a few:

  • Sedentary work, lack of physical activity;
  • Incorrect posture and needs during sleep;
  • Offset vertebral discs;
  • Large physical loads;
  • Obesity;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues;
  • Infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Classification of pain of the hypochondrium

To determine the cause of the discomfort, cramps and pain on the right side it is possible not only focusing on the location of the body, but also on the nature of the pain:

  • Tortuous speeches talks about the osteomyelitis, the growth of cartilage due to degenerative disc disease of the lumbar;
  • Long, repeated pain arises due to injury, physical exertion and cold. This is mainly manifested in the movement, rotation to the right side, when tilted;
  • Drag pain and cramps arise because of hepatitis and other infectious processes in the body;
  • Upon the occurrence of the acute pain it is necessary to immediately contact the doctor for arranging the x-ray and diagnosis. Otherwise there is a high probability that deadly exodus, the operation to remove the gallbladder, appendicitis.

Treatment of pain in the right side and the back

To self-medicate is not recommended, but after diagnosis it is possible to use those tricks, which are described in the table below:

Osteochondrosis, arthritis and rheumatismThe intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, treatment ointments, visiting massage and reflexology, physiotherapy.
Pathology of the kidney, kidney stones diseaseTreatment in the hospital, receiving antibiotics, diet, decreased physical activity, intake of vitamins.
Heart failureTreatment only under the supervision of a physician, the development of an individual course.
Appendicitis, hernia, and osteomyelitisImmediate visit to the doctor, surgery, use of antibiotics, physiotherapy in the hospital premises.
PancreatitisImmediate hospitalization, the intake of drugs against pain medication under the supervision of a doctor, the removal of the inflammation and its causes.

Assign the correct treatment can only by the attending physician

The easiest way to get rid of inflammation, pain in the right flank and hypochondrium, which causes a degenerative disease of the disk, displacement of the vertebrae, or inflammation of the nerve.

So how then is the patient served:

  • Active exercise and physiotherapy;
  • Massage;
  • Reflexology or acupuncture;
  • Reception anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Diet, intake of vitamins;
  • Dry heat and hardware procedures.


What would the character of the pain is not bothering, it is not necessary to postpone treatment or give up the help of doctors.


So, as the discomfort in his right side, on your back or hypochondrium can talk about the serious violations in the activities of the bodies, deformation of the vertebrae and muscle tissue.

Then time plays to the hand of the patient, reducing the indicators for recovery.