What at night it hurts the shoulders and back?

Worry about night back pain not only violate the a complete night's sleep and rest. Can appear the symptom of some disease. But before you turn to your doctor, it is necessary to keep track of how long the back pain persist after the morning lifting from the bed. If over a quarter of an hour to go, maybe that is why it is not of a medical nature.

pain in the back at night

Often the shoulders hurts at night because of an improper claim to the bed. Experts advise to change the on time to the place of rest for the night. If after a few days of sleep on the other bed, the shoulders stop hurting, it means that we can be happy – you are healthy. Just need to change the bed mattress on the orthopedic or replace the old couch to the new, with a comfortable coating.

For strengthening the back muscles is not superfluous will be swimming and yoga, go through a ten-day course of massage. While maintaining the pain syndrome in the back it is necessary comprehensive examination for the determination of an accurate diagnosis.

The basic health reasons for lumbar night pain

When the night hurts my back in the lumbar region, this in itself is not a reliable symptom of certain diseases. My back hurts in many different diseases. So the task of the doctor — remove hit the patient's disease and many other diseases with similar symptoms.

Most often it hurts the shoulders during a night of rest in the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • herniation of the intervertebral disc;
  • ankylosing spondylitis.

In osteochondrosis of the degenerative process in the cartilage and the bone tissue leads to severe dystrophic changes of discs and vertebrae. The cause of the disease are, as usual, of chronic congestion and arising on a background of numerous microtrauma of the vertebrae. The body of the vertebrae deformed in friction on themselves. The disease is accompanied by the aching night pain in the back area.

Similar symptomatology provide education of a hernia. In the presence of a hernia in the spinal canal squeezed the spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels. It provokes the emergence of nocturnal vertebrate head.

Ankylosing spondylitis otherwise says the disease ankylosing Spondylitis. It is a systemic disease that primarily affects the joints, the spine and the surrounding soft tissue. Night pain in the lumbar, is one of the main symptoms of this disease. After waking up and verticalization of bed the pain goes away immediately, and only a few hours. Reduce feelings of pain help movement and a warm shower.

Exactly the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the right treatment of the disease. Self-treat upon the occurrence of nocturnal lumbar pain involved is not recommended. After clarification of the diagnosis the doctor will prescribe a medical therapy, including numb.

If it is the cause of the pain happened to one of the listed diseases, it is necessary not symptomatic, and systemic, comprehensive treatment of the disease itself. After recovery from the primary disorder of the night the pain does not disappear by themselves.

Several causes of back pain at night

In addition to the most frequently occurring diseases, there are other factors that cause in the night, sharp or nagging pain in the lumbar region. The source of pain in the back during sleep can become:

  • transferred earlier trauma of the spine;
  • instability of the spinal pillar;
  • reasons psychogenic nature;
  • muscle cramps;
  • diseases of the kidney.
treatment of back pain

Injury all divisions of the spine are the for a person to go unnoticed. After them may stay slow the inflammatory process, a pinched nerve twigs, and other negative consequences. Over time manifested pain syndrome of lower back or other parts of the back.

Instability of the vertebral pillar is typical for women, driven by increases in the time after menopause. Also, the instability may have a genetic etiology. It happens, that hurts the shoulders in the night and in the spasms of the muscles.

When kidney pathologies nocturnal pain localized is not so much in the lower back, how much is in the thoracic area of the spine. Sand or stones in the urinary system, acute or chronic pyelonephritis, other kidney disease may cause pain, radiating in the area of the sternum from the back. It is typical that when kidney diseases, the inflammation worsens at night. Afternoon painful expressed not so clearly.

Kidney disease accompanied by, apart from the night pains, very specific symptomatology. In particular, in a patient increases the temperature of the body, suffering from pain when urinating, he often have to go to the toilet at night. To correct diagnosis a doctor will be able only after passing the tests and examinations of the kidneys by ultrasound.

When pain in the lower back, is not it is necessary to exclude mental causes. At strong psychological stress, which is experiencing the patient, responds in the first place the spine as the central pillar of the entire human body.